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WhatsApp is for personal conversations…

The features that make WhatsApp great for keeping in touch with family and friends create distractions and inefficiencies for teams at work.

...but in Yac, teams can focus on doing their best work.

Yac is designed for focused workers to chat efficiently. Personal distractions are gone, and messages can be sent and received faster than ever.

What Our Customers Say

The power of voice chat, but without the interruption. It's helpful as we all explore new ways of working.

Mark Webster
Adobe, Director of Product

This is a million times better because it’s separated from slack and transcribes the message. Well done guys.

Josh Eidenberg
Call Assistant, Co-Founder

Voice messaging on Yac has made our team incredibly productive. Less time spent typing, and more time spent on actual work. It’s a fantastic addition to our communication stack!

Dennis Mortensen
CEO and Founder at x.ai

Asynchronous conversations with my team that do not require them to jump on conference calls. We are moving away from conference calls, and more and more into Yac.

Angel Diaz
Andia, CEO/Founder


Yac is for distraction-free work

WhatsApp is a place where friends and family connect. There is a time and place for personal conversations, and they shouldn’t create distractions for teams doing their best work.

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When you’re at work, staying focused is key. Yac is designed to keep teams productive, and that means the texts from your family vacation group chat will never interrupt your flow.


Listening to WhatsApp audio messages means listening to every single word. But not every word deserves your full attention, and the ones that do aren’t searchable when you need them most.

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Speaking is faster than writing, and reading is faster than listening. With Yac search and transcribing, you can read audio messages in real-time, and search for transcriptions of past messages too.


WhatsApp messages are meant for WhatsApp, and WhatsApp only. Don’t let WhatsApp stop you from sharing your most important conversations with the rest of the world.

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Make sure your message gets to the people who need it. Share links to messages and integrate Yac with the tools your team already uses for streamlined communication across the web.

Keep team members in the loop, wherever they are.

Revamp your communication strategy & go async

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Personal distractions don’t belong at work

A communication tool for focused work


Audio messages aren’t searchable or transcribed

Important conversations happen faster than ever


WhatsApp chats aren’t meant to be shared

Share your Yac with anyone, wherever they are