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Matthew Redler
Matthew Redler 1
CEO, Panther

The Magic Moment hit me when I had a group chat over iMessage with my co-founder and one other person. iMessage was just such a bad experience, so I brought everybody over to Yac. Everything was transcribed. We could go back 10 seconds without having to re-listen to the whole message.

Michael Vega
Michael Vega
Co-Founder & President, Lula

You know what the stickiness for me is about the simplicity. Sometimes I just do not want to write a long message... Other times I want to jump on a phone call with someone but they can't jump on a call. So I'll just yac it.

Roey Rafael
Roey Rafael
Head of Growth, Carwow

At Carwow we have been using Yac for a good few months now and me and the team are loving it. It really helps us save time. Instead of setting up a meeting for any small thing. We can send a quick voice message.

Fastest Screen Recorder For Teams

Skip scheduling, editing, trimming, and long video calls with voice messages

One-Click Sharing

No uploading, linking, editing, or copying a file, just click to send directly to your team

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Send feedback with a video or photo of your own without pulling out a laptop

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Save time, share information faster when working from home without miscommunications and email overload

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Less time wasted

Companies using Yac don't spend all day in meetings

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