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Our Biggest Update yet

How much does a remote Travis Scott concert cost? The price of FortNite. Did Facebook make the Zoom killer? Probs. Did we just have our biggest Yac update ever? Heckin Yes.


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We are live with another episode of remote voices. We do not have a guest this week, it's just going to be us three founders. And we're just going to talk about some current news. We're gonna show off our brand new desktop app and kind of talk about the crazy change log that we posted this week and all the awesome updates there. But let's Yeah, let's just dive right into it. Everybody, give a thumbs up Jordan Hunter, you can hear me We can hear you. Everything's good. All right, let's go. Yeah. Cool. So first post. This is not remote work related, but it is super tech related. And I think also just a little bit like remote technology related. You can't go to a concert. So have one in fortnight. I saw a bunch of really cool posts about this on Twitter this week, just talking about how cool it was. I watched this video actually, I think it's insane to think that this could be the future of kind of entertainment. And uh, Jordan, you're probably closest to this. What are your thoughts?

Jordan  1:36  

Yeah, I mean, I wish I could have saw this live another doing another one started that I'm interested in. But I think this was just absolutely nuts. And especially for like all the Gen Z type kids, I was talking to my husband about it because he's in that age bracket. I came in his friends like we're all on in a party together. But while watching this and they're all like, you know, raging if you will like together. I didn't think it's really interesting. This is like one of the first I'd like refeeding really early versions of this.

Justin  2:02  

And I don't think it's small enough. Well, I heard that he dropped an exclusive track to which I think is interesting to like that this could be the future of, you know, drops.

Jordan  2:12  

Yeah, yeah, he dropped some merchandise with the event. And then I can do song too. So that just helped it, you know, obviously blow up and take over the internet. It was just, it's just crazy to see this, like, pulled off and like, how excited everybody was about it? Yeah, I

Justin  2:26  

think I think it's cool because it gives you as a concert goer, a different experience. Like they change the gravity in the game and like, people were like floating all around. There's all these big explosions. You as an entertainer obviously get to do stuff that you could never do in real life. I wonder what the future of this is? Obviously, he's a I'm assuming pre animated pre rigged 3d model. I don't think it's like capturing him real time. But I'm wondering if the future of this is a real version of him a hologram video. I don't know Hunter. Do you think that would look weirder you think that's where it's gonna go?

Hunter  3:02  

Yeah, I saw a video of him getting rigged up. And so I'm going to assume that it was pre recorded, but it's pretty cool. I, I can't help but wonder what else are we gonna be able to do in fortnight, you know, like Snapchat ended up putting out like snap kit. So I can't I can't imagine a world in which I could like, post a full meeting. Like right now it's just kids but 12 million viewers. That's a lot of people. what's what's that going to look like in five years when when you said all those kids Okay, you guys are entering into the workforce. Let's Let's all get into fortnight or whatever the game is at the time. Let's go hop on a meeting. I can't imagine them not being open. Well,

Justin  3:40  

I wonder if they'll keep the name fortnight. Like do you think that it'll be called fortnight in five years or it will be called? I don't know they bought house party. Maybe this becomes house party.

Hunter  3:53  

Oh, they didn't realize they bought

Jordan  3:54  

I have no idea

about this like Like how we went into AC go off right obviously in the workplace but it's really cool that this kind of like almost promotes like async like concert goers and stuff like that like seeing a concert not timed I think this gives more access to folks that you can't get contracts with normally when big artists like this tour they go to like the big cities like New York or LA places like that. But if you live in the middle of America, you know odds are Travis Scott isn't coming to random Wyoming right? But now you can partake in a concert with your friends and kind of do it on your own time. So real curious to see what that

Justin  4:32  

looks. I think it's cool because it abstracts the typical way we think about doing something remote like I think the four squares of zoom calls like you know, the participant grid or whatever has become this like synonymous thing with doing something remote like we talked about this, I think, what maybe one or two weeks ago where Airbnb launched their remote experiences or whatever, and I asked you hunter like Do you think that zoom? Or do you think they roll their own thing? And you can't even tell? Because it literally just looks like a zoom call. And it's that like grid look has become the like, standard for what remote experiences look like. And I think even this week Skype and Facebook both launch or no Skype and hangouts launched the like zoom view, which I guess is just the gallery view. I'm not really even sure. But it's funny how that's just accepted as the standard way that things should look. And I think it's cool that fortnight is totally flipping on its head and saying like, You're not even a photo of yourself. You're a virtual 3d body and maybe in your in a friggin banana suit or something. And that's what represents you in this like metaverse environment

Jordan  5:48  

Yeah, that's nice.

Should we move on to the next one? It's fun. Yeah, what's nice here let's see. All right.

Hunter  5:58  

Yeah, so it was really cool is running remote and thing called running or remote aid 2020. We helped raise money for the American Red Cross. The goal was $5,000. We were just short, like a few hundred dollars. But some really cool people were there. LAUREL far Andrea's clinger. A few more like you can see the stats in that infographic that they showed. One interesting thing was that it was like an actual fully remote conference. So it wasn't like a zoom call. I could click the networking button and I could hop into networking, and it just put throws into sort of like a Chat Roulette type of deal. And then it's one on one, and then you have four minutes. And that's it. So I met a lot of cool people that way. But then we had a virtual booth. And for anybody that came out was really cool. We actually had some people from Yac come over. And that was more traditional of like a zoom call. There's a chat and people ask questions, but I got so many people saying, you know, you guys were the only ones that actually stayed and actually answer questions the whole time. So I just wanted to bring this up becomes apparent

Justin  6:59  

to everyone Real conference because I wasn't there I fed Emilio mac and cheese in the middle of it but what? Like what was the interaction like the you can't shake hands? You can't hand somebody a business card so like what's it like?

Hunter  7:17  

Well first of all everybody there was really into remote so it was easy to connect and actually be interacted with them. Every single person was in a good mood. I think when I go to places like CES south by you have a lot of like, Alright, well what's your name? Oh, well, what's your on your name type, there's a lot of like, dead time in between talking to people. And this I was able to rapid fire one after another. So gonna

Justin  7:38  

like speed networking

Hunter  7:40  

yet, right. But it was twofold. One was if I like the person, I immediately connected with them on LinkedIn and almost every single person I talked to edit me on LinkedIn, so that was cool that we were able to follow up on those conversations. But I don't know if you ever got caught in like CES or somewhere and you don't like the conversation there for like 45 minutes and then you get caught into a meeting at a at a whatever we were at a Denny's with that with that one woman

Unknown Speaker  8:05  

Oh man, I was gonna say remember that

Jordan  8:06  

michelle obama

Justin  8:08  

Oh remember that guy at the networking event with tech Nexus that kept getting closer to you. Like as you talk to him that's what this reminded me of is we're over there like sipping our wine like waiting for this guy to see how close he'll get to you while he talks to you as you just like increasingly back up.

Hunter  8:27  

It was it was like that were some conversations, but honestly, a lot of them were great. So the ones that didn't go so well. I was so glad that was only four minutes. But the other ones we all agree we're like, we need to keep going. But I really enjoyed it. They did a great job with this event. So plus it was all for charity, which was which was a nice,

Justin  8:43  

yeah, there's some money raised and lots of networking that happened. It's cool to see companies pivot. And you know, we were really looking forward to that. Obviously, the physical manifestation of this and I think it's really cool to see that instead of just giving up there was a You know what, let's just do it online. Let's raise some money while we're at it. I mean, 1800 people is no joke that obviously wouldn't be able to be pulled off and just a standard zoom call. So, you know, it takes some special software, it takes some special organization like this is a very different way of pulling off an event and it's cool to see it happen like this.

Jordan  9:20  

So Hunter, what was like your your big one thing that you're like, if you had to do it again, you're like, the reason to go, what is the one thing?

Hunter  9:29  

The connections for sure. There's I never thought I would say it. But there was just something about meeting people on on those chats that I haven't really gotten anywhere else. There was some of our users that came on, I had some really in depth conversations with them. To the point where they're the one girl guy, she was like, shouldn't you be like doing something else? I was like, I'm here all day. We're literally the only ones

Jordan  9:57  

should you be wearing this. Yeah, yeah. Yeah,

Hunter  10:00  

I just I really I thoroughly enjoyed it. So the biggest takeaways, I can't believe the connections I was making in those four minutes or like those just personal conversations in the chats. I couldn't believe it.

Justin  10:13  

We don't have a slide for it. But I'm curious what your thoughts are. I mean, obviously, like clubhouse blew up over the weekend, and I have some very strong anti VC Twitter thoughts on it. But I'm also curious because you've been following along with cuppa, which is that like, virtual coffee thing? And I don't know, I think there's it's cool that you're saying that the thing that was really powerful was just connecting with people kind of face to face, and it not being someone that you know, so it's not like an organized meeting where like, you already know the person and you're meeting with them. This is like random people that you've never interfaced with before. The thing maybe there's like a huge opportunity for the flip side of something like a house party or a zoom call where you are meeting someone that you only very loosely know and you're just there to casually talk Instead of like an agenda based system,

Hunter  11:03  

that's exactly what it was. I've been talking almost every single day with kp. And he's the founder over a cuppa. And it was amazing. It literally just brings up a schedule in front of you. And you could pick like you want to talk to him maker, the co founder. I picked maker because I relate to that I think the most right the second. And he just actually launched on products on today.

Jordan  11:25  

Oh, cool. I want to go give him up. But then.

Hunter  11:28  

Yeah, it was it was awesome. I love the conversation. But it was like, instant connection to somebody. And we just got right into the meet. And he actually is in Florida. So cool out there.

Justin  11:37  

So yeah, like I think it's interesting to think about the future of like networking events and connecting with people at random, being remote. And instead of this like black box that we think of online meetings as these like pre organized, scheduled things that I think I guess I think of them as quite boring. I think it's interesting to think that there's maybe a future that's like exciting And unexpected and you meet somebody for the first time and have a good conversation, just like you would in a coffee shop. So I'm excited for things like cuppa, you know, come out and kind of set, you know, challenge the status quo of the way we think about meeting people online.

Hunter  12:15  

We should get him on the podcast. Yeah,

Jordan  12:17  

yeah, that would be cool. We got next. See.

Justin  12:21  

So this is sort of the same thing we were talking about here, right is that Facebook has come out with a new version of I guess they call it a rooms messenger rooms is one of the Facebook rooms. But it's free, has no time limit up to 50 people, which is pretty big. And what I think is most interesting is you don't need a Facebook account for it. Because I thought that that was for sure going to be the thing that kind of broke it. So what I felt like the friction point was with Facebook workspaces, Was that, or whatever their work product is, is that it was like so tightly integrated to Facebook. It just felt like a weird invasion of your personal privacy even though it was for work. This is interesting that they didn't make having a Facebook account or requirement, which we've talked about on this podcast before is kind of like a growth hack that zoom had where you can just join a zoom call. And it's not. It doesn't ask you to log in or anything like that. I just saw a tweet like right before I grabbed this one that was basically I think it was an Eli from the verge. She was just saying, I'm over here laughing at the fact that Facebook and Google somehow didn't know that zoom existed before the pandemic, like, it was like this wasn't a competitor to them, and now all of a sudden they're scrambling to build solutions to compete with them. Hunter What do you think this thing will work? Will they pull it off? Will it pull people away from House Party will pull people away from zoom? What do you think?

Hunter  13:56  

Honestly, man, I don't think so. No, just No, I really don't. Don't think so. They're trying to fix what's not really broken. I think everybody already knows zoom is the go to I think they just passed something stupid, like 300 million users. I mean, it's pretty clear that that everybody's trying to do the me to, like, build like a me to copycat product and I just, I don't know, I'm not feeling it. And I just don't know of anybody that's going to be super excited. Like, finally I can get on with 50 people with no time, right? Like, who are we talking about here? All those people that have that requirement. I've had it for over a month and they're already using something like zoom.

Justin  14:31  

I don't know, I guess. Facebook events like we see Facebook Lives being really popular. I could see them pulling off sort of the same thing you guys did with remote aid over Facebook Live and having like 50 guests or you know people pop in and things like that. I'm also curious because we talked I think last week about the fact that Facebook portals one of the like, most hard to get ahold of hardware items during the pandemic. So like, clearly people are using this for something and I saw a couple tweets recently that just basically said, a Facebook portal is one of the most like grandma proof things ever. You just like buy it set it up. It just works. You know, Jordan, you have a younger brother does even have a Facebook.

Jordan  15:18  

No. So I for younger folks, I don't think they would ever use this but like you just said kind of like the grandma scenario. I think that's where this is really powerful. And I think even last time I talked about Facebook portal, I said that like so for example, my family was trying to do a sampler as you can call the other day, and my grandma couldn't get out because she can't figure out how to deal with something like this. You know, I know it says you don't need a Facebook account, but if he's able to just like pop in right from Facebook. You know, I see it working there for a bunch of other folks but I think people like us and younger just aren't aren't going to use this and a lot of people already don't trust Facebook as it is.

Justin  15:54  

So I'm kind of skeptical. That was gonna be my next question is what's the goal here if you don't need a Facebook Good to use it. Why make this like What's there? Obviously it's expensive to run live video all the time. What's their goal here? Is it a just a market share play and they just hope to pull people away from zoom but they already have an existing user base of Facebook's Ay Ay, ay maybe with hunters. I don't get the point of it. You think it's hardware base, they want more

Hunter  16:25  

portal. I think it's portal sales. But if To me, this is such a misfire, like, Jordan, you can back me up on this. Imagine if Snapchat came out with this. Everybody would use it, everybody, but for me, it's like because it's like they're just like creating this reputation just copying others.

Justin  16:44  

I do agree with that. Facebook has a bad rep for just like ripping off other products. I mean, you can do it when you're the behemoth of Facebook though you have like unlimited resources and money. And it as we've talked many times, like it's not hard. To build a video conferencing app, the all the stuff is kind of out there. It's WebRTC is easy to throw stuff together. You know, we built the original version of Yac and four days because talkbox just provided like an SDK layer on top of some web stuff that just made it super easy to throw it together which I think also brings me back to my my relationship with clubhouse and the fact that they just got VC Twitter all excited over something that yeah, it takes like three days to spin up.

Jordan  17:28  

You know, Hunter I think you really nailed it and honestly now that i think but I think it just comes down to like Facebook, just not cool. Like it's just not cool. No One No, no, the cool kids are using it. No one's like, oh, man, like go check out my Facebook, Instagram, or like that. Yeah, like Facebook though as its own thing, right. But that's what

Hunter  17:49  

Instagram is cool.

Justin  17:50  

So what Instagram?

Unknown Speaker  17:52  

It would be cool.

Hunter  17:55  

I'm not kidding. Like, in my opinion, I think Facebook isn't cool anymore. Instagram is super cool. There's just like a different like Justin, you were just saying, this is for the grandmas Yes Edit and you forget it and you have everybody in your whole family buys the Facebook portal and we're all gonna hop on grandma can get can join in. I don't see a bunch of kids at fortnight I don't see a bunch of employers suddenly adopting this. Just my opinion.

Jordan  18:18  

Yeah. Yeah.

Justin  18:20  

Do you think kids give a shit about what they look like? Like, I find it interesting that all the kids are going to snap, which is inherently very much like you notice that people aren't taking good photos of themselves on snap, like, the whole point is that they're ephemeral. And then you see like, fortnight, obviously you're not even your real self. And I see this like, weird divide where it's like, I don't know, give me an age 12 to like 17 there's just not like a care of really what your look like. And then like 20 and up it's Instagram with like professional photos. So it's very interesting that there's this divide of like, Professional versus not even real in some cases like fortnight

Jordan  19:09  

I think I again, I don't know what it is, but that generation but like you said, I think it just depends on the platform on Instagram. You want to like look super good on Snapchat, like, Who cares? I think the difference is Snapchat usually is like with your really close friends. Like, you know if I send you guys an ugly photo, you know? No, but you're not gonna post that to your Instagram, right? We're like, you know, thousands or hundreds of people whoever can like see that?

Justin  19:33  

I don't want that all 10s of my followers would see mine.

Jordan  19:38  

Well, you don't post on Instagram anyway. That's true. Yeah, I'm not a I'm not an instagramer.

Justin  19:43  

Alright, what do we have next? So I threw this in you guys didn't even know about this in advance. So this says kwibi memes are nearly non existent outside of those roasting the app itself that doesn't bode well for the new streaming service. So I don't know if you guys have been watching quippy. I have two shows that I Enjoy. One of the things that I've noticed is twofold. One is that they've been roasted pretty hard for not allowing you to screenshot or share content outside of the app. Basically, because this is like a Netflix right? It's supposed to be serious content. But a lot of people are saying like, the only way they're going to be successful is they allow that like virality effect. And then the second thing is I just I found this tweet really interesting because I find it odd or interesting that meems would be the thing that determine your success. Hunter You said you disagree with this.

Hunter  20:34  

Obviously, that there was I know more about people complaining that they can't share photos than I've seen of actual photos of shows like that is a marketing play in itself you know not all good press is good. Not all press is good press and I understand that but they just got an insider you know Business Insider backlink for the lack of having good means. I mean like this is is just absolutely insane that I wish I had this problem like that just shows how popular they are that, you know it doesn't bode well. I disagree you're writing about them.

Justin  21:11  

I mean, I think it says the same thing about magically height, really hyped, overhyped, release their product to a bit of a mass response from everybody tried to get acquired for $10 billion. And now they're having to lay off staff. So I think it speaks to probably a bigger problem in the hype cycle of VC, which is, you know, doesn't matter. The legitimacy or the longevity of a company, if they've been hyped large enough, and kwibi was hyped hard. I mean, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman, everybody that's on their board. They are like literally the definition of VC hype. I don't know Jordan, have you watched anything on kwibi?

Jordan  21:55  

Yeah, so from like a culture perspective, I think the tech world thinks this is cool, but like the normal world This sucks like I do, we did notice. I hated everything about it. All the younger people, no one's using it not cool, super bright. I think it's gonna die soon. I think the tech world is like, yeah, kwibi is cool, hot new thing, like Josh and all his friends like my little cousins and all their friends. I'll try to do I know this is black. Who would do this?

Justin  22:22  

I think they'll end up pivoting. I watched the polygon show and then Vox just put out a new Vox as a Netflix show called explained. And then they just did like a short like five minute version on kwibi called answered. And I like that kind of content. And I think it's definitely age specific, because I think most people would be like, you could easily get that content on YouTube, but I don't want you to mostly because I have really bad add and all the shit around me all the time like related ads, the next video up all of the channels. I just can't use YouTube. It's just not meant for me I guess. And I like that kwibi is super super focused on us. One thing I could watch it and I can just stop using it, which maybe is bad user behavior for for them, you know, I'm sure they want me to like binge watch everything. But I like five minutes of a polygon show to like, catch up on what's new in gaming. And I like five minutes of like Vox just to understand I don't know how disinfectants work, but I would never watch 30 minutes of that on Netflix, I would watch five minutes of that on kwibi. And I feel like that contents really strong. But I don't want to watch like an action thriller in five minute segments. That doesn't seem interesting to me. That is something I want to sit on a couch and binge watch. And I know Jordan, you talked about this when it first launched is like you don't casually watch television on your phone. You watch it on like a PlayStation or fire TV or something.

Jordan  23:45  

Yeah, well Also, I guess my point in that was like nobody's browsing for a new show on mobile, right. So if I if I have a show that I have to watch on mobile, I always go to the mobile experience knowing what I'm looking for when I'm about to log in. I'm just gonna pull up my phone on go Boy, oh, this looks like a really good show me start a 45 minute show on my phone. That's I just don't think anybody's doing that. And in fact, I don't really know anybody who does that. Yeah, maybe it's just me, but a lot of folks I've talked to no one's like, you know what I was, I was on my phone. Really good show I got into it.

Justin  24:18  

Alright. Sounds like Jordan says quit, he's gonna die. I say quit. He's gonna pivot into informational content. Hunter says kwibi is getting a lot of press. It's gonna do fine. Is that? Is that fair?

Jordan  24:32  

Yeah, I think so.

Hunter  24:33  

That's fair. We'll revisit this back up. Yeah, I'm on there making a couple billion and yeah, we'll figure out who will

Justin  24:38  

make right. We'll take some bets and see who is correct. Cool. So this just brings us into our actual content. We listened to our users. I think

Hunter  24:51  

it's our first content.

Justin  24:53  

That's actually about us. Yeah, I know. The first two episodes that

Hunter  24:56  

we did that never aired were all about us. So this is

Justin  24:59  

kind of every now actually put them out. But yeah, I tweeted this out today. This week, it was exciting to put out all of these new changes put out a brand new desktop app. You know, I'll just read the tweet for anybody who's just listening the audio, arguably the largest change log I've ever written. I'm sure I'm missing a ton. This release is the result of 808 commits. over the span of three weeks, we rebuilt the entire Yac desktop app from scratch. You know, we just hired this amazing developer Alec, Alec, if you're listening, you've been great, you should probably get some sleep. We've been working tirelessly for the last three weeks just rebuilding our entire desktop experience from scratch, totally wipe the code base, built everything fresh. You know, we use this app every day. So we're well aware of its limitations and its bugs and its features and things like that. And I think you know, Hunter, if you want to talk a little bit about the survey and what those results said. I think that'd be a good segue going into this.

Hunter  25:59  

Yeah. Completely copied superhuman, they have a phenomenal write up on how they find their product market fit. That's obviously something that's really important to us. You know, we just launched now's the time to start looking at our actual metrics and taking this thing a little bit more seriously. Yeah, anyway, like one of the cool things that we found was that people actually really enjoy transcription. Not only that the survey say it but also at running remote. Their remote aid conference, and some other people I've been talking to. One of the biggest questions is like, what differentiates you guys from WhatsApp? So for us, as soon as I start going through it, I sort of see their eyes glaze and then as soon as I say transcription, they get it. So that's been like, the biggest thing for me is realizing that's sort of our diamond in the rough is being able to like, speed up slow down your messages on top of transcription. And, you know, people wanted to see more of transcription, they want to be able to translate their messages. So there's so much hidden power with those. You know, that to me is so have like a nominal feature. It's not that big of a deal. But to other people It seems to be

Justin  27:04  

well, it adds a waterfall effect with a lot of other features, right is you can search now you've been tagged things, there's topics you can share out to a Trello card, and it will make it searchable now, because the transcription gets copied, and like, I guess I always think about transcription is not this ability to read it, and just like skip listening to the message, but it gives you some context, so you can decide if it's important or not, you know, Jordan will send me x out the day. And sometimes it's something having to do with like taxes, and I just don't have time to listen to it yet. But I know that that's what it's about. And so I'll just kind of like sock it away for, you know, a couple minutes later.

Jordan  27:39  

I think that's a really good point, Justin. Yeah, I think the biggest thing is like documentation organization that transcription provides, because then you can start segmenting things that I this is related to taxes. This is related to design things of that nature.

Justin  27:50  

Yeah, but yeah, I mean, in general, our desktop app started with this incredibly small amount of features very narrow mindset of what The app was going to be what the platform was going to be, you know, we had taken this very large bet that a floating icon that followed you around on your screen that you could always access was going to be the best user experience in the world, because we don't like switching windows. And, you know, being able to access my team kind of overtop all of my other windows was super helpful. And then we gave the app to our own internal design team. And they're like, this is fucking frustrating as I'll get out, because now I can't access this tiny little scroll wheel at the bottom of sketch because that's where my Yac icon is covering. And they were constantly like moving it all over the place, even quitting the app. So that wasn't in their way. And you know, that reaction wasn't contained to just our own team, right. We had a lot of other users that came in and said the same thing. And so you know, I'm going to share my screen, just because I'm going to kind of show what we've been working on. This is our brand new desktop app. We've got, basically the mobile app moved over to what the desktop experience could be. You know, like, instead of swipe to reply, you know, we've got these hover so you can hover to quick reply. So if I wanted to, like quickly reply to Heather right now it's automatically recording. So it's like super, super fast, integrated keyboard command. So I can just do command K, and I can start typing and then I hit Enter, and I can automatically start recording. So you know, we really built this thing to take the most advantages of the desktop environment. What's cool is like, you can exit now, and just like it's nowhere on my screen, but I still have the dock icon at the bottom. And it'll show badges is one click to bring it back up. A lot of people that have gotten the new app or like, Oh, it's more clicks now to get to something and it's actually less because A, the quick reply is now just one click before you had to click at least three times to get into that. Now we have keyboard shortcuts. So it's super fast to do that. We've got some really cool search. So like, I don't know, I could type in a couple of things here. Let's see. I don't even know it'd be a good thing to live demos are Oh, I know, right? I don't even know what would be a good thing to type here. There's my lawyer, he just sent me a message. That's actually one of the coolest things is being able to talk to our legal team over Yac. Because I think Jared works best when he's speaking because that's like phone call etiquette and what they're used to. And he said that yaks been amazing because he doesn't crank out these massive emails or have to get on a phone call with us. But what's cool about the searches like I can do contains so I can see any Yak that contains Jordan or I could just go to from and I could see any messages from Jordan, which is kind of a nice feature that we didn't have it enough search on desktop at all, it was on mobile, but it wasn't even available on desktop. You know, you've got the ability to resize the container now. You can actually, you know, get rid of it. So you have that clean desktop and you still have that nice notification at the bottom. But yeah, I mean, this release represents like a huge leap forward. Not only in technology because we're our app is faster now it's way less memory footprint way less CPU usage you know the screen sharing or just like pull up quick screen share something to Emilio. Now I can actually select my different displays which is really nice I can do webcam kind of Allah loom we can have a little webcam guy in the bottom left or whatever our screenshare controls are like really powerful now we've got nice annotation that we can you know do you can even change the thickness of the of the annotation,

much nicer screen recording interface before you couldn't really even see what you know what the time was that was recording. Oh, we've upped the limit to 15 minutes now. That was one of the big kind of asks from a lot of our users was being able to record longer form content. I hope that none of you are sending 15 minute yaks because no one wants to listen to that crap. But at least you can speed it up to two x now. Which is nice. We've got a nice pop out video player. Somewhere in here, I'm sure I have a, I have these stupid videos from Emilio where he's like drawing stuff. So we can use that as an example. But got this nice pop out video player, which is really cool, much more powerful. I can like resize it to whatever I want it to resize it to, it'll actually remember the exact size that you size it to. So when you come back into the app later, you don't have to resize it again. So yeah, just this is super exciting for us, because it gives us the opportunity to add a lot more features scale this thing infinitely, it brings parody to the mobile app. So if you're a mobile app user and you come on the desktop, most of the features are almost exactly the same. So you can actually get a feel for one app and not have to relearn an entire new experience when you move to a different device. Hunter. Is there anything that sticks out to you that you'd want to point out?

Hunter  32:53  

Yeah, one more really big thing is that if you want to do a broadcast message, so like any sort of announcement or Stand up in the morning, you can quickly just tap on the icon and then tap multiple people. And you can send that message off before when one of the biggest complaints before was that you can only send one to one messages on desktop. And a lot of people were like, I want this stuff to like work like mobile. So I'm just really excited for this feature. Because right now it's cool. But within the next, you know, two to four weeks when we introduce groups and all these cool features that we have coming out, that's going to be even better. So

Justin  33:27  

yeah, we've got groups on mobile already. That's what we're testing internally right now. So that'll be coming to both platforms. I don't know probably next week. The build that I'm running now it's looking very promising. So I'm excited to get groups in everybody's hands I think groups and in the desktop app being improved is probably like the two biggest requests that we've had.

Jordan  33:46  

I think one thing that obviously being live it doesn't do it justice, but just the speed at which the desktop app runs now Yeah, lightning fast. absolutely insane how fast you can move around inside of it.

Hunter  33:57  

Speaking you know Jordan tacking on top of that, one of the The biggest takeaways I had, from all this talking to the dozens of users the last couple of months on top of actual use cases and case studies, along with the survey, I think we just really nailed that people are looking to be the most efficient. They're looking for the most efficient communication channel possible. And people that's what people are using Yac for. So when you look at everything related to superhuman, that's really what they're doing to that's why they have a lot of, you know, shortcut keys, and they're making email really fast. But at the end of the day, you still have to tight. And so almost across the board, I would say over like 80 or 90% people are using audio messages strictly because it's the fastest and are one of our best users. I love them. But he was like, you know, I really liked you guys, but I'm not using Yac because I like you. I use it because it's the most efficient.

Justin  34:50  

Yeah, I mean, I think that, for us was kind of an internal thing was that we value our time and so Yac is a whole represents this ability to kind of reclaim your time back in your day, get more stuff done, you know, I talked about this on Twitter last week, I really want to get to a point where we're all working four day work weeks, I don't see a need to have a full day on Fridays. I'd like to give people time back in their day. And I think that if we can work more efficiently, we'll actually get more done in less time. And we'll actually be able to chill for a little bit, you know, during the week. And I think part of that is having a stack for your team that promotes efficiency and productivity. And so it's exciting to see the other teams that have those same values as us that are latching on to the product and saying, Wow, this is saving us so much time. A 40 minute meeting is now a five minute Yak. And you know, I think we can even get that number even lower. You know, we look at the data and our average message length is 19 seconds now, which is incredible, because it means that users are getting a lot of information out just 19 seconds, and I think that you're gonna be seven

Hunter  35:59  

Yeah. Yeah, it's got a little seven seconds. Yeah.

Justin  36:03  

So it's increased, which is cool because you've seen, you know, I think we saw this internally Hunter, you know, we used to talk about this when we first launched was like a 32nd. Yak was oh my god, this is so long. And then now it's been extended to a minute, then it got extended to two minutes. Now I get a two minute Yak and I'm like, Whoa, boy. All right, let me put this on to x and blow through this really quickly. Now we've extended it to 15 minutes because we found that a lot of people were sending like instructionals or how to use or feedback over screen share. And so we needed a little bit more length there. But it's interesting how our own perception of what a long video message or a long audio message is has changed over the course of just using the product ourselves.

Hunter  36:47  

Oh, sure. Yeah, Jordan.

Jordan  36:50  

Oh, no, I was gonna say anything.

Hunter  36:54  

Perfect. Anytime you do something. I love live. I love live. And I live synchronous, because everybody gets to go, No, you go first You go first. That's the greatest. But anyway, yeah, man, I just, I just really wanted to read before we get off, I just want to really nail something. Just talking with one guy. He said, I want to use, you know, shortcut keys, command K, I want to be able to start just instantly start recording. And I think it was within a half an hour, we had that implemented. That's not normally the case where somebody asks something of us, and then we implement it right away. But stuff like that is just so like, Well, yeah, I mean, we could do that. Like, that's not that hard. Let's just put that in. Let's test it out. So I just want to emphasize, like, if you have any feedback for us, or if you've been giving us feedback, we actually have a whole chart and a whole list of features. But you know, who knows, it could be something that could be implemented in the next build. So we appreciate it.

Justin  37:45  

Yeah. I mean, it's, it's easy for us to add stuff like that. And if it makes a huge difference in your ability to use the app, then it's a no brainer for us will clearly be adding it But yeah, I mean, I think I'm excited to send out the newsletter. We've got a newsletter prep that has just This update everything outlined a link to the change log, it's got lots of, you know, information on what's new in this build. If you haven't tried the app in a really long time, and you're watching this, and it was a bad experience before, definitely give the new desktop app a try. It's just the fresh download link that's on the website, you know, you'll still be able to log in to your account. So definitely give this a try. If you weren't a fan of the old experience. We're using it every day. And it's just crazy powerful. So we're pretty happy with everything that's changed and all and I would say the bulk of it is really just been because of user feedback. So keep sending in that feedback. That's what helps us kind of move this in the direction of the way that you guys want to use the app. And it's ultimately the most important thing here. So all right, well, that brings us to the end of today's show. We've got some amazing guests lined up for the coming weeks. Jordan who's next week. Darren from get lab head of remotes going to be joining us so that'll be fun. That'll be super exciting. So make sure you guys Tune in next week. Catch up with Darren. I'm sure he'll have tons of insight into all the topics that we bring up. And I'm going to go ahead and play us out. Thanks for joining

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