1. Yac can now silently update in the background without a restart
  2. Date/Time stamp dividers for the list
  3. Video player has it's own progress bar now
  1. App now confirms via a popup if you want to leave a group or not
  2. Transcriptions now update automatically
  3. Video codec and screenshare memory usage improved
  4. Added a network connectivity listener when connection is lost or unexpectedly severed
  1. Support for group images was missing/broken
  2. Search styling fixed
  3. Messages now update states at intervals
  4. Bug that would prevent a group's profile image from being changed if the group's name wasn't changed along with it
  5. Fixed various bugs in onboarding
  6. Fixed a bug that allowed multiple inputs fields to be edited at once
  7. Fixed a bug that caused Yac to quit on CMD+Q even if it wasn't the forefront app
  8. Fixed a bug preventing the fallback image for user avatars from showing
May 14, 2020

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