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Streamline communication and get back to the work that really matters

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Microsoft Teams is overwhelming…

Ever opened up Microsoft Teams to find dozens of unread messages and files? Trying to keep up with Microsoft Teams' never-ending notifications and updates keeps you busy, while keeping you from being productive.

...but in Yac, teams can reclaim lost productivity.

Focus on what matters, and don’t let anyone interrupt your flow. Yac messages are personal, interactive, and can wait until you’re ready for them. Listen to actionable audio updates, respond with your voice, and get back to work.

What Our Customers Say

Voice messaging on Yac has made our team incredibly productive. Less time spent typing, and more time spent on actual work. It’s a fantastic addition to our communication stack!

Dennis Mortensen
CEO and Founder at x.ai

Asynchronous conversations with my team that do not require them to jump on conference calls. We are moving away from conference calls, and more and more into Yac.

Angel Diaz
Andia, CEO/Founder

This is a million times better because it’s separated from slack and transcribes the message. Well done guys.

Josh Eidenberg
Call Assistant, Co-Founder

The power of voice chat, but without the interruption. It's helpful as we all explore new ways of working.

Mark Webster
Adobe, Director of Product


Listen to actionable audio updates, respond with your voice, and get back to work.

Give your hand a break. Put down your phone, and say goodbye to typing and reading messages from colleagues.

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Listen to your messages without lifting a finger. Then send a message back at the speed of voice. No texting or reading required.


Chaotic Ball PitOrganized Balls

Cut the chaos of notifications and organize for focus

It looks like fun, but it's not for work. End the constant stream of Microsoft Teams notifications and unread message threads. Stop scrolling through irrelevant updates, and get back to doing meaningful work.

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Send organized actionable updates and feedback to your teammates that need it most and let everyone else work in peace

Immersive Feedback

For impactful and specific feedback, show and tell.

Text-based feedback in Microsoft Teams channels lets readers interpret messages as they wish. And when feedback is unclear, notifications and lists of unread messages grow rapidly.

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For impactful and specific feedback, show and tell. Send audio, video or annotated screenshares to help colleagues fix product bugs, improve slide decks, or to add context that words alone can’t replicate.

Revamp your communication strategy & go async

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Typing messages is 4x slower than saying them

Send and receive messages with your voice


Constant notifications kill focused work

Reply to your messages on your time

Immersive Feedback

Text-based messages lack important context

Annotate videos and screenshares in real-time