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What's the Deel with remote work?

Anja chatting us about the Deel with remote work!


Justin  0:31  

All right, welcome to another episode of remote voices. This is what we are calling Season Two of our show. We have an amazing guests Anya, who's Head of Marketing at deal. We're going to talk about some really cool stuff on the show today. But first Anya, tell the audience what do you do? Who are you what's deal? What's it all about? and kind of give us the rundown.

Anja  0:52  

Hey, everyone. So, first of all, congrats on season two. I'm super excited to be kicking this season off. I love this. So I've watched a couple of episodes so excited to finally be on. And yeah, thanks to Twitter and you know, connections we make there. So yeah, as you said, I am head of marketing at deal that's my official title unofficially, I am the remote fairy of the team, which, which means that I do my best and take care of the team. You know, everything from organizing team calls and just making sure everyone is on boarded and welcome, and then coming up with random things to make their day basically.

Justin  1:33  

That's what in what is deal give us kind of like the elevator pitch on why you should be using it. I think you guys also have some some recent news. You guys got some funding recently? That was a pretty cool milestone in the company.

Unknown Speaker  1:46  

Yes, exactly. So deal is a payroll and compliance platform for remote teams. So it means that if you're hiring globally, you can streamline all the contract creation payments, documents. collection all annoying stuff that you usually do manually you can do all that within a couple of clicks which deal so if you are in the US if you're in Africa, Australia wherever you are, you can use deal and make your life better basically and

Justin  2:16  

we are actually users of deal ourselves. We pay a number of our international contractors slash employees and it's been a godsend the one click button to pay and really great audit trails so I can go back and look at like where the clock hours and it's been amazing so we're big fans of the product ourselves.

Unknown Speaker  2:36  

Thanks so much. I'm always glad to hear that so I'm not just shamelessly promoting.

Justin  2:42  

No, there are no shameless plugs on this show.

Jordan  2:45  

I actually actually did a call with something to do today asking about you guys and I like you know gave you gave you all the glory and did your praises from the rooftops

Unknown Speaker  2:54  

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Yeah, well, you know, we're the mode is is I think one of the best marketing Tools, if you will. So it's always a pleasure to hear that somebody actually enjoys using our product.

Justin  3:07  

Yeah, and I think I think any company right now that is helping build out what we would consider the global workforce, and just enabling companies to find talent and hire talent from anywhere. I mean, that's awesome in my book, because I just want us to stop, you know, and get out of this mentality of, you know, talent is only in San Francisco. So it's super exciting to to back you guys and be big fans, because I love what you're enabling.

Unknown Speaker  3:31  

Thanks. Yeah, well, we're doing our best. It's a beautiful learning process. We're all learning a lot about, you know, compliance on the way and just figuring out how to best support our users. And we always listen to, to their input questions and feedback, because that's actually how we build the product that it is right now.

Justin  3:50  

But I tell you what, I think Jordan would agree with me will become investors the day that you figure out how to auto file and auto pay all of our state Unemployment taxes. Because? Is that just like the worst process in the entire world?

Jordan  4:05  

I'm talking to Alex next week. Actually, I'm gonna run it by him.

Anja  4:12  

Yeah, we may put it on the roadmap. Who knows you were first?

Justin  4:17  

That's right. Yes. exclusive content

Jordan  4:19  

dropping right now under voices.

Justin  4:22  

All right. Well, Jordan, this tweet I think was dropped by you. You probably have the most knowledge of it. But it says yesterday, we announced slack acquired it re metto remoto romito, the enterprise directory reimagine. Now, he had a whole thread here. And I think He even went on the news and did a stream to kind of break this down for us.

Jordan  4:41  

Yeah. So basically, slack acquired this new company called Red meadow. And basically it enables to more context on your coworkers. So inside of, you know, an organization at a certain point, it's hard to really know who's who and who does what, at a certain scale, and especially being remote right now. That's really tough to do and so remoto Kind of bridges that gap. And so yesterday, I thought this was really interesting because Stuart went on CNBC, it was basically just talking about how he sees the future of work play out and the importance of these tools that allow you to communicate on a deeper level, or I guess, like in a more rich sense with your fellow co workers and employees. And that was the whole reason for the acquisition. And so I thought this was interesting to us. Because, you know, that's kind of what what Yac provides in Hunter, I think he even yesterday, you shared a screenshot with us, but people are using in looking for these tools to communicate with one another in a way that's just better, or you know, the best that it can be kind of given the circumstances right now. So, yeah, I think that's why that's why this is so cool for me that Stuart is just like, yes, we need tools that allow you to communicate at a really, really high level. He sees the writing on the wall. Hunter Do you want to talk a little bit about that screenshot that you shared yesterday?

Hunter  6:02  

I actually don't remember

Unknown Speaker  6:05  

for my chit chat inside

Jordan  6:08  

the chit chat screenshot of people talking in Yac

Hunter  6:13  

Oh my gosh, yeah, people are just like, in the groups. Forget it. I gotta

Justin  6:20  

All right, mid mid podcast

Anja  6:25  


Hunter  6:27  


Anja  6:32  

Okay, it's okay like it's remote working, working under circumstances that are not

Justin  6:38  

Alright, well I'm just gonna get hunters gonna get skipped and he's gonna have to just listen to Anya to talk about the remote nature of deal. I assume you guys are a remote company, right?

Unknown Speaker  6:49  

We are remote first company. So we have been remote right from the start. And this is how the company's health was management in the beginning. And I think it was make any sense to be different than then remote because we are trying to advocate remote working and the talent should be anywhere, not just in San Francisco. So it would be really silly if we only hired in San Francisco right. And also to talk that mean we are old deal users ourselves. So, you know, we really do err on the forefront of what we are trying to do and the product improvement Yeah,

Justin  7:26  

we talk about that a lot in the show this idea of dogfooding like if you're gonna build a product, you should be using yourself but where are you based? yourself?

Anja  7:34  

I'm based in Belgrade, Serbia.

Justin  7:36  

Oh, alright. We actually just hired someone who moved from Seattle to Serbia. Wow. But I heard you guys he just told me that you guys are going on to lockdown again.

Unknown Speaker  7:49  

We're not things are changing quickly these days. Not not to get into the political aspect of what's happening, but we are we're not actually yeah. So they they kind of dropped to the idea. But we do have some additional measures because everything opened up for a bit and then they were like, whoops, no, not really. So they are kind of limiting the like, gatherings and the number of people that can be in one place. It's the true

Justin  8:18  

well, Hunter Are you done with your your little phone call on the side now?

Hunter  8:23  

My escapades beauty of working remote. Everything happens all at once. Yeah, man, it's, uh, it's pretty cool. So a lot of people are starting to use Yac in a way that's like, not just, I don't know, it's, I guess it's like water cooler talk. It's, it's becoming more than just a place to have internal communication. So we have a couple cool things coming up, which I don't know if I can leak any of that information on here just yet. But it's really exciting. But anyway, this, this company remoto really reminds me of psych insights. So they are actually some students out of UCLA believe. And they're putting together some really cool things. They have a product called Kona, which gives you insane insights into your team, but it's mostly on the communication side. So like, do you does Justin like to get emails? Or does he like to get slack messages or Yac? Right, like how to add to your teammates like to collaborate and communicate and that it seems, I don't know, Jordan, maybe you can tell me but it seems to fall in the same lines as to what this is. It just seems like there actually is a problem that people are trying to solve, especially now.

Justin  9:31  

I got a I got a DM from the Kona bot the other day that I really liked. And it was it was weird because I felt like I saw the the the promise behind the product but it like really came to light after they added this this new feature. And I just got a DM from the bot that said now every time you start a new dm with someone, before you send your first message, we will send you a message saying here's how this person likes to communicate. And I thought oh wow That's cool because it's no longer a directory where I have to, like, go research someone, when I send a new dm, the Kona bot will just like quickly DM me and be like, hey, just as a heads up, Jordan prefers long paragraphs over, you know, a bunch of individual messages. Actually, that's something that like hunter hates about me is that I type individual messages. So maybe that example. But it's the opposite, actually. But, yeah, so it's really cool because I like that idea of an intelligent system that's doing it almost passively for you, so that you don't have to, like actively go out and be like, I gotta check with this person. You know, like, it's cool that it like sends it to you as soon as you start that new dm, so that you are kind of like, reaping the benefits without the effort on your end, which, I mean, I think we all know that we're, we're lazy by nature.

Unknown Speaker  10:51  

That sounds amazing. And I think if lift off lifts off a lot of the stress and trying to design the good onboarding Process figure out you know what people like what people don't like how they work best etc so it's it's a smart way to go about it.

Justin  11:07  

Yeah, absolutely. So Anya Are you a tick talker? Is that what they call them? Jordan?

Anja  11:12  

Oh Gods no I'm I think I'm too old to be a tick tocker

Justin  11:17  

I must be too old and curmudgeon II as well. So did you hear the news that it is it is potentially a thing that the US might ban the app?

Anja  11:28  

Oh really? Why they had enough of it.

Justin  11:33  

No, China because of China because it's it's it's funded by and built by a Chinese company. I guess they're afraid now. Hunter you can dive into the the political side of it with me but I have seen some stuff on the on the side that is said that because all those Tick Tock teens prevented, like seats from being purchased at that Trump rally by like buy the seats or whatever. Ever that the US is like retaliating, you know, against Tick Tock? You don't you don't think that's related at all?

Hunter  12:07  

No, that's absolutely that's what people are trying to get it to be related to. But in reality, China's just taking way too much data out of people's phones through a talk is to talk as a Chinese entity and most, if not all, Chinese entities report their data directly to the government. And so obviously, the United States has been not to get too political, but the United States doesn't obviously like that. So their answer is to just take it off of the App Store. I think maybe them antagonizing Trump putting it at the forefront, I guess that but people are making it somewhat related. It actually is not at all so doing is finding new alternatives.

Justin  12:51  

with iOS 14 they It was like it became came to light that they were also copying the contents of your clipboard. Like every other character that you typed. And I mean, not to say there's anything nefarious about that. I do think that Tick Tock has enough like viral loops built into it, that copying the contents of the clipboard could be used to like, you know, auto open up, you know, tick tock link that you've copied or like, share something like I, I see like a technical use case for it. But I think a lot of people were freaking out thinking, wow, they're actively trying to get whatever is on my clipboard. All throughout my use of this app. And I think that probably, you know, tipped the scales a little bit in the nefarious direction.

Jordan  13:34  

Yeah, I think my favorite thing about all this is just the gen Z's reaction to bite. everybody's like, Oh my God, why there's so many old people on bite, like, this sucks. Like, no one's gonna use this. I just I think it's absolutely hilarious. What is

Justin  13:50  

an old person

Anja  13:51  

I was just about to ask that I

Jordan  13:53  

don't I don't know. But like, basically all of the content on by right now from like, the really young Gen Z folks is just like, oh my Gotta get these old people off here.

Justin  14:01  

I just like imagining a guy like eating his tapioca pudding in like a boomeranged by video, and that's why all the djinns ears are

Unknown Speaker  14:11  

like, you know, we who are like 20 something approaching 30s or early 30s are not half dead and like, you realize that

Jordan  14:23  

that's hilarious.

Justin  14:25  

But I mean what's what's interesting about this and the whole purpose of this tweet is that bite which launched Oh, geez, I don't know Jordan like couple months ago, yeah, a couple months ago, and was at the time and Anya I don't know if you know this, but it was basically the spiritual successor divine, which obviously vine, very popular vine compilations on YouTube still get lots of views. People build whole careers about it. They're called viners. Like, can't possibly be right. But they build whole careers around it and I still don't quite know the story of why vine shut down But anyways, you know, the creator of that went and created bite and It did a pretty good job of like the hype cycle. Like there was a bunch of people on testflight builds of it. You know, I guess maybe bite was the original like clubhouse, you know, you use that envied testflight and you want it again. And it kind of just felt like it fizzled out a little bit. And, you know, I tweeted about it. I don't know last month saying hey, is anybody still using bite and I got some pretty strong willed reactions like oh yeah, we have a strong community. And my first thought when tik tok you know, potentially could be ripped out of the app store was who's going to replace it? And I'm going to be honest, I didn't actually think it would be bite. I definitely assumed MB some because there's Um, there's like a African American company like it's all black founders that have this like really cool rip off. That's like actually really well done. But I feel like they were all like, bootstrapped or like it just didn't get enough press but is really, really cool. And I've been following it for a while and I haven't heard anything about it. I'm wondering if this Those guys are still running that company. Because they had, they had this really, really tight niche of like, kind of like celebrities and hip hop artists and stuff that were all on this app. And I definitely thought it was in the, you know, as a forerunner for potentially taking down Tick Tock and I thought, Hey, this is now it's time and I haven't even seen it pop up anywhere.

Unknown Speaker  16:25  

That's really interesting. Like how you just like how hype works. And I think like, right now people are just hyping all the time about something and you know, back in the old days when we were young I hope hypes lasted longer like you know, we, we use like, I don't know, chats like MSN or something, they before years before it's kind of went out. So right now it's up just above the highest like you need to leverage that hype in a smart way. In order to stay out there. Like even if you're in Number one that you're still kind of known and used.

Justin  17:04  

So how did how did he I mean, your head of marketing, right? So this is obviously close to you. How did you guys get your first users? You know, I doubt you did a closed testflight build on Twitter. So what was that hype cycle like?

Unknown Speaker  17:18  

Well, for us it was, it's actually an interesting story. Because deal now and feel when we first started, it was not exactly the same thing. So we've kind of pivoted at some point. So we were I mean, slightly. It was, it's sad to say, so we were a part of Y Combinator. And I'm sorry, Hunter. You're listening to this for a second time. But

Anja  17:39  


Unknown Speaker  17:41  

Yeah. So we were part of Y Combinator a year and a half back and at the time, and this is also the time when I joined deal was mostly a product that is kind of a safety net for freelancers to get paid and to minimize the risk of not being paid and being ghosted by clients. This is something that

Justin  18:00  

Kinda it's a real problem, I'll tell you that

Unknown Speaker  18:03  

it is a real problem. And I I don't think that unfortunately, it will go away, it will be there for some time. And you know, it happens, it happens. But at some point during the talks and all the conversations my co founders had with with Y Combinator people and their mentors and partners, we realized that there could be potential for more impact if we switch things around. So instead of just being there for contractors only, how about we are there for companies as well. So this whole idea of expanding gets to a payroll and compliance and all in one platform, not necessarily the pay use deal in order to get paid, but how about you know, use everything, to kind of streamline all the annoying process that

Justin  18:53  

you need? Really, that's kind of genius. It's like start at the problem, which is typically the person paying

Unknown Speaker  19:00  

Yeah, exactly, exactly. Because people and people don't know that's the thing because when we started this whole thing, we were just like, Okay, so what are the problems that we're trying to solve? And as we gathered, you know, a couple of users day, I think some of them were in the states were like, okay, so it's the 1099. It's w h w dying, okay? All the tax forms and all this annoying thing that you need to like spend hours looking at IRS website in order to figure out what you need to do. And for me, it's just crazy to see because I'm not from the States, but I researched for content creation, and I spent so much time on irises website

Anja  19:41  

Designed to just kill your brain cells. Yeah,

Justin  19:47  

yeah, I 100% agree with you. It's a Jordan probably knows this above anybody at our company, but, man, the IRS, the government websites, each state's website is completely different in the process. completely different. It's

Jordan  20:01  

it's the bane of my existence. Yeah, it's so bad. awful, awful, awful. But that's a subject for another day or else I'll get into a long rant of why it sucks. So talk about this tweet.

Justin  20:14  

So, yes, this is Harvard just announced that all classes will be online for 2020 to 2021. And here's the kicker tuition will remain at 50 K. You know, I think hunter you you have some strong feelings of violence. I think your best ally talk.

Hunter  20:35  

I don't know, man. I To me, it's like why would it be cheaper? Why wouldn't it remain?

Justin  20:41  

I mean, I guess the inherent argument in the thread is, well, we don't get to use the beautiful building. We don't get to use the gym. We don't get to use the office hours. You know, like, I see this at UCF here like in the Reddit subreddit that I'm connected to is everybody was like screenshot. Their bill for the tuition and it has stuff like, what do you call it? It's like a transportation fee, which is like UCS bus system, you know, gym fee, parking, you know, fees, like it has like a bunch of stuff like actually one of the biggest things that Emilio said was that there was a bunch of students who have paid in advance for like three years worth of parking passes, because it's like a better deal to get like a dedicated parking pass if you buy for the three years, because they're very hard to come by. And that the school is like yeah, I mean, we're not refunding that like your you paid in advance three years ago, like, right, but we're not going to class anymore. So I don't know. I mean, I think the argument is there stuff that was offered auxilary to the teaching that you know, they're paying for and we got a comment here in the in the feed that says the quality of teaching goes way down. Do you think that that will happen that the teaching won't be the same level now that it's remote

Jordan  22:00  

I mean, personally. Yeah, I mean, I think it inherently does go down especially and maybe this is something that the colleges need to figure out. But a lot of these teachers aren't prepared to like teach remotely like even. I mean, we saw this when COVID first really became a thing and everybody was trying to go remote. A lot of these folks had no idea how to properly set up zoom, you know, do an online class just like structure it so like, the basic infrastructure is really hard for people to learn and I think I'll continue into into the fall.

Unknown Speaker  22:29  

Yeah, I think it is the unexpected things that might decrease the quality. I mean, the content itself will of course not decreased because you know, your your speaking just the channel is different. But I think it takes an adjustment period for everyone and I've been seeing it with people who are waiting to like work from home as opposed to in office work with professors with like, insert here we have. So universities had zoom calls, but for schools like elementary and especially They have active broadcasts of lessons that are like unified for everyone. So teachers would record pre recorded session and they will be broadcasted on one of the channels here, which is like in one hand grade because, you know, kids gets to continue their their education but then on the other hand, it's the worst possible thing you can ask for a kid to just like sit there for hours. Yeah. And of course, like you need support from parents, etc. But not to go too into off topic. Like it really depends. Like, I don't think you can say like, yes, it will decrease or

Justin  23:36  

no, which is not, I mean, in this isn't Harvard as an example, but my friend that called me last night and said, Hey, you know, you're good with technology, what's the best webcam to buy? And I was like, What are you gonna use it for it? He goes, Well, I need to buy 21 for each of the classrooms at my high school. I was like, do you are not going to find 20 webcams right now. Like they are sold out everywhere. Like there's no way you're finding 20 webcams. He's like, Oh, really. So we just started to talk. And I didn't know this. I didn't understand this fully, I guess. But the legislature that that passed this week, said that schools are going to be reopened here in Florida. And I thought that that ended at that you're going to go to school. Actually, what it was, though, is that all schools must open, but they must also offer a streaming option. And this is what I find really interesting is with Harvard here, it's all going to be online. But for K through 12, schools, it totally changes the dynamic because doing something that is online focused is fine. That's like a way of teaching, you could share your screen. We don't even need to see you the teacher, we can just hear your audio and you can share slides. But if it's going to be both in person and streamed that means that we have to give equal experience to both the students in the class and the students that are watching from a stream and I think that's going to be way harder than they think it's going to be because you know an Anya, I think You would probably agree that like in a remote company, the processes that you, you know, in part to your team and the systems that you have in place, they're centered around this concept of like remote. And trying to mix them is very difficult.

Unknown Speaker  25:15  

It is, it is it is an end, we actually see or we don't see like they're not challenges, but we have so a couple of, of our teammates are in Tel Aviv, so they do get the opportunity to work together. So sit in a room and work together. And I remember having a discussion with CEO from a sperg helia. No, she's amazing. And she also has the same issue of fate. So a couple of her teammates are in Berlin, and then she has remote workers. So she needs to figure out a way how to balance that and all of us do. But it's just hard because you cannot you cannot control organic connections and organic interactions that happen in a physical space.

Jordan  25:58  

Yeah, yeah. I mean, I think that's true. Go ahead, Hunter.

Hunter  26:05  

Yeah, I'm just gonna say that it's what she's saying. It taps into everything that we've been learning about Yac. And the struggles that go into like, like, for example, I don't remember this statistic off the top of my head, but harvard business, I believe, as the Harvard Business Journal or business review, put out a study that said that people that are when there's a hybrid office, one that's in office, and then one that's online, the one that's online, the remote employees feel like they're not as connected, and they feel like they miss opportunities, they feel like they're not as prone to getting promotions. So bring that into the classroom sense. I don't know if that translates all the way back into education, but it's going to be interesting to see how that turns out. If anything, we should be rewarding Harvard because now they are going fully remote, which is what we tell everybody to do.

Jordan  26:55  

I think the problem with this is that the the price doesn't reflect you know, the question idea of life or education that you may get, because let's be honest, half the magic of going to college. It's just it's the social interaction. I mean, Hunter, you and I, for example, we say

Hunter  27:10  

the same thing about offices, though. Well, I mean, I

Justin  27:14  

say all the time to you in that scenario, you're not paying me, right.

Jordan  27:20  

Like, I like I even think about us, like we met because we were in like, one of the on campus facilities using their stuff. Like that interaction, obviously, is is super worth, you know, whatever, right? But also, I think about like, How many times did we just randomly was at like, 11pm at night and are like, hey, let's go to the library. Eric. Hey, let's do X, Y, and Z. It's really hard to justify paying the same price when you can't get those like magic moments anymore.

Hunter  27:49  

Yeah, well, that's what that's what people say about offices all the time, like bringing it back to remote work. That's why there for decades, people have been especially middle managers have been resisting the To go fully remote, because now you don't get to see who's at your you know who's at your desk, you don't get the magic moments of like walking past somebody the water cooler effect, you know, none of those things come into place when you have remote or at least that's what they used to think. But now you know that you can get the same value of work or if not better.

Justin  28:18  

I think that's the remote workforce is like in remote work, we have tools and of course Yac is building one of these tools, but there are multiple tools in existence that helped create the community and communication that you would lack in an office and they don't think that exists for schools. And I think that it's also a very different environment for schools in that she sometimes don't want to like I I see, you know, Emilio doing his college classes and like even the way that they break up the groups into like group sessions is just like very forced, and it's just like another Zoom Room, and it becomes this like droning repetition day after day and not like this natural rural community that's being built. And I think that, you know, we've got a couple problems, like what I said, especially with the K through 12 scenario is you've got the canary in the mineshaft kind of problem where you'll have, you know, one or two students that are remote, and they're just, you know, basically being neglected from the major system. And because it wasn't set up for success to have that hybrid model from the beginning, that is going to fail. And then it will have this precedent of like, well, it worked. It didn't work out for Johnny and Timmy. So, you know, remote school doesn't work and or hybrid school doesn't work. And I think it's mostly because there isn't a good system in place for that hybrid model where in you know, remote work. I think we do have some level of enough tools that you could make it work and I think we can always get better at that. But in school, I don't think that exists

Jordan  29:53  

yet. I also think the difference. My last point on this with school is that social is so tied to school versus work. can be separated out, right? Like, there's people who go to an office and work, and then have a separate social life outside of work in college. The people that you're learning and growing with inherently are like the people that you go to for social events as well and activities. So, like, you're not only taking away, I guess, the ability to learn well, but you're also taking away social experiences. Yeah, but that's

Justin  30:24  

okay. Next, I think this is I think that's our last slide. But honestly, I don't know if you noticed this launch yesterday, but it was number two in product on. I was fortunate enough to be included in this launch. But producthunt just partnered with super peer to launch a mentor network. And I guess, you know, on the note of kind of education and how education is changing, I personally find this very encouraging. I love what product is doing. I'm honored to be included with you know, I think everyone on this list probably makes 10 x what I've made, you know, and is much more impressive than me so I I feel honored to be included. But for me, it furthers You know, I think our mission as well on you know, both deal and yaks mission to kind of decentralized San Francisco and you know this idea of like you can get education, you can get mentorship, you can get apprenticeship like wherever in the world you are doesn't matter what country doesn't matter, you know what age doesn't matter what company you're working for, this network is available to you. And I think this is a cool first step forward, you know, what do you think

Unknown Speaker  31:30  

it is? Well, first of all, congratulations. This is this is amazing news. And I think it really, it's really valuable for people to kind of realize that this is also a good way to go. It doesn't necessarily need to be the only way to go. And this is I think, something we need to understand. So remote work does not work for everyone and it's okay, both on an individual level and on a company level. So you know, it just doesn't make sense for some but I think trying to to decentralize, as you said, from San Francisco from, I don't know, West in Europe or wherever you are like you can be on a beach and do the exact same work working from the Bay Area. So it's your just your brilliant self, wherever you are. And I think just like we're adapting, and I think it's possible, it makes sense. I'm super happy that it's there. Like for me, for me, it's a bit different because I've actually never worked in a physical space.

Anja  32:32  

So I cannot really compare.

Justin  32:35  

That's cool. I really I've never had like a traditional job either. You know, I've always worked from home Really?

Unknown Speaker  32:41  

Yeah, well, I work from up from a co working space but I also work for a co working space. I was a part of a global team of one of the CO working spaces but I have never stepped into an actual office so I never put on a suit. And and just went there which is really funny because when I was putting on this guilty show That I have this nobody will see now. She's doing audio. I remember this, like, you know, don't dress for the work that you have dress for the work that you want to.

Jordan  33:09  


Anja  33:11  

I should I should I be like bathing suit with sunglasses. How does that play into into like remote work?

Justin  33:20  

Yeah. I mean, I just I think it's really cool that, you know, product on is helping put this community forward to say, Hey, if you're in a position where you haven't been fortunate enough, and I think the three of us guys have just been blessed with just the most fortunate situations, companies falling in our laps and, you know, happening to be roommates in college. And you know, just like the way everything worked out for us three, I think it's just really a blessing and not everybody has that network or happens to fall into those situations. And so I'm excited to be able to talk to somebody who is just a grind away at home and they don't have that network and they have some questions. They need help and I want to be there to help them out. And I think hunter just kind of like go back to what you were talking about before, would you? And I think this is good question for you, in particular, still pay 50 k for Harvard online? If you could, you know, I don't know, get personal mentorship from Zuck. Right, like, for a quarter of that, like, is Harvard still going to have that like, badge of honor moving forward, if there are other ways to get educated?

Hunter  34:31  

Yeah, for sure. I think I think I saw it was like, What $75 to be able to talk to one of the mentors. Yeah. Yeah. So for me, it's its value, right? Like, will I already know the answer to this, but this is sort of like, what goes through my head is like, for somebody like you just and I know that you've launched on products on like, 25 times at least, and you've helped like, 50 maybe, I don't know, but it's ridiculous. So the amount of knowledge that I'll get, is that worth $75? And I feel like the answer is you Because I was going to write a tweet about this actually yesterday, is should this information should education like this be free? And I kept going back and forth, because then it's like, well, you can value it by time. But I mean, that goes against everything that we talked about with remote work is that people are worth more than just time. Now. It's more about value. And so I think, would I be willing to pay $75 for someone to properly Teach me everything that they know about my products on launch? And I have to, I have to think that even if even if you make zero dollars, it's still worth it just in the long run, just being able to pick someone's brain and not feel bad about it and not be, you know, spamming them or, you know, feeling bad about taking their time or their energy, you know, like they're getting something out of it. So I think it's, I think it's pretty cool. That product, I did this,

Justin  35:44  

that exact thing came up in a thread last night and one of the questions was, why is this called a mentor network instead of an advisor network, because mentorship is usually free. And you know, I had a I had a quick poignant response to that. Which was I'm not sure that that has anything to do with the word mentor as much as it does with probably a you know a lack of everyone valuing everybody's time and it just by proxy it became this thing we associated with free work and you know I think Anya same kind of like goal that you've set out with the deal initially is like contractors should be paid for their time and you know too many clients are stiffing people. I have an inherent problem I end up not valuing my own time, and when someone does stiffed me or doesn't offer, you know, to pay, I'm like, yeah, that's fine. Don't worry about it. And at least for me, super pure puts this barrier between myself and my own abuse of my own time. Where because there's a paywall associated with it. I am at least represent you know, I'm respecting my own time now, I think, you know, when you told me that, that was deals like initial mission was like, Oh my gosh, like, I feel that as someone who's freelanced for 10 years like no one respects your time. Sometimes you don't even respect your time.

Unknown Speaker  37:02  

Oh, yeah, same here. Same here. Yeah, I agree it's really it. It is like just a to add on to mentorship. I think mentorship also means it's on a longer time periods and unnecessarily like a one time thing that you can book and pick someone's brain or get advice or something. So, you know, could be advisory could be a better word for that. But let's not get into details. Because I like for me mentorship program is something that, you know, you first of all, pick someone that you like to be mentored by, which is extremely important, because you need to have, you know, similar views or not similar views, but like similar paths. So I would say, and then you gotta need to figure out what you want to get out of it. But it's it rated something like that exists. I mean, you know, just give people an opportunity to hear Listen, and also on the other side and share and, you know, just provide insight like you don't necessarily need just solve your problem by booking this time, but just have a shift of perspective or hear someone else that can also be really, really crucial at times.

Justin  38:10  

Yeah, yeah, and I think I think it furthers the mission of both Yac and deal of building a globally enabled workforce where talent is everywhere. Education is available from anywhere and yeah, I don't know I'm super excited. You know, for companies like you guys that are helping that you know, further that mission. We're excited to continue using you as a product we love the deal product. You know, as we kind of sign off for this episode, tell the folks that are listening in you know, where they can find deal you know, how they can sign up, you know, just kind of drop social handles all that good stuff.

Unknown Speaker  38:46  

Alright, so if you want to learn more about deal or sign up, go to let's that's deal with double e just in case. So was And then we are on social media, under ads deal. So Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, if you want to connect with me, I'm on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook as well. Trying to be more out there when it comes to Twitter, especially would you guys just just doing it or need to meet to be out there and dedicate time, just like learning about, you know, the world through Twitter? Just from a professional side. And yeah, we we are there we can help you sign up. If you need a demo, we're happy to give you one. But you can also do self serve and sign up within a couple of minutes. And it's not just, hey, it takes a couple of minutes, but you end up spending two hours, it really takes a few minutes. And really

Justin  39:40  


Anja  39:41  

you guys can can say more about it from a user perspective.

Justin  39:44  

Well, I was just gonna say Actually, I never say yes to demos, and because I just don't have time but someone did sneak into my LinkedIn, DMS and gave me a live demo of deal and that's actually what sold me on it is I needed something that served this country. relatively small niche problem that we had. And it did just that just insanely well. I was like done. So I don't I don't need any more, you can stop the demo. I'm a user. So just you know, getting that screen share session for like five minutes was all I needed to go. This is definitely a product we should be using. So yeah, I definitely encourage anybody listening, if you're having difficulty hiring global, or it's something that you're going to be looking into, or you're just not sure what the different, like rules and regulations of each area that you might be hiring in, we'll be deal just handles all that for you. And it's beautiful. I definitely would encourage you to book a demo. You know, check it out. And yeah, we're excited to have you on the show. Thank you so much for joining us. Please connect with her and deal on all the socials, especially Twitter, because we're gonna force her to become just a Twitter Rockstar. But yeah, thank you so much for joining Anya. We're excited to have you today. I'm going to go ahead and sign us off. And thanks for joining us, everyone.

Jordan  40:58  

Yeah, thank you so much.

Anja  40:59  

Thank you, bye!

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