We've made some major changes around the UX of replying to make it easier to keep things organized. We now prompt you on reply to either select voice or screenshare. It adds an extra click, but eliminates the thread reply hover icon and removes a lot of confusion around how to properly thread a screenshare. We'd love your feedback around this change as power users are going to find it a bit of an adjustment but newer users will find it much easier to use overall. We also made pause/resume recording a toggle button after a few users reported that it not being a direct toggle between was confusing for them. 

Additionally some users had told us they needed extra time to prepare when recording a screenshare. You can now go into the recording settings (cog bottom right) and toggle on screenshare prep time which lets you start a screenshare, turn on your webcam, and swap the window you want to share before clicking start recording in the annotation bar at the top. If you love the Play New Messages button, also be aware that this is now called Catch Up and sits in the top right of conversations instead of floating above the message list.

  1. New loading indicator added showing the steps a yac goes through before transcription
  2. Notifications for emoji reactions
  3. Screenshare prep time added in recording settings.
  1. Messages don't auto collapse until you skip them or play another message
  2. Play New Messages is now Catch Up and has been moved to the top right
  3. Improved Quick Reply buttons for instant audio messages into a conversation
  4. Pause/Resume is now a toggle instead of two different buttons
  1. If you clicked start over during a screenshare it no longer restarts as audio only
  2. Update modal button wasn't clickable on Windows
  1. Thread reply icon on hover
  2. We now hide Yac itself from screenshare list
  3. Removed 2 additional quick action buttons from the bottom of new lists
  4. Removed pane resizer UI object. You can still resize the video window we just hid the UI component.
November 22, 2021

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