Stop all the meetings.

Async voice and video messages let you share ideas & talk to your team.

No more scheduling or late night calls.

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Create more and meet less

Stop letting meetings suck out your creativity. Send a voice message to update everyone and get back to making art

  • Give demos async with voice-over screen recording
  • Collaborate on ideas 7x faster
  • Stop typing design explanations

Collaborate asynchronously without calls

Spend more time talking with your teammates instead of back to back meetings by switching to voice messages

  • Give feedback with screen recordings
  • Ship faster by getting more done with audio messages
  • Give your team a way to get 1:1 connection without calls
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More coding less meeting

Spend more time coding than talking about it in meetings by switching to voice messaging

  • Report bugs more clearly with screen recordings and voice
  • Document changes without typing
  • Create custom Zapier flows to create tasks from messages

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