A comprehensive release history for the Yac desktop & mobile apps.


  1. Hover over reaction emoji to see who reacted
  2. We now normalize the audio of recordings to help with lower recording volumes from some mics
  3. A volume alert is now sent during screen sharing to warn of empty audio
  1. Important error messages are no longer easily missed pop-ups
  2. Clicking on a playing message no longer collapses it
  1. Fixes bug preventing annotation bar webcam from being atop other fullscreen apps
  2. Prevents multiple auto-updater notification windows from being opened in the background
  3. Fixes issue preventing you from saving your profile if your bio field is empty.
  4. Fixes bug causing different group details to be seen when being invited to a group via your web browser

  1. Removes "Hide Friends List" option from Settings
  2. No longer hide friends list at browser breakpoints
August 27, 2021


  1. Set emoji as channel icons
  2. Record to a shareable link in 1 click now
  3. Record your screen without needing a toggle flipped
  4. App now detects no mic activity during screenshares and will inform you
  5. Threaded replies without unread messages in them auto collapse now to save on scrolling
  1. Moved webcam only recording into the recording settings
  2. Shorted minutes to min everywhere to save space
  3. Webcam + Screen recording moved to a toggle on the annotation bar while recording
  4. Improved styles of buttons across the whole app
  5. Update notes are now in their own window that can be moved around and hidden
  6. Reduced the time to detect no mic activity in audio recordings
  7. Open the channel conversation screen after you create a new channel
  8. Increased overall speed of the app when you have thousands of friends or messages
  1. Some messages were not showing as marked as read
  2. Cancelling a threaded reply reverted back to the reply all option
  1. Removed the ability to snooze messages
  2. Removed all instances of #'s for channel names
  3. Removed case limitation and white space limit on channel names
August 25, 2021


  1. Adds channel description to threads, UI copy changes
  2. Adds "Description" field to "Create Channel" drawer
  3. Better auto-updater UI
  1. Fixes issue with font size on "Channel Details" drawer
  2. Fixes issue causing play button to become unresponsive when new message arrives
  3. Fixes bug preventing child messages from automatically updating their transcripts
August 13, 2021


  1. Channels now show their description field instead of the last message so write solid goals for your topic based discussions!
  2. Changed Yac's Personal (Free) plan to include the last 100 messages instead of the last 7 days of messages.
  3. CACHING! The app should feel a lot faster once you start using it more and more. Over time you'll see a lot less loading bars.
August 13, 2021


  1. Adds pinch zoom and pan on the video player
  1. Adds smoother transition to lazy-loaded images
  1. Fixes typo on help tip
  2. Webcam-only yacs working on web with latest Chrome 93
  3. Prevents duplicate messages from being sent on slow network devices
  4. Prevents desktop from showing screen recording permission prompt before user is ready
  5. Fixes order of requesting permissions on desktop permission flow
July 30, 2021


  1. Adds help tooltips to settings options
  1. Adds proportional scaling to player buttons to prevent them from overflow
  2. Invites now sent immediately, no longer closes drawer
  3. Hyperlinks in compose can now be clicked on to turn field back into input
  4. @mentions open a user's profile
  5. Mirrors all webcam previews as to fix perceived orientation
  6. Message skipping refactored, now takes into account child messages in skip flow
  1. Fixes bug causing playing messages to pause when typing space into Invite Friends input field
  2. Fixes bug causing playing messages to flash between read/unread when opening them
  3. [improvement]
  4. Refactors widget, fixes bug on widget corrupting audio on most recent version of Safari
  1. Removes desktop-only "Show Annotation Dock" from QuickSettingsPane
July 26, 2021


  1. Enables editing of email on Edit Profile pane
  1. Changes "No Transcript Available" to "Transcript Processing..."
  1. Fixes potentially blurry avatar images
  2. Invite via Email' option now always at top of list
  3. Fixes overlapping 'Make Changes' button on Edit Channel pane.
  4. Fixes issue preventing some link previews from returning.
  5. Prevents extra-tall windows from appearing broken in screen recorder.
  6. Fixes visibility of group shortcuts, will now only show when there's no more messages to load
  7. Fixes issue with live transcriptions that could sometimes cause previous recording's transcript to appear
  8. Fixes issue causing link previews to sometimes appear broken when the preview image is tiny (eg. a favicon)
July 22, 2021


  1. Adds plus button in hover state in left hand nav
  2. Adds avatar drop down menu
  3. New segmented settings menu
  1. Improved light mode colors on disabled elements
  2. Moved plus button into avatar menu top right
  1. Prevents OS theme from overriding the setting in app
  2. Fixes blurry profile pics
  3. Messages no longer stop playing if you edit them during playback
  4. Search bar background color in light mode
  1. Plus button
July 8, 2021


  1. Fixes bug in live transcriptions which could cause messages to be unable to send.
June 30, 2021


  1. Fixes bug which would cause dock icon badge to reset when recording screen on macOS.
June 23, 2021


  1. Mention team members in subject lines and add tappable hashtags
  2. Improvements to unread indicators in message list
  3. Avatars are now tappable in the group details screens
June 15, 2021


  1. Adds cool new Yac icons
  2. Adds new UI to widget.
  3. User can now see yac’s hyperlink in Edit Yac pane.
  1. Playback of playing message now will stop when you record a new yac.
  2. User can now see yac’s hyperlink in Edit Yac pane.
  3. Removes scroll-based functionality on yac preview pane.
  1. Fixes bug that would cause user image to break formatting on recorder UI if including hyperlink.
  2. Fixes scroll layout bug on edit group panes.
  3. Fixes breakpoint bug on messages while watching video Yacs.
  4. Fixes various bugs related to quick reply.
  5. Fixes bug causing Play All Messages button not to play desired messages.
  6. Fixes bug that would cause hyperlink not to be attached while recording Yac.

June 10, 2021

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