1. Adds help tooltips to settings options
  1. Adds proportional scaling to player buttons to prevent them from overflow
  2. Invites now sent immediately, no longer closes drawer
  3. Hyperlinks in compose can now be clicked on to turn field back into input
  4. @mentions open a user's profile
  5. Mirrors all webcam previews as to fix perceived orientation
  6. Message skipping refactored, now takes into account child messages in skip flow
  1. Fixes bug causing playing messages to pause when typing space into Invite Friends input field
  2. Fixes bug causing playing messages to flash between read/unread when opening them [improvement]
  3. Refactors widget, fixes bug on widget corrupting audio on most recent version of Safari
  1. Removes desktop-only "Show Annotation Dock" from QuickSettingsPane
July 26, 2021

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