1. We've simplified our design down to two tabs: 1-on-1s and Discussions
  2. You can now attach GIFs to add some extra flair to your voice messages
  3. You can now pause and resume recording
  4. Instantly start over recordings without needing to go back through the flow
  1. Replies now roll up when there are no new messages in them
  2. Moving the annotation dock no longer moves the webcam
  3. Badges only show when 2 or higher
  4. Enter to start recording, enter to stop. Space to pause, space to resume. enter to send
  5. CMD+H now properly hides the app
  1. Links were not able to be deleted from messages
  1. Snooze feature
  2. New tab
  3. All tab
  4. Autoplay feature
  5. Channels are now called Discussions
  6. Direct Messages are now called 1-on-1s
  7. Invite via email is now built into the search field
October 13, 2021

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