1. Brand new threaded messages! New messages show up in their own New Messages section and after they are listened to roll into a thread
  1. Completely new backend and API with tons of security enhancements and stability fixes
  2. Queuing of messages when offline or low network has been reworked and improved
  3. API's now send half as much data
  1. Messages no longer mark themselves as read
  2. Messages no longer show up out of order
  3. Messages don't mark as read if you don't finish the entire message
  1. Messages marked as read on Desktop won't always mark as read on mobile
  2. Profile pics must be uploaded for new users to get past onboarding
  1. OTP codes are now hashed and not stored in database
  2. New backend with fresh security keys and removed all testing users and teams
February 24, 2020

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