A comprehensive release history for the Yac desktop & mobile apps.


  1. Hey everyone, Justin from the Yac Team here with a HUGE update to the Yac Mobile App. We've been hard at work building out new features and fixes and we are so excited to get this into your hands. As always, we value all your feedback and everything you see in this update will mold around you, our users, over time.
    Quicker & easier sending of video and photo yacs
    New visual identity with thinner fonts and sharper lines
    Brand new preview player and visualizer
    Add topics and subject lines to yacs before or after you send
    Transcripts now have ML powered paragraph breaks for easy reading
    Yay! Threading! You can now thread messages under other messages for context
    Your tab bar no longer floats above your messages. It's clean and simple.
    Brand new swiping actions for snooze, quick reply, and threading
    Completely re-worked mobile network message queuing and improved support for slow connections
    ML powered smart mentions in transcripts when talking about someone on your team
May 17, 2021

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