1. We no longer add additional RE:'s to your titles
  2. 100 emoji was manually added to the picker
  1. Chrome itself wasn't able to be shared since Yac was open in it
  2. Replying in line would sometimes not always add the proper title
  3. Some emojis were showing as blank characters
  1. Red border for app specific sharing. It wasn't reliably only around the app you were sharing.
February 22, 2022


  1. Express yourself with all the emojis. We've added a full emoji keyboard in this update.
  2. Respond in-line while listening and Yac will timestamp your reply in the title
  3. We now require a title for new threads so make it count
  4. Messages are now capped at 30 minutes each
  5. Keyboard shortcuts are now listed on relevant areas in the app
  1. Better push notifications
February 4, 2022



This update is a big one folks. We've completely redone the UX around creating new threads, brought the desktop app around to better mirror the mobile app, and moved the new discussion and invite options inside the new conversation list. See below for a list of all changes and fixes.

  1. Completely redesigned tabs and compose interface
  2. You can now delete your account in settings
  1. Fixed back button on top of settings screen
  2. Bug with webcam & screenshare prep time
  3. Bug where starting over screen share reverts to audio recording
  4. Bug where starting over webcam reverts to audio recording
  5. Fixed missing border-left on message items
  6. Transcript line not truncating correctly upon initial load
  7. Fixed non-responsive fill color for X button on all drawers
  8. Fixed deeplink notification click events not playing message
  9. Fixed issue causing nested replies to always expand upon load if there's unread outgoing message in it
  1. Sidebar inside conversations
  2. Sidebar on the main home page
January 7, 2022


  1. Added two quick action buttons sticked to the bottom of the list
  1. The record pane on the right will ALWAYS start a new thread now
  2. Cleaned up the new discussion form and made room for more participants
  3. Cleaned up list items inside discussions
  4. Invite People is now Invite Colleagues. We are professionals after all.
  5. Create Discussion is now Send Invites
  1. Issue with notifications
  1. Report button
December 1, 2021



We've made some major changes around the UX of replying to make it easier to keep things organized. We now prompt you on reply to either select voice or screenshare. It adds an extra click, but eliminates the thread reply hover icon and removes a lot of confusion around how to properly thread a screenshare. We'd love your feedback around this change as power users are going to find it a bit of an adjustment but newer users will find it much easier to use overall. We also made pause/resume recording a toggle button after a few users reported that it not being a direct toggle between was confusing for them. 

Additionally some users had told us they needed extra time to prepare when recording a screenshare. You can now go into the recording settings (cog bottom right) and toggle on screenshare prep time which lets you start a screenshare, turn on your webcam, and swap the window you want to share before clicking start recording in the annotation bar at the top. If you love the Play New Messages button, also be aware that this is now called Catch Up and sits in the top right of conversations instead of floating above the message list.

  1. New loading indicator added showing the steps a yac goes through before transcription
  2. Notifications for emoji reactions
  3. Screenshare prep time added in recording settings.
  1. Messages don't auto collapse until you skip them or play another message
  2. Play New Messages is now Catch Up and has been moved to the top right
  3. Improved Quick Reply buttons for instant audio messages into a conversation
  4. Pause/Resume is now a toggle instead of two different buttons
  1. If you clicked start over during a screenshare it no longer restarts as audio only
  2. Update modal button wasn't clickable on Windows
  1. Thread reply icon on hover
  2. We now hide Yac itself from screenshare list
  3. Removed 2 additional quick action buttons from the bottom of new lists
  4. Removed pane resizer UI object. You can still resize the video window we just hid the UI component.
November 22, 2021


  1. We've simplified our design down to two tabs: 1-on-1s and Discussions
  2. You can now attach GIFs to add some extra flair to your voice messages
  3. You can now pause and resume recording
  4. Instantly start over recordings without needing to go back through the flow
  1. Replies now roll up when there are no new messages in them
  2. Moving the annotation dock no longer moves the webcam
  3. Badges only show when 2 or higher
  4. Enter to start recording, enter to stop. Space to pause, space to resume. enter to send
  5. CMD+H now properly hides the app
  1. Links were not able to be deleted from messages
  1. Snooze feature
  2. New tab
  3. All tab
  4. Autoplay feature
  5. Channels are now called Discussions
  6. Direct Messages are now called 1-on-1s
  7. Invite via email is now built into the search field
October 13, 2021


  1. Hover over reaction emoji to see who reacted
  2. We now normalize the audio of recordings to help with lower recording volumes from some mics
  3. A volume alert is now sent during screen sharing to warn of empty audio
  1. Important error messages are no longer easily missed pop-ups
  2. Clicking on a playing message no longer collapses it
  1. Fixes bug preventing annotation bar webcam from being atop other fullscreen apps
  2. Prevents multiple auto-updater notification windows from being opened in the background
  3. Fixes issue preventing you from saving your profile if your bio field is empty
  4. Fixes bug causing different group details to be seen when being invited to a group via your web browser

  1. Removes "Hide Friends List" option from Settings
  2. No longer hides friends list at browser breakpoints
August 27, 2021


  1. Set emoji as channel icons
  2. Record to a shareable link in 1 click now
  3. Record your screen without needing a toggle flipped
  4. App now detects no mic activity during screenshares and will inform you
  5. Threaded replies without unread messages in them auto collapse now to save on scrolling
  1. Moved webcam only recording into the recording settings
  2. Shorted minutes to min everywhere to save space
  3. Webcam + Screen recording moved to a toggle on the annotation bar while recording
  4. Improved styles of buttons across the whole app
  5. Update notes are now in their own window that can be moved around and hidden
  6. Reduced the time to detect no mic activity in audio recordings
  7. Open the channel conversation screen after you create a new channel
  8. Increased overall speed of the app when you have thousands of friends or messages
  1. Some messages were not showing as marked as read
  2. Cancelling a threaded reply reverted back to the reply all option
  1. Removed the ability to snooze messages
  2. Removed all instances of #'s for channel names
  3. Removed case limitation and white space limit on channel names
August 25, 2021


  1. Adds channel description to threads, UI copy changes
  2. Adds "Description" field to "Create Channel" drawer
  3. Better auto-updater UI
  1. Fixes issue with font size on "Channel Details" drawer
  2. Fixes issue causing play button to become unresponsive when new message arrives
  3. Fixes bug preventing child messages from automatically updating their transcripts
August 13, 2021


  1. Adds pinch zoom and pan on the video player
  1. Adds smoother transition to lazy-loaded images
  1. Fixes typo on help tip
  2. Webcam-only yacs working on web with latest Chrome 93
  3. Prevents duplicate messages from being sent on slow network devices
  4. Prevents desktop from showing screen recording permission prompt before user is ready
  5. Fixes order of requesting permissions on desktop permission flow
July 30, 2021


  1. Adds help tooltips to settings options
  1. Adds proportional scaling to player buttons to prevent them from overflow
  2. Invites now sent immediately, no longer closes drawer
  3. Hyperlinks in compose can now be clicked on to turn field back into input
  4. @mentions open a user's profile
  5. Mirrors all webcam previews as to fix perceived orientation
  6. Message skipping refactored, now takes into account child messages in skip flow
  1. Fixes bug causing playing messages to pause when typing space into Invite Friends input field
  2. Fixes bug causing playing messages to flash between read/unread when opening them [improvement]
  3. Refactors widget, fixes bug on widget corrupting audio on most recent version of Safari
  1. Removes desktop-only "Show Annotation Dock" from QuickSettingsPane
July 26, 2021


  1. Enables editing of email on Edit Profile pane
  1. Changes "No Transcript Available" to "Transcript Processing..."
  1. Fixes potentially blurry avatar images
  2. Invite via Email option now always at top of list
  3. Fixes overlapping 'Make Changes' button on Edit Channel pane
  4. Fixes issue preventing some link previews from returning
  5. Prevents extra-tall windows from appearing broken in screen recorder
  6. Fixes visibility of group shortcuts, will now only show when there's no more messages to load
  7. Fixes issue with live transcriptions that could sometimes cause previous recording's transcript to appear
  8. Fixes issue causing link previews to sometimes appear broken when the preview image is tiny (eg. a favicon)
July 22, 2021


  1. Adds plus button in hover state in left hand nav
  2. Adds avatar drop down menu
  3. New segmented settings menu
  1. Improved light mode colors on disabled elements
  2. Moved plus button into avatar menu top right
  1. Prevents OS theme from overriding the setting in app
  2. Fixes blurry profile pics
  3. Messages no longer stop playing if you edit them during playback
  4. Search bar background color in light mode
  1. Plus button
July 8, 2021


  1. Fixes bug in live transcriptions which could cause messages to be unable to send.
June 30, 2021


  1. Fixes bug which would cause dock icon badge to reset when recording screen on macOS
June 23, 2021


  1. Adds cool new Yac icons
  2. Adds new UI to widget
  3. User can now see yac’s hyperlink in Edit Yac pane
  1. Playback of playing message now will stop when you record a new yac
  2. User can now see yac’s hyperlink in Edit Yac pane
  3. Removes scroll-based functionality on yac preview pane
  1. Fixes bug that would cause user image to break formatting on recorder UI if including hyperlink
  2. Fixes scroll layout bug on edit group panes
  3. Fixes breakpoint bug on messages while watching video yacs
  4. Fixes various bugs related to quick reply
  5. Fixes bug causing Play All Messages button not to play desired messages
  6. Fixes bug that would cause hyperlink not to be attached while recording yac

June 10, 2021


  1. Adds Setapp support!
  2. Rich text hightlighting added to subject lines on messages
  3. Profile photos in Group Details pane are now clickable
  1. Refactors live transcription service
  1. Fixes various bugs on Windows 10
  2. Fixed bug on User Pane where user’s real name may not always display properly
June 3, 2021


  1. Adds assistive notification to Windows 10 to explain app behavior
  1. Performance enhancements
  1. Prevents scrollbar from appearing on waveforms in Recorder pane
May 27, 2021


  1. Implements new UI features
  2. Changes light mode colors
  1. Removed play indicator from ThreadItem
  1. Fixes duration issue for users with Firefox
  2. Fixes missing device labels for Firefox and Linux
  3. Fixes duplicate submission issue when inviting friend
May 20, 2021


  1. Adds calendar filtering on Search view
  2. Implements @mention functionality in transcript body
  3. Implements new sidebar design!
  4. Changes unread view to thread-based layout
  5. Adds Unread shortcut empty state to all thread views
  6. Swaps icons, adds 'Reply with Thread' feature if child comment is new, then shows parent as also new
  7. Fixes issue when user sends hyperlink with other content. Will now parse link preview server's response
  8. Adds new unread empty state
  9. Adds setting option to disable noise suppression on client
  10. Adds Download Yac for Desktop popup
  11. Adds opt-out of analytics. Adds forwarded message on information in Thread Item
  12. Adds user player to preview before screen sharing
  13. Implements new image viewer component
  14. Implements new child recording flow
  1. Visibility of decorative play button change on messages
  2. Properly cleans out target Meta attributes, prevents old info from reappearing
  3. Reintroduces thread icon on hover for child messages
  4. Adds paywall for channels and entire desktop app if the user is unpaid
  5. Changed terminology from 'Reply to Thread' to 'Reply in Thread'
  6. Changes copy to opt-out analytics
  7. Changes copy for 'Play all Messages' button to 'Play New Messages'
  8. Changes default html file's title
  9. Changes wavesurfer to utilize global audio context instead of creating a new one
  1. If messages are over 24hr old, show formatted date instead
  2. Fixes issue causing Transcription to throw webaudio-related error when screen sharing or using webcam
  3. Forces transcription to fully reset between sessions
  4. Fixes issue causing side-pane to go blank during autoplay
  5. Fixes various bugs on Mozilla Firefox
  6. Fixes issue causing play button to appear atop audio-only elements
  7. Fixes issue causing raw HTML to appear on form input for edit transcription capabilities
  8. Fixes issue causing reply to show unread state when all child comments are from the sender
  9. Fixes bad detection for email/web links
  10. Fixes spacing on 'Play all messages' button
  11. Fixes issue when user sends hyperlink with other content will now parse link preview servers response
  1. Removes health check logic
  2. Removes newlines, and white space in transcription collapsed preview
  3. Removes 'play new messages' button from unread tab
May 12, 2021


  1. 'Invite Friend' button added
  2. Adds dismiss button on all paywall types
  1. Mutes into video
  2. Re-enables add to Team
  3. Adds spacebar as a trigger to stop recording

  1. Prevents conflict between video pop-up and paywall
  2. Prevents settings view from conflicting with with automatic theme switching
  3. Fixed bug in threads when clicking on forward user
  4. Fixed issue causing certain props of session not to reload on open app
  5. Fixed logic pertaining to quick replies on messages with pre-existing child replies

April 29, 2021


  1. Adds link preview when hovering over a message's hyperlink
  2. Adds ability to click on forwarded user's name and open their profile inside Yac
  3. Adds better network handling for connectivity loss
  1. Adds information message on web if user tries activating both webcam and screen recording
  2. Changes alignment of 'Floating Action Button'
  1. Adds auto-retry for login on Auth view, to prevent reported backend race condition issues
  2. Adds missing "Start Recording" state for web deeplink recorder activation
  3. Refactors play all duration
March 26, 2021


  1. Changes text on Toolbar component
  2. Increases delay to prevent deep-linking/analytics race condition
  1. Refactors analytics.js plugin
  2. Changes user Id to string for Segment API
March 16, 2021


  1. Channels are now called groups!
  2. Scroll to top of list on Groups, Inbox, Teams views when message is sent
  3. Adds more specific messaging for snoozing
  1. Removes local opt-out analytics functionality
  1. Fixes bug causing friends list to refer to full friends of reply state
  2. Removes visibility condition for Leave Group
  3. Fixes issue causing Windows 10 to not always register deep-linked URLs
  1. Temporarily hides opt-out settings option
March 15, 2021


  1. Show sender image instead of group image when previewing message
  1. Fixed additional bugs in deeplinks
  2. Prevents showing network error if local network is actually offline
  3. Fixes bug preventing sender from deleting messages in new channels
  4. Allows selecting text in transcription previews
  5. Fixes bug causing snoozed messages to not always show as expected
  6. Fixes bug preventing pagination sometimes
March 4, 2021


  1. Adds native support for Apple Silicon systems
  2. Adds new floating action button
  1. Changes annotation dock styling
  2. Changes default annotation dock color to Yac yellow
  1. Fixes missing enter key handler in search bar
  2. Fixes missing pagination in 'Share' drawer
  3. Prevents user gesture handler in desktop environment
February 19, 2021


  1. Adds "Delete Channel" to dropdown on channel view
  2. Adds "Copy Invite Link" to three-dot dropdown in group conversation
  3. Adds full hashtag support in transcripts and search components
  4. Scroll ability as playing messages in autoplay and custom play views
  1. Prevents push notification on app launch when unread messages are present
  2. Prevents push notifications on app power state restored state
  3. Changes 'Duration Time' to count down instead of counting up
  1. Fixes reactivity issues with snoozed messages
  2. Prevents global loading bar from triggering when messages are updating in background
  3. Makes media select window visible on all workspaces
  4. Increased search speed
February 18, 2021


  1. Yac Rooms are enabled by default
  2. Recording time is set to 30:00 by default
  1. Changes default notification sound
  1. Fixes routing issue on 'Play All Messages' button
February 8, 2021


  1. Rewrites auto updater UI-bindings, improve code quality
  1. Fixed memory leak
  2. Improved audio recording quality
  1. Prevents expanding dropdown component when no options are available
  2. Hides camera from settings view if no cameras are available
  3. Various keyboard shortcut fixes and enhancements
February 5, 2021


  1. Annotation dock is invisible when screen recording
  2. Adds color picker to annotation dock
  3. Adds extra black drop shadow to dark mode video player controls
  4. Adds friend pagination to share drawer
  1. New adjustments made to website displays
  2. Disables content protection on Windows 32, to prevent black window glitch
February 3, 2021


  1. Inverts video controls on light mode
  1. Fixed issue on web preventing screen recording from stopping when "Stop Sharing" button was pressed
  2. Fixed bug preventing proper display to be used for dock placement in some usage scenarios
  3. Minimum window height is changed
January 28, 2021


  1. Background push notifications are now enabled in web-app
  2. Retries failed messages automatically
  3. Logs in existing user in
  1. New light mode color enhancements
  2. Placeholder bars no longer appear on thread and message cards
  1. Thread badge count properly represents unread message count on inbox view
  2. Changed auto updated related toasts to bottom left
January 22, 2021


  1. Links are rewritten in transcriptions to handle emails and domains properly
  2. Dropdown menu in app toolbar
  1. Adds space in search bar
  1. Hides "Copy Link" button on user profile if username is 'null'
  2. Fixes position of "Play All Messages" button on certain viewport widths
  3. Changes placeholder background color in light mode to make text more readable
  4. Color schemes in light mode are enhanced!
January 19, 2021


  1. Changes file validation types for png/jpg to img for consistent formatting
  1. Photo input click target
  2. Reactions are removed from thread displays, adds margin styling to email invite field and edit group buttons
January 15, 2021


  1. Placeholder wallpaper added to Groups view
  1. Screen sharing border updated!
  2. 'Play All Messages' button appears when more than 1 unread message is available
  3. Re-enables hyperlink composing
January 13, 2021


  1. Ctrl-k toggle feature to reply to messages
  2. Count of unread messages can be tracked in threads containing unread messages
  3. Adds duration to screen recording dock
  4. Adds invite via email option when creating or editing a group for quick sharing capabilities
  5. You can now create channel profiles and descriptions!
  1. Prevents read messages from being skipped when autoplay is enabled
  1. Fixed issue preventing some users from sending screen-shares when initiating recording from fullscreen mode on macOS
  2. Fixed search results routing issue
  3. Fixed group message read status UI
  1. Ability to log in via phone number
January 11, 2021


  1. Transcript links are clickable!
  2. Finishes notification tone settings
  1. Changes flow for widgets
  2. Standardizes all toasts
December 16, 2020


  1. Adds screen and window polling
  2. Adds deep link for email autofill
  3. Adds analytics provider, adds message to display media select

  1. Marks messages as read on quick reply
December 10, 2020


  1. Gif pop ups with tips and tricks
  2. Space to select, Enter to record in compose pane
  1. Edit transcript was only showing for messages you've sent
  2. Mark unread was showing for messages you've sent
  3. Listening to a message from a notification click wasn't marking the message read
  4. Added a "Fix webcam audio lag" option in recording settings if your Facetime camera is causing latency
  5. Remove icon wasn't visible in group settings
  6. Groups are now called channels
November 25, 2020


  1. Webcam now shows as a circle while recording a screenshare
  1. Webcam defaults weren't always switching cameras
November 23, 2020


  1. New unread messages no longer play without a player
  2. Checkmark icons for read messages are no longer backwards
  3. Public links are now showing on the main inbox view
  4. Auto updates now restart the app on Big Sur
November 20, 2020


  1. Links weren't being copied to the clipboard automatically
  2. Certain headsets that recorded in 48khz weren't downsampling properly
  3. Group messages couldn't be marked as read
November 17, 2020


  1. Completely new design and tab navigation
  2. Runs natively on Mac and Windows as well as Web
  3. Emoji quick replies
  4. Webcam only recording
  5. Completely revamped shareable links
  1. Screenshare uploading is massively more reliable now
  2. Screensharing quality is improved
  3. Audio devices are handled better now
  4. Quality of recordings when using AirPods
November 16, 2020


  1. Scrolling performance
  2. App performance when a user has 100+ friends
August 1, 2020


  1. Better efficiency across all platforms
  2. Advanced Options for screen recording quality settings
  1. More efficient screen recording
  2. Allow for wider screen resolutions
  3. Audio recording improved
  1. Bug on group message read statuses
  2. Design issues on group seen status drawer
  3. Audio visualizer memory issue fixed
  4. Audio recording bugs fixed, added AirPod Pro support
  5. Validation for user display names
July 15, 2020


  1. Added legacy support for OS X (now macOS) 10.12
  2. Adds message snooze (disabled temporarily)
  3. Adds message delete (disabled temporarily)
  4. Native 48kHz audio device support enabled
  5. Fixes issue in UI causing search bar to overlap some other unrelated UI labels
  6. Fixes formatting on message cards when message is outgoing and forwarded
  7. Fixes bug causing playback rate to initialize improperly
  1. Smoother animation while opening messages in list view
  1. Fixed macOS memory issues
  2. Fixed Bluetooth audio bug while recording
  3. Launch at Login now functional on all platforms
June 30, 2020


  1. Improved quality and more efficient microphone performance
  2. Optimized AudioPlayback
  3. Audio recording converts to MP3 in realtime
  4. More responsive UI
  1. Fixed lag issue affecting some audio messages
  2. Fixed Bug which caused unpredictable scrolling
  3. Fixed Bug causing messages to skip in the wrong order
  4. Fixed Bug producing garbled audio recordings on most platforms
  5. Fixed Bug preventing UI height adjustment
June 25, 2020


  1. Added a “hide” button on screen sharing dock to allow menu and tab access
  2. Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + K, Ctrl + F, Enter and Esc
  3. Implements public sharing and link generation
  4. “Play All Messages” feature on unread messages
  5. Sending message progress cards
  6. Added Help Tips
  7. Added “Help” -> “Troubleshooting” menu
  1. MacOS permission handling for both LTS and legacy versions
  2. UI responsiveness issue with group icons on Teammates page
  3. Video sending performance
  4. Search query performance and accuracy
  1. Bug causing app to crash upon sending large audio messages
  2. Message layout and spacing
  3. Back navigation on Login page
  4. Bug on user email validation during signup
  5. Critical permissions error on High Sierra and older macOS/OS X operating systems
  6. Visual UI bug during onboarding flow causing messages to sometimes overlap
  7. Bug preventing messages from automatically closing after completion
  8. Message skipping bug sometimes preventing seamless transitions
  9. Windows 10 issue sometimes preventing screen sharing overlay from capturing user mouse events
  10. Screen sharing bug could prevent user from accessing their device’s monitors
  11. UI design issue causing progress bar to not display during outgoing audio messages
  12. Issue causing inconsistent message playback speed
June 22, 2020


  1. New "Network Queue" feature
  2. Adds support for Slack bot
  3. Tray icon added to Windows 10
  4. Adds ability to collapse to tray on Windows 10
  1. Stability greatly improved on both Windows 10 and macOS
  2. Tray icon added to Windows 10
  3. Video messages are now ~4x faster to send
  4. Increased app usability on low-spec systems
  5. Sharing UI panel improved
  6. Greatly improved screen share quality
  7. Revamped searching throughout app
  8. Outgoing messages now show realtime send progress
  9. Improved skipping and message playback performance
  1. Fixed annotations not working on Windows 10
  2. Fixed bug causing messages to become temporarily unable to scroll-to-next
  3. Some users couldn't sign up with special characters in their email
  4. Audio-related memory leak on Windows 10
  5. Microphone was being kept active on Windows 10
  6. Some users and groups weren't displaying in search results
June 3, 2020


  1. Yac can now silently update in the background without a restart
  2. Date/Time stamp dividers for the list
  3. Video player has it's own progress bar now
  1. App now confirms via a popup if you want to leave a group or not
  2. Transcriptions now update automatically
  3. Video codec and screenshare memory usage improved
  4. Added a network connectivity listener when connection is lost or unexpectedly severed
  1. Support for group images was missing/broken
  2. Search styling fixed
  3. Messages now update states at intervals
  4. Bug that would prevent a group's profile image from being changed if the group's name wasn't changed along with it
  5. Fixed various bugs in onboarding
  6. Fixed a bug that allowed multiple inputs fields to be edited at once
  7. Fixed a bug that caused Yac to quit on CMD+Q even if it wasn't the forefront app
  8. Fixed a bug preventing the fallback image for user avatars from showing
May 14, 2020


  1. Group messaging!
  2. "See More" link to view the full transcript on any message
  3. Right click to quickly copy the public link to any yac
  1. Added message send retry and improved reliability on low bandwidth connections
  2. Stability fixes
  3. Onboarding fixes
May 6, 2020


  1. New users are now greeted with an interactive tutorial when first signing into their account.
  1. Fixes bug that sometimes prevents shutdown of Yac after an update
  2. Fixes bug that prevents some users from clicking on the screen recording menu
May 1, 2020


  1. You can now invite new teammates from the app
  2. Added a check for updates button in settings
  3. Transcription language selection available in settings now
April 25, 2020


  1. New video player
  2. Video player can go full screen and has no limit on resizing
  1. Closing the app on Windows would prevent it from being opened again
April 23, 2020


  1. Sending screenshares to multiple people at once failed
April 22, 2020


  1. Broadcast messaging is now live on desktop
  2. You can enable your webcam preview in screenshares
  3. You can now change the thickness of screen annotation lines
  4. Desktop app can now forward messages just like mobile
  5. Public links are enabled letting you share yacs outside of the platform (This is very early stages, so much more to come)
  6. You can now copy the full transcript text to your clipboard
  7. Search transcriptions or friends from one universal search bar
  8. CMD+K keyboard shortcut to compose new messages (CMD/CTRL+ K, start typing, hit enter on teammate to start recording)
  1. New video player is more efficient and improves performance of entire app
  2. New screensharing dock is much easier to use and provides time and better annotation tools
  3. Dock icon shows badge count of unread messages
  4. You can "x" the app and it'll still stay running in your dock without taking up room on your screen
  5. Screensharing now lets you select the display before you start recording
  6. Screensharing is now 5x faster at sending and converting
  7. Screensharing now takes 10x less memory and cpu
  8. You can now record up to 15 min per yac...but please don't. No one wants to listen to that
  9. New video player
  1. New users can now use this build to sign in for the first time
  2. You can now drag the app to different monitors
  3. App no longer spikes memory and cpu usage after multiple screensharing sessions
  4. Closing the app on Windows would prevent it from being opened again
  1. Video messages can't be played from a notification click
  2. Bluetooth headsets can cause issues with recordings
  3. Mic/Speaker selection can be funky depending on default devices set on Windows 10
  1. Full screen video player
  2. App is no longer "always on top"
  3. App is no longer a menu bar app
April 21, 2020


  1. New branding!
  1. Unread messages refresh in list
April 15, 2020


  1. Messages now all play via the menu bar list and pop out players by default
  1. Fixed Auto update restart button
  1. Mini players in the Yac icon
March 4, 2020


  1. Fixed Auto updates not restarting when clicked
March 4, 2020


  1. Image attachments sent from mobile are now displayed during playback
  2. Video player can now be resized and moved
  3. Downloaded content now follows the same naming convention as Yac on mobile
  1. Error while sending large screenshares on slow network connections
  2. Video player now has the correct aspect ratio
  3. Control+Q / Alt+F4 unintentionally quitting Yac
  4. Unread message badge now displays correct amount
  5. Fixed bug that unintentionally marked all messages as 'read'
  1. Windows 10 users may experience small visual glitch while expanding the Yac icon on the right side of their monitor
March 3, 2020


  1. Search was case locked and didn't search full names
  2. Video player was missing speed controls
  3. Video player had time displayed in seconds
  1. Windows 10 users may experience small visual glitch while expanding the Yac icon on the right side of their monitor
March 3, 2020


  1. Team search is no longer case-sensitive
  2. New messages no longer load in as a Y image with a blank name
  3. Random checkmarks in the friendlist no longer show
  1. Image attachments sent from mobile won't show, only audio can be played (fixed in next release)
February 26, 2020


  1. New communication interface and backend to support new mobile app
  1. Sent messages showing as unread for the user that sent them
  1. Search is currently case sensitive. Will be fixed in next update
February 21, 2020


  1. Clicking the entire list item now plays the message
  1. Messages are now marked as read when listened from the list view
  1. Videos now auto play if recorded back to back
  2. Fixed an issue where recording canceled if you replied to a message before it was finished playing
  3. Fixed an issue where skip would skip the current message and any further unread messages from that user
February 5, 2020


  1. Messages are now marked read if you close the icon out before finishing the message
February 3, 2020


  1. Heard/Unheard states weren't syncing automatically

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