1. Added a “hide” button on screen sharing dock to allow menu and tab access
  2. Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + K, Ctrl + F, Enter and Esc
  3. Implements public sharing and link generation
  4. “Play All Messages” feature on unread messages
  5. Sending message progress cards
  6. Added Help Tips
  7. Added “Help” -> “Troubleshooting” menu
  1. MacOS permission handling for both LTS and legacy versions
  2. UI responsiveness issue with group icons on Teammates page
  3. Video sending performance
  4. Search query performance and accuracy
  1. Bug causing app to crash upon sending large audio messages
  2. Message layout and spacing
  3. Back navigation on Login page
  4. Bug on user email validation during signup
  5. Critical permissions error on High Sierra and older macOS/OS X operating systems
  6. Visual UI bug during onboarding flow causing messages to sometimes overlap
  7. Bug preventing messages from automatically closing after completion
  8. Message skipping bug sometimes preventing seamless transitions
  9. Windows 10 issue sometimes preventing screen sharing overlay from capturing user mouse events
  10. Screen sharing bug could prevent user from accessing their device’s monitors
  11. UI design issue causing progress bar to not display during outgoing audio messages
  12. Issue causing inconsistent message playback speed
June 22, 2020

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