What is Yac?

Yac is an asynchronous voice messaging platform for remote teams. Instead of scheduling a meeting, send a Yac. Your messages will be organized and transcribed so you can share updates, feedback, and make decisions without the meeting.

Shifting to Asynchronous communication can be a challenge, which is exactly why we built Yac! This article is an introduction to

1. What Yac is

2. Which meetings you can replace with it, and

3. A brief overview of the Yac app.

How your messages are organized

Shareable links:  Shareable links are a public URL that can be generated from any Yac, and can be shared in emails, your Twitter bio, or wherever you want.

1-on-1s: Think of this as like DMs, but with the mindset you would enter a meeting with. 

Discussions: Yac meetings. Any meeting with more than two people can be held in a Yac Discussion. Create a Discussion for everything from recurring meetings like standups or one-time meetings for a decision to be made.

Want to learn how to use Yac to replace your meetings? Click here to read through our help center or here for personalized onboarding from our team.

An overview of the Yac app

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2022