1. We no longer add additional RE:'s to your titles
  2. 100 emoji was manually added to the picker
  1. Chrome itself wasn't able to be shared since Yac was open in it
  2. Replying in line would sometimes not always add the proper title
  3. Some emojis were showing as blank characters
  1. Red border for app specific sharing. It wasn't reliably only around the app you were sharing.
February 22, 2022


  1. Express yourself with all the emojis. We've added a full emoji keyboard in this update.
  2. Respond in-line while listening and Yac will timestamp your reply in the title
  3. We now require a title for new threads so make it count
  4. Messages are now capped at 30 minutes each
  5. Keyboard shortcuts are now listed on relevant areas in the app
  1. Better push notifications
February 4, 2022



This update is a big one folks. We've completely redone the UX around creating new threads, brought the desktop app around to better mirror the mobile app, and moved the new discussion and invite options inside the new conversation list. See below for a list of all changes and fixes.

  1. Completely redesigned tabs and compose interface
  2. You can now delete your account in settings
  1. Fixed back button on top of settings screen
  2. Bug with webcam & screenshare prep time
  3. Bug where starting over screen share reverts to audio recording
  4. Bug where starting over webcam reverts to audio recording
  5. Fixed missing border-left on message items
  6. Transcript line not truncating correctly upon initial load
  7. Fixed non-responsive fill color for X button on all drawers
  8. Fixed deeplink notification click events not playing message
  9. Fixed issue causing nested replies to always expand upon load if there's unread outgoing message in it
  1. Sidebar inside conversations
  2. Sidebar on the main home page
January 7, 2022


  1. Added two quick action buttons sticked to the bottom of the list
  1. The record pane on the right will ALWAYS start a new thread now
  2. Cleaned up the new discussion form and made room for more participants
  3. Cleaned up list items inside discussions
  4. Invite People is now Invite Colleagues. We are professionals after all.
  5. Create Discussion is now Send Invites
  1. Issue with notifications
  1. Report button
December 1, 2021



We've made some major changes around the UX of replying to make it easier to keep things organized. We now prompt you on reply to either select voice or screenshare. It adds an extra click, but eliminates the thread reply hover icon and removes a lot of confusion around how to properly thread a screenshare. We'd love your feedback around this change as power users are going to find it a bit of an adjustment but newer users will find it much easier to use overall. We also made pause/resume recording a toggle button after a few users reported that it not being a direct toggle between was confusing for them. 

Additionally some users had told us they needed extra time to prepare when recording a screenshare. You can now go into the recording settings (cog bottom right) and toggle on screenshare prep time which lets you start a screenshare, turn on your webcam, and swap the window you want to share before clicking start recording in the annotation bar at the top. If you love the Play New Messages button, also be aware that this is now called Catch Up and sits in the top right of conversations instead of floating above the message list.

  1. New loading indicator added showing the steps a yac goes through before transcription
  2. Notifications for emoji reactions
  3. Screenshare prep time added in recording settings.
  1. Messages don't auto collapse until you skip them or play another message
  2. Play New Messages is now Catch Up and has been moved to the top right
  3. Improved Quick Reply buttons for instant audio messages into a conversation
  4. Pause/Resume is now a toggle instead of two different buttons
  1. If you clicked start over during a screenshare it no longer restarts as audio only
  2. Update modal button wasn't clickable on Windows
  1. Thread reply icon on hover
  2. We now hide Yac itself from screenshare list
  3. Removed 2 additional quick action buttons from the bottom of new lists
  4. Removed pane resizer UI object. You can still resize the video window we just hid the UI component.
November 22, 2021


  1. Get notified when teammates react to your yacs
  2. App now notifies you if you have no network connection
  3. Play New Messages is now called Catch Up and works even with 1 message
  1. Better handling of background sending
  1. Messages longer than 6 minutes no longer crash the app when previewed
  2. Fixed issues with ghost badge numbers
November 19, 2021


  1. Notifications will deep link to the message and auto play
  2. Threads now auto collapse after listening
  1. Conversations load faster now
  2. The recording UI has been simplified
  3. Faster emoji search for Discussion avatars
  1. Failed messages shouldn't get stuck now
November 3, 2021


  1. Tabs now show a loader to indicate refresh state
  2. Messages can now send in the background for up to 30 seconds
  1. Discussions with longer names now display correctly
October 24, 2021


  1. We've simplified our design down to two tabs: 1-on-1s and Discussions
  2. You can now attach GIFs to add some extra flair to your voice messages
  3. You can now pause and resume recording
  4. Instantly start over recordings without needing to go back through the flow
  1. Replies now roll up when there are no new messages in them
  2. Moving the annotation dock no longer moves the webcam
  3. Badges only show when 2 or higher
  4. Enter to start recording, enter to stop. Space to pause, space to resume. enter to send
  5. CMD+H now properly hides the app
  1. Links were not able to be deleted from messages
  1. Snooze feature
  2. New tab
  3. All tab
  4. Autoplay feature
  5. Channels are now called Discussions
  6. Direct Messages are now called 1-on-1s
  7. Invite via email is now built into the search field
October 13, 2021


  1. We've simplified our design down to two tabs: 1-on-1s and Discussions
  2. You can now attach GIFs to add some extra flair to your voice messages
  3. Tons of performance improvements
  4. Replies now roll up when there are no new messages in them
  5. Channels are now listed as Discussions and have a new icon
  1. Record buttons have updated UI
  1. Swipe to Reply no longer freezes
  1. Snooze has been removed in favor of mark read/unread
  2. We've removed caching inside conversations but kept it on the main tabs
October 13, 2021


  1. Hover over reaction emoji to see who reacted
  2. We now normalize the audio of recordings to help with lower recording volumes from some mics
  3. A volume alert is now sent during screen sharing to warn of empty audio
  1. Important error messages are no longer easily missed pop-ups
  2. Clicking on a playing message no longer collapses it
  1. Fixes bug preventing annotation bar webcam from being atop other fullscreen apps
  2. Prevents multiple auto-updater notification windows from being opened in the background
  3. Fixes issue preventing you from saving your profile if your bio field is empty
  4. Fixes bug causing different group details to be seen when being invited to a group via your web browser

  1. Removes "Hide Friends List" option from Settings
  2. No longer hides friends list at browser breakpoints
August 27, 2021


  1. Set emoji as channel icons
  2. Record to a shareable link in 1 click now
  3. Record your screen without needing a toggle flipped
  4. App now detects no mic activity during screenshares and will inform you
  5. Threaded replies without unread messages in them auto collapse now to save on scrolling
  1. Moved webcam only recording into the recording settings
  2. Shorted minutes to min everywhere to save space
  3. Webcam + Screen recording moved to a toggle on the annotation bar while recording
  4. Improved styles of buttons across the whole app
  5. Update notes are now in their own window that can be moved around and hidden
  6. Reduced the time to detect no mic activity in audio recordings
  7. Open the channel conversation screen after you create a new channel
  8. Increased overall speed of the app when you have thousands of friends or messages
  1. Some messages were not showing as marked as read
  2. Cancelling a threaded reply reverted back to the reply all option
  1. Removed the ability to snooze messages
  2. Removed all instances of #'s for channel names
  3. Removed case limitation and white space limit on channel names
August 25, 2021

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