Yac Customer Stories

Explore Yac business cases that save companies time, eliminate meetings, and helps teams communicate better together.

How 500Startups Saves 20+ Hours Each Week with Yac

500 Startups is an early-stage venture fund and seed accelerator founded in 2010. They've backed more than 2,500 companies or 6,000+ entrepreneurs in 77+ countries. Didier Quiroz, an investor with 500 Startups LatAm, discovered Yac just as the team was getting exhausted with using WhatsApp and realized it’s not scalable or practical for business purposes. Now, Yac saves them 20 hours of meeting time per week - here’s how.

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How Carwow Expands their Remote Team with Yac

Carwow helps people throughout Europe buy cars online, comparing different features and discounts to find the best deal. The 15 person Growth Team Roey leads all work on Yac to collaborate on ideas and ship new campaigns. To date the company has raised $100M+ in funding.

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How Lula Replaces 12+ Hours of Meetings with Yac, Each Week

Lula is a venture-backed startup based out of Miami, FL. The company is the insurance infrastructure for today's economy serving thousands of customers everywhere. Founded by Michael & Matthew, the company is now 8 people strong and growing very quickly.

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How Olla Works asynchronously with Yac

Olla is a revolutionary eCommerce platform built for cannabis retailers. The Olla folks have 9 people on their Yac team.

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How Panther Prioritizes Audio Communication & Saves 10+ Hours Weekly with Yac

Panther puts global payroll, benefits, taxes, and local compliance on auto-pilot, without you having to set up a subsidiary. The company itself is completely remote with all 15 employees spread across the globe and they’ve raised a couple million in funding to date from folks like Ankur Nagpal, the founder of Teachable & Naval, the founder of AngelList.

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How SuperDispatch Builds New Habits with Yac

SuperDispatch’s team of 32 people works in five different countries to help the auto transport industry run more smoothly. For internal communication, founder Bek Abdullayev used Yac to make asynchronous brainstorming across time zones easy and convenient. To date the company has raised $2m+ in funding.

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