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Being put on the spot is overwhelming…
Ever been in a Zoom meeting where it’s impossible to get a word in edgewise? Teams waste time talking over each other and sharing half-baked ideas, without ever reaching a consensus.
...but in Yac, teams let their best ideas be heard.
Colleagues will put their best thoughts forward and that great proposal won’t get lost in the shuffle. Spend more time making moves—and less time discussing them—with the confidence that everyone is empowered with the information they need to get the job done.
What our customers say
Voice messaging on Yac has made our team incredibly productive. Less time spent typing, and more time spent on actual work. It’s a fantastic addition to our communication stack!
Dennis Mortensen
CEO and Founder at x.ai
Asynchronous conversations with my team that do not require them to jump on conference calls. We are moving away from conference calls, and more and more into Yac.
Angel Diaz
Andia, CEO/Founder
This is a million times better because it’s separated from slack and transcribes the message. Well done guys.
Josh Eidenberg
Call Assistant, Co-Founder
The power of voice chat, but without the interruption. It's helpful as we all explore new ways of working.
Mark Webster
Adobe, Director of Product
Zoom vs Yac
Convert chaos into streamlined communication
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Say no to drawn out meetings
Talking in circles in another lengthy Zoom meeting keeps you away from all the tasks on your growing to-do list.
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Get straight to the point
Talk is cheap, but with Yac, you can make each word count. Yac encourages thoughtful, quick, and precise interactions.
Spend more time making moves—and less time discussing them—by switching to Yac.
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Don’t stay tied down by work
With Zoom, meeting synchronously is the only option. The entire team is forced to compromise and fit into a restrictive work schedule—even when it’s just not working for them.
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Maintain an ideal work-life balance
Say no to late night meetings and calls at the crack of dawn. Send a clear, concise voice message and let your international colleagues respond on their own schedule.
Reclaim your time with Yac.
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Quit losing the details
Even if a Zoom meeting is recorded, who has the time to play it back? Key ideas get lost and it’s difficult to retrieve vital details.
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Never miss a beat
Yac’s voice messages don’t disappear, so teams can keep their facts straight and reference the information they need, when they need it.
Build a company culture that prioritizes communication with Yac.
Revamp your communication strategy & go async
Multiple People in a team have a hard time meeting up.
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Rigid meeting times at the mercy of scheduling restrictions
The opportunity to respond on your own schedule
Lengthy conversations that draw out the issue
Quick, direct comments that get straight to the point
Time zone independence
Meetings at all hours compromise work-life balance
Contribute to conversations during your working hours—wherever you are!
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