1. Set emoji as channel icons
  2. Record to a shareable link in 1 click now
  3. Record your screen without needing a toggle flipped
  4. App now detects no mic activity during screenshares and will inform you
  5. Threaded replies without unread messages in them auto collapse now to save on scrolling
  1. Moved webcam only recording into the recording settings
  2. Shorted minutes to min everywhere to save space
  3. Webcam + Screen recording moved to a toggle on the annotation bar while recording
  4. Improved styles of buttons across the whole app
  5. Update notes are now in their own window that can be moved around and hidden
  6. Reduced the time to detect no mic activity in audio recordings
  7. Open the channel conversation screen after you create a new channel
  8. Increased overall speed of the app when you have thousands of friends or messages
  1. Some messages were not showing as marked as read
  2. Cancelling a threaded reply reverted back to the reply all option
  1. Removed the ability to snooze messages
  2. Removed all instances of #'s for channel names
  3. Removed case limitation and white space limit on channel names
August 25, 2021

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