Release History


  1. Yac can now silently update in the background without a restart
  2. Date/Time stamp dividers for the list
  3. Video player has it's own progress bar now
  1. App now confirms via a popup if you want to leave a group or not
  2. Transcriptions now update automatically
  3. Video codec and screenshare memory usage improved
  4. Added a network connectivity listener when connection is lost or unexpectedly severed
  1. Support for group images was missing/broken
  2. Search styling fixed
  3. Messages now update states at intervals
  4. Bug that would prevent a group's profile image from being changed if the group's name wasn't changed along with it
  5. Fixed various bugs in onboarding
  6. Fixed a bug that allowed multiple inputs fields to be edited at once
  7. Fixed a bug that caused Yac to quit on CMD+Q even if it wasn't the forefront app
  8. Fixed a bug preventing the fallback image for user avatars from showing


  1. Group messaging!
  2. "See More" link to view the full transcript on any message
  3. Right click to quickly copy the public link to any yac
  1. Added message send retry and improved reliability on low bandwidth connections
  2. Stability fixes
  3. Onboarding fixes


  1. Group messaging!
  2. Fresh onboarding for new users


  1. New users are now greeted with an interactive tutorial when first signing into their account.
  1. Fixes bug that sometimes prevents shutdown of Yac after an update.
  2. Fixes bug that prevents some users from clicking on the screen recording menu.


  1. You can now invite new teammates from the app
  2. Added a check for updates button in settings
  3. Transcription language selection available in settings now


  1. Broadcast messaging is now live on desktop
  2. You can enable your webcam preview in screenshares
  3. You can now change the thickness of screen annotation lines
  4. Desktop app can now forward messages just like mobile
  5. Public links are enabled letting you share yacs outside of the platform (This is very early stages, so much more to come)
  6. You can now copy the full transcript text to your clipboard
  7. Search transcriptions or friends from one universal search bar
  8. CMD+K keyboard shortcut to compose new messages (CMD/CTRL+ K, start typing, hit enter on teammate to start recording)
  1. New video player cuts overall size down on binary and improves performance of entire app
  2. New screensharing dock is much easier to use and provides time and better annotation tools
  3. Dock icon shows badge count of unread messages
  4. You can "x" the app and it'll still stay running in your dock without taking up room on your screen
  5. Screensharing now lets you select the display before you start recording
  6. Screensharing is now 5x faster at sending and converting
  7. Screensharing now takes 10x less memory and cpu
  8. You can now record up to 15 min per yac...but please don't. No one wants to listen to that.
  9. New video player
  1. New users can now use this build to sign in for the first time
  2. You can now drag the app to different monitors
  3. App no longer spikes memory and cpu usage after multiple screensharing sessions
  4. Closing the app on Windows would prevent it from being opened again
  1. Video messages can't be played from a notification click
  2. Bluetooth headsets can cause issues with recordings
  3. Mic/Speaker selection can be funky depending on default devices set on Windows 10
  1. Full screen video player
  2. App is no longer "always on top"
  3. App is no longer a menu bar app


  1. Users who are not part of a private team can invite new teammates (Yes, even if you're not an admin!)
  2. You can now copy a short url to yacs to share with anyone outside your yac team
  1. Improved reliability of sending large files and videos
  1. Teammate search not being reliable
  1. Messaging now requires a pre-signed token for upload


  1. Messages now all play via the menu bar list and pop out players by default
  1. Auto update restart button not working
  1. Mini players in the Yac icon


  1. Auto updates didn't restart to install when restart was clicked


  1. Image attachments sent from mobile are now displayed during playback.
  2. Video player can now be resized and moved.
  3. Downloaded content now follows the same naming convention as Yac on mobile.
  1. Error while sending large screenshares on slow network connections.
  2. Video player now has the correct aspect ratio.
  3. Control+Q / Alt+F4 unintentionally quitting Yac.
  4. Unread message badge now displays correct amount.
  5. Fixed bug that unintentionally marked all messages as 'read'.
  1. Windows 10 users may experience small visual glitch while expanding the Yac icon on the right side of their monitor


  1. Search was case locked and didn't search full names
  2. Video player was missing speed controls
  3. Video player had time displayed in seconds
  1. Windows 10 users may experience small visual glitch while expanding the Yac icon on the right side of their monitor


  1. Team search is no longer case-sensitive
  2. New messages no longer load in as a Y image with a blank name
  3. Random checkmarks in the friendlist no longer show
  1. Image attachments sent from mobile won't show, only audio can be played (fixed in next release)