1. Hover over reaction emoji to see who reacted
  2. We now normalize the audio of recordings to help with lower recording volumes from some mics
  3. A volume alert is now sent during screen sharing to warn of empty audio
  1. Important error messages are no longer easily missed pop-ups
  2. Clicking on a playing message no longer collapses it
  1. Fixes bug preventing annotation bar webcam from being atop other fullscreen apps
  2. Prevents multiple auto-updater notification windows from being opened in the background
  3. Fixes issue preventing you from saving your profile if your bio field is empty
  4. Fixes bug causing different group details to be seen when being invited to a group via your web browser

  1. Removes "Hide Friends List" option from Settings
  2. No longer hides friends list at browser breakpoints
August 27, 2021

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