Can I send text using Yac?

We do not support text messaging on Yac. However, using Titles and transcripts can give your team the right balance between nuanced voice messages and concise text.

Add a title to your Yac

1. Before sending a Yac, you'll see a text field at the top of your screen that says "Add Topic or Title."

2. Here, add a title with the purpose, question, or call-to-action of your message.

Example Titles: “Idea for new feature” “What can we offer this client?” or “Please review this term sheet”

Editing the message transcript

1. If you forgot to say something or need the transcript of your message to be more precise, you can edit the transcript.

2. Click the three dots on any existing message.

3. At the bottom of the drop-down, click "edit."

4. Here, you can add notes as needed.

Why can't I just send a text?

Yac is an audio-first messaging system and we don’t want your message to lose your tone or cadence.

Here's more on why we prefer audio.

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2021