How Panther Prioritizes Audio Communication & Saves 10+ Hours Weekly with Yac

Panther puts global payroll, benefits, taxes, and local compliance on auto-pilot, without having to set up a subsidiary. The company itself is completely remote with all 15 employees spread across the globe.

This company's experience before using Yac and after using Yac

Why Panther Ditched iMessage Audio for Yac and Never Looked Back

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced Matt Redler’s first company to close, he realized an opportunity: the world was going remote, and many companies would stay that way. But businesses were going to have an administrative nightmare on their hands managing remote teams. So he founded Panther, a global HR and payroll solution for remote companies. The company itself is completely remote with all 15 employees spread across the globe and they’ve raised a couple million in funding to date from folks like Ankur Nagpal, the founder of Teachable. 

As an all-remote company themselves, the Panther team needed an audio communication solution. Matt, like many, recognized audio has proven time and time again to be the best way to get information across to another person, but the Zoom fatigue was continuing to pile up for his team and just wasn’t scalable. For a bit they tried using iMessage audio, but found it wasn’t getting the job done for work conversations - it was too unorganized, didn’t have speed control, no transcription, and didn’t work on all platforms.

They then discovered Yac, moved everyone there, and have never looked back. 
Panther Team Loves Yac
Panther Team Loves Yac

Getting away from iMessage nightmares

Matt lives in Florida but his co-founder lives in Macedonia, so a lot of conversations happen asynchronously - meaning not in realtime; just like how you would text or email someone. One day, Matt started an iMessage group chat with his co-founder and a candidate they were hoping to hire onto the Panther team. To keep things more human and being sick of the Zoom fatigue, they opted for voice messaging instead of texting. Unfortunately, the experience was not high quality for anyone. 

Since Matt and his co-founder work remote from home on different sides of the world, two key problems emerged with iMessage: every response was likely to wake someone up in the middle of their own respective night and you couldn’t rewind or read transcriptions of voice messages. It left the team in an annoying situation where you had to re-listen to the whole message just to catch a phrase from the last 5 seconds. 

This experience made it clear to Matt that the team needed an audio solution that was purpose-built for remote teams. Retail solutions like iMessage sounded convenient at the outset, but in reality caused more headaches than they solved.
Give instant feedback with reactions
Give instant feedback with reactions

Yac features the Panther team loves

After discovering remote organizations, just like themselves, worldwide are using Yac to enhance team communication and save hours in meeting time, Panther decided to test it out with the whole team. It was a perfect fit.

Within just one week the team was able to replace daily standup meetings with asynchronous voice messages instead. After creating 2 separate channels and sending just 3 voice messages, team members really saw the value - it prevented them from having live meetings and was inclusive of everyone inside the company despite being on different timezones. 

In particular, Matt highlighted four Yac features that the Panther team loves: 

1 - Transcription

A huge issue Matt had with iMessage and other audio solutions was that you had to listen to the audio. With Yac, high-quality transcriptions are included for every message. This helped Panther’s team engage with messages how they wanted to: reading in quiet spaces or listening to the audio when it made sense for them.

2 - Rewinding

Matt often found he’d want to listen to one section of a message again for context. He loved that Yac allowed easy rewinding, either with a button to automatically jump back 10 seconds or by manually rewinding on a per-second basis. This was a huge time saver (and frustration saver) compared to iMessage.

3 - Channels

Channels help the Panther team keep conversations topic-relevant. This not only avoids messy chats that talk about everything at once, it also makes it easy to not bother people with additional messages about topics that aren’t relevant to them. With a global team in multiple time zones, channels help everyone stay on topic. 

4 - Reactions

Not needing to respond “Yup, got it” to every message is a massive efficient gain for Panther. Matt said he loved how easy it was to react to messages to let the team know he received the note. 

Making meetings a last resort

The whole Panther team uses Yac, and Matt said he feels much more free to focus on work rather than focusing on how to communicate. 

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