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Creating videos on Loom is overwhelming…
Recording and editing a Loom video is no simple task. Sharing it isn’t either. And if you need to revisit your message or send it to another team member? Searching for it is a nightmare.
...but in Yac, teams communicate more efficiently than ever before.
Create audio or screen recording messages in a single click. Share them with your team just as fast. And because each Yac is automatically transcribed, searching for old messages is a breeze.
What our customers say
Asynchronous conversations with my team that do not require them to jump on conference calls. We are moving away from conference calls, and more and more into Yac.
Angel Diaz
Andia, CEO/Founder
Voice messaging on Yac has made our team incredibly productive. Less time spent typing, and more time spent on actual work. It’s a fantastic addition to our communication stack!
Dennis Mortensen
CEO and Founder at x.ai
This is a million times better because it’s separated from slack and transcribes the message. Well done guys.
Josh Eidenberg
Call Assistant, Co-Founder
The power of voice chat, but without the interruption. It's helpful as we all explore new ways of working.
Mark Webster
Adobe, Director of Product
Zoom vs Yac
Convert chaos into streamlined communication
Watching Loom videos means listening to every single word. And with a 30 minute video limit, listening to Loom messages can quickly become a full-time job.
All Yac messages are automatically transcribed, so you can read your audio messages and get the most important parts in a fraction of the time.
Read your messages when you don’t have time to watch them
Creating a Loom video is only step one. Then you need to edit it. Then you need to copy the link. Then you need to paste it into another app. Sharing simple messages can quickly become a complex production.
Yac Logo
One click to create your message, and one click to share it. Yacs can be shared within the Yac app, as a URL, or through Yac’s Slack integration so your team is always up to date.
Send and receive audio and video messages faster than ever
Loom videos are shared through links. Sending a video means copying and pasting the link to a text group, Slack, or other messaging platforms. This makes finding and re-watching old messages difficult.
All Yac messages can be found within the Yac app. But Yac also integrates with Slack, so audio, video, and transcribed messages appear right in your Slack feed for easy sharing with your team. Searching for old messages has never been easier.
Find and share messages faster with Yac’s powerful Slack integration
Revamp your communication strategy & go async
Editing long videos takes far too long
Send and receive messages faster than ever
Sharing videos as links creates communication silos
Share messages on Yac or through your team’s Slack
Immersive Feedback
No transcriptions means listening to entire messages
Search for and skim through your automatically transcribed yacs
Join the 1500+ teams collaborating on Yac