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Screen Recorder for Yac

Record your screen, share audio & video feedback quickly & easily with your team

Screen record with Yac for feedback

What Our Customers Say

Teresa Coble
Teresa Coble
Marketing Director

You know it's funny, everyone thinks I work for Yac because I talk about it so much both online and in the physical world. I don't, I just think it's such a powerful tool and it has so many possibilities to enhance communication and teamwork that I want others to use it and benefit from it.

Bek Abdullayev
Bek Abdullayev

I noticed that Yac is a great way to communicate in an asynchronous way. I was attracted to the ability to speak into the phone and get discussions going with my team. My team is across other countries so it's important to get a strong asynchronous communication going.

Nico Nezhat
Nico Nezhat
Founder, CEO

We cancelled most of our synchronous meetings and introduced a new meeting policy. For brainstorming, we now pick up Yac. I use it more now to connect with people. We've become more defensive with our time now.

Fastest Screen Recorder For Teams

Skip scheduling, editing, trimming, and long video calls with voice messages

One-Click Sharing

No uploading, linking, editing, or copying a file, just click to send directly to your team

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One-Click Sharing

Screen Recorder on the go

Send feedback with a video or photo of your own without pulling out a laptop

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Screen Recorder on the go

Share knowledge with your team

Screen record how-to videos, demos, and walkthroughs to onboard and educate team members and customers

Available on Desktop, iOS, and Android
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Less time wasted

Companies using Yac don't spend all day in meetings

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