1. New "Network Queue" feature
  2. Adds support for Slack bot
  3. Tray icon added to Windows 10
  4. Adds ability to collapse to tray on Windows 10
  1. Stability greatly improved on both Windows 10 and macOS
  2. Tray icon added to Windows 10
  3. Video messages are now ~4x faster to send
  4. Increased app usability on low-spec systems
  5. Sharing UI panel improved
  6. Greatly improved screen share quality
  7. Revamped searching throughout app
  8. Outgoing messages now show realtime send progress
  9. Improved skipping and message playback performance
  1. Fixed annotations not working on Windows 10
  2. Fixed bug causing messages to become temporarily unable to scroll-to-next
  3. Some users couldn't sign up with special characters in their email
  4. Audio-related memory leak on Windows 10
  5. Microphone was being kept active on Windows 10
  6. Some users and groups weren't displaying in search results
June 3, 2020

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