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Mixing voice messages and text isn't the answer...
Voxer floods you with emotion the first time you hear another person's voice. But that emotion turns to frustration as groups pour text messages and voice recordings into the chat all at once.
...put voice first and let the people do the talking
Yac lets you skim all your voice messages through transcriptions or listen to the group like a podcast.
What our customers say
Asynchronous conversations with my team that do not require them to jump on conference calls. We are moving away from conference calls, and more and more into Yac.
Angel Diaz
Andia, CEO/Founder
Voice messaging on Yac has made our team incredibly productive. Less time spent typing, and more time spent on actual work. It’s a fantastic addition to our communication stack!
Dennis Mortensen
CEO and Founder at x.ai
This is a million times better because it’s separated from slack and transcribes the message. Well done guys.
Josh Eidenberg
Call Assistant, Co-Founder
The power of voice chat, but without the interruption. It's helpful as we all explore new ways of working.
Mark Webster
Adobe, Director of Product
Zoom vs Yac
Convert chaos into streamlined communication
Manually messaging people is a waste of time. You can say things 7x faster than you can type, so why bother typing at all?
Yac Logo
Thumbs are for working, not typing messages. Put in your headphones and talk like you would in the office.
It feels like fun, but it's not for built for work. Stop manually listening and reading through irrelevant updates, and get back to doing meaningful work.
Send organized, actionable updates and feedback to your teammates that need it most and let everyone else work in peace.
Cut the chaos of Voxer Groups and organize for focus
Desktop Ready
Your laptop is where work gets done. You need to be able to share your screen and collaborate with your team. Voxer's desktop experience isn't native and doesn't allow you to record your screen.
Yac is built by heavy desktop and mobile users, we made sure the platform felt native on both. Now you can communicate AND share your screen asynchronously without external tools.
Share your screen like you would in the office but without the meeting
Revamp Your Workflow & Go Audio-First
Slows efficiency by mixes voice and text
Focuses on voice-first for 7x faster communication
Fun to start but gets unorganized
Organized for maximizing work time
Desktop Ready
No native experience
Native on Mac & PC
Share Screens
Does not support
Supports on Desktop
Join the 1500+ teams collaborating on Yac