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Snap Classes and Mini Offices a la carte

Mini Offices a la carte


Justin  0:42  

All right, welcome to another episode of remote voices. We've got the whole team this time, not just two of us and then we brought along a guest. So we've got a nice new layout here where our guests gets to hang out up this way got a mirror. So he's over here. And yeah Charles dude. Thanks for joining us. We we connected at CES I think we, we talked before on Twitter, but done a really bad job of actually following up with you and then just like, randomly bumped into you guys at your booth at CES. But I'd love to give you an opportunity to just kind of like, tell us about your company and your position and what you're doing and what COVID-19 has been like for you and all that good stuff. So dive into it, man.

Charles - Klaxoon  1:19  

Awesome. Thanks for having me. Charles can lead from click soon. We are the meeting revolution. So it's really all about those times that teams come together to collaborate. Those are meetings, workshops, trainings, possibly a town hall, really, you're looking to be efficient when you communicate when you collaborate as a team. So we have a collaborative suite of apps that help you to do that with a brainstorm quizzes surveys. We're in 120 countries right now, offices in France in the US, and when you talk about what's going on, for sure. I think everybody's world has been sort of flipped upside down. So When we talk about meetings, well those meetings have gone totally virtual. When we talk about workshops, they've gone totally virtual as well, and trainings in the whole nine. So, for us right now, it's really about helping our customers. We work with 15% of the Fortune 500 100% of the biggest companies in France, companies of all sizes, small businesses, universities, nonprofits, and everybody needs help. Everybody's looking to be effective, productive, communicate, collaborate in a way that kind of makes sense. And they need tools to do that. So we're really out there trying to help all our customers, but we're getting a ton of prospects as well. Looking for solutions and looking for help.

Justin  2:41  

Yeah, I was gonna ask it, have you found any new customer segments that maybe didn't pop up before but have now because things have changed?

Charles - Klaxoon  2:50  

Well, I think it's rare in any kind of business. It's rare and where the whole world has the same problem at the same time and they need to fix it. Now, and when you talk about going full remote, I don't think many people were prepared to do that, right. And a couple of things happen, you know, they they call people they trust. So one of the things that was important for us was to really assist as many people as we could people that we care about, obviously, our customers, but also prospects. So we decided to offer a free trial for three months of classroom, but also, at the same time, offer guidance and assistance with Our expert team for all those people going full remote, so it's giving you the keys to the car, but at the same time teaching you how to drive.

Justin  3:44  

Yeah, interesting. We did a similar thing at Yac. It's it's one of those things where we know that everyone's searching and the last thing we want is for price or purchasing decision to be like a reason why you don't try a better way to meet in your case, a better way to work in our case. So yeah, I mean, it's very similar to It's interesting to see how many different companies are changing their pricing strategy changing their sales strategy acquisition strategy kind of based around you know the current situation but yeah man we're glad to have you here I think there's so much for us to talk about what we love doing on these guests episodes is just kind of talking about these hot topics and then bringing in somebody that's also kind of in the parallel industry and getting your thoughts on it. So I'm literally just gonna queue up some tweets and you'll see him on your screen and we're just going to kind of open up the floor to discussion sound good awesome cool All right, let's see I have no idea what order these are in so let's see what's first. Okay, cool. So this is this the snapshot camera my thing on this is I think it's I we've obviously seen zoom just like exploding growth. You know, families are using now schools are using it now. Everyone's struggling with it because I don't think zoom ever really had a great interface to begin with and kind of has always had hunter always talks about like, the first thing you say in a zoom meeting is like, Can you hear me now and I feel like that's just like permeated even further. But now snapchats kind of like weirdly getting in on this trend of, you know, offering a camera for zoom. But I feel like maybe there's an opportunity for Snapchat to even have like a desktop app that's like zoom light. But for families, I don't know, Charles, like, did you even see this news?

Charles - Klaxoon  5:16  

Um, so maybe I'm too old for Snapchat, and my kids are too young, or like sort of in this middle. But I think what's interesting about this is that this is even coming up, right like that, you know, we're talking about Snapchat for teenagers. And that schools now have this huge challenge. And they're sort of scrambling to do what do we do? How do we do classrooms and learning and that this would even be considered as something that would be done. I don't think anyone in the world would have thought that a month ago and it's sort of happening. So it's a real challenge and I think everyone is, you know, trying to find a solution. To this, I don't know if Snapchat is the the way to get a virtual virtual classroom going. But clearly it's unique.

Justin  6:09  


Hunter  6:11  

Yeah, I'm excited because it seems like there's going to be a lot more opportunities for learning. I can't think of any real examples off the top of my head other than like, wondering about like Roman times. Or you could say, or even like presidents, you can say, all right, well dress up as your favorite president. And then you could like throw on like a filter for like, some sort of hat or in Donald Trump's case, the the nice little wig or whatever he's got going on. But I think that brings like a whole different element to schools. And I just think like you said, this would have never happened two months ago, if you said like, oh, snapchats coming out with a filter for classrooms and zoom calls. You just be like, that's just so off brand for them. But I mean, I've even seen Zapier come out with new tools lately, obviously snapchats come out and new tools. Facebook just came out with a new tool. So it seems like everyone's kind of scrambling right now. And it's kind of cool to see the innovation from these We call he used to call them startups. But now I feel like they're incumbents acting like startups again, I think it's kind of cool.

Jordan  7:06  

Yeah, I think this is really cool. I think it also just makes a lot of sense because especially every kid 21 and under is on Snapchat. So I feel like it was kind of the next move for SNAP inside of like this outbreak and craziness right now. So I think it's a good idea

Justin  7:19  

to we talk a lot about like how consumer behavior, mirrors enterprise behavior, eventually, like, whatever we're doing over as consumers like eventually trickles that way, its way into kind of the enterprise b2b market. And we do a lot of that kind of stuff with Yac. Yac on mobile is very similar to Snapchat because hunter and I used to actually collaborate over Snapchat a lot like because they have a really good like drawing tool. And so he would just like snap a screenshot and then like draw over it and Snapchat and then send that to me. And that was like a lot of like, an easy way for us to get back and forth. But I think like what hunter says really interesting. There are so many people just like scrambling to find demand like Google has like renamed like four things in the last like two days, like hangouts is now hangouts meet, but then it's now meet. And then Hangouts chat is now just called chat. But it's different than Google Chat. Like, they've just like constantly been rebranding stuff and Skype announced, like a meeting thing. I think maybe what's beneficial to you, Charles, as you guys already had everything, right. It's like you're not scrambling, right. It's just like, let's launch it and get it in front of people, right?

Charles - Klaxoon  8:27  

Well, totally, I think people are realizing they might have tested it, they might have used it a couple of times, and they're in searching for something that really creates engagement, interactivity, and that's a classroom setting, but that's also in the office. Everything that we do now, we should not try to plug in what we were doing before, right. We should rethink those rituals and those, that process. So when we talk about a classroom setting, I mean, how do we flip the script and how does a teacher all of a sudden, not just just become someone who is presenting that lesson that they've been presenting for 20 years, and creates a moment of engagement with the students gets the students to collaborate on projects, gets their opinion and their feedback on the program or on the lesson that's been going on. I think it's a great way to create engagement, there's a potential for a great way for engagement and for everyone to be involved in a way that they were never before. But there's also a huge issue with this, which is not every everyone has the opportunity to do it, because they might not have a good internet connection, they might not have a great computer. So there's a lot of kids right now that may, you know, maybe have to share a computer with two or three brothers and sisters so they can anything that we're trying to do. We really have to think about a to z, the whole process and the whole ritual that we're putting into place and think about the people who are using it, I think it's a great way to get more interactivity and more collaboration. But we have to think about the people the tools and where they are.

Justin  10:09  

Yeah, you just created a perfect segue for me. So I just went ahead and move this next up. This was something that I saw on Twitter the other night. I don't know if you saw this, but basically it says, we just wrote a heart email. I told our son's lovely, kind and caring teacher that no we will not be participating in her virtual classroom, and that he was done with the first grade. We cannot cope with this insanity, survival and protecting his well being comes first. And I the threads are very long threads. Like I encourage you to even look at it after the fact I've pulled up in my Chrome browser in case we need it. But I thought it was very interesting couple things here, one that he said he was done with the first grade. I've really noticed this like trend of these very apocalyptic, permanent sounding statements that have kind of been sweeping the internet lately, and this one was scary for me. It's very interesting to hear what you just said about what We have to think of the people. And this isn't just like easy for everybody to transition into. And you see this mom here, you know, the thread basically talks about my husband and I work full time. You know, I have like three businesses going on, like the I school was, in some aspects like a babysitter. And I, you know, my best friend is a single father. He's got two kids, and he's just pulling his hair out now, because he doesn't have a single moment away from them now like to even breathe. I don't know, Charles, Do you have kids?

Charles - Klaxoon  11:29  

I do. And I totally can relate to this. In a way.

I think we talked about going full remote. And I don't think it's the setting and it's at all normal, right? Especially when the kids can't go to school anymore. Because if you've got parents and you've got the kids at home, and they're not old enough to take care of themselves, and you don't want to attach them to an iPad, what do you do, right? And a lot of people you know, this story has caused, I think a lot of headaches for parents and parents with young children, but also the ability for not for your children not to be left behind. Because, again, well, you know, if you don't have a caregiver, if you don't have the right situation, well, the same kids might be not having the opportunities to learn in this situation. And the same parents might have a lot of pressure, you know, we're really lucky. We're all knowledge workers. We can sit in our home office and have cool webcams and still get work done. But some people have to go out the door and are running around and how do they do that? How do they take care of their kids? At the same time, as you know, going out to work and stuff? So this is a major challenge, and I don't think we're living a moment that's that's really remote work. It's something else.

Justin  12:54  

Yeah, definitely. Hunter. What do you think?

Hunter  12:57  

Yeah, what you just said, Charles. I was Talking with Heba from from soapbox. And she's she was saying the same thing last night. What we're going through right now, isn't it's not the remote work revolution. This is a it's a pandemic. I mean, it's revolutionizing literally every everything you do and daily life, even in remote work, you're allowed to go outside your kids aren't necessarily at home with you. And so I see this the shift in the in the conversation between Wow, remote works amazing. So remote work actually has a lot of flaws, but like you just hit the nail on the head. I just think that this is one of the downsides of a pandemic, not necessarily remote work. And I think people are starting to confuse the two and I just, I like the people like Kiba are making the distinct difference between them. But as far as this comment in particular, I think it's kind of interesting that someone just decides what will my kids done with first grade? It's like, I feel like you have to hit certain requirements for that. But at the same time, it's like I get it.

Justin  13:59  

Yeah, it's Interesting that instead of like, we're going to put a pause on school or we're going to be present but maybe not as active The solution was like, you know, screw it like we're just not even going to do school anymore The solution is to just remove the problem completely.

Jordan  14:15  

I'm really interested in this content for the first time Justin you said the reason they pulled the kid out is because they're too busy.

Justin  14:21  

Yeah, it was basically like the stress on the family was just too much for like the well being of the child to be in an environment in which like, the parents are worn down. They can't possibly like even have time to cook and like it was just she basically was saying like, it's so insane right now, the last thing we need to do is give our kids some very poor schooling job because we can't appropriately you know, put enough time and management and energy into this. The easiest solution is just not even try and do it.

Jordan  14:52  

I guess I'll be the guy that pushes back and says like, what's your alternative? So like the kids just gonna sit around now and do nothing all day, right? Because they're They're busy working. I feel like virtual school still gives the kids something to do and keeps them up there attention occupied.

Justin  15:08  

I think it has to do with what Charles said, which is like, it's it's more about the execution and not necessarily, like, you can't just like slap zoom meetings on standard schooling. That's just like, not the environment that kid is used to. It's not the environment that teachers used to. And so you know, I mean, that translates to real life workplace. Yeah, sure. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah, that's totally true. So yeah, like Jordan. I think your points valid. I think maybe the problem is that there wasn't a mindset shift of how do we transition from in person schooling to virtual schooling? I think they just like didn't change anything and sponsibility is on the parents instead.

Jordan  15:47  

Yeah, I'm have to go back and read this tweet later. I'm super interested in this, but we can go to the next we've spent a lot of time on it. Alright, cool. Let's see. What do we got?

Justin  15:55  

Oh, yeah, this one's just fun. I had this is just a fun sweet, so trying to make a list. Of all the tech things that are suddenly hard to buy. So far I've got webcams Nintendo switches, Facebook portals, fitness trackers, what am I missing is David Pierce that's wrote this I had a very hard time I sold my nintendo switch to my friend in India because they're possible to get there. And when I came back a pandemic had hit and I didn't have a switch so I was going to rebuy one while I was here, and there were sold out. So I had to like scramble to buy them but they're like flipping for 500 bucks on eBay right now. similarily we decided we're going to do this whole stream and nobody had nice webcams. So like I just like scrounging the internet and Best Buy's to try and buy webcams. Charles, have you had anything that you've needed to buy that you can't get ahold of?

Charles - Klaxoon  16:40  

Guys, you guys have so many high class problems, man, I'm just trying to get food, you know?

Unknown Speaker  16:48  

You know, I haven't really thought about buying anything. To be honest with you. I've been more about thinking about local community and local stores. And restaurants, local producers you know product makers, whatever they might be and and you know trying to you know consciously say hey, I want to buy local produce stuff right? And that's where my head is at.

Charles - Klaxoon  17:19  


I think yeah I have heard that people have you know a lot like webcams and a lot of things like that have been have been out of stock. Interesting stat I heard was that at Walmart, they were selling a lot of tops but not a lot of bottoms. In the clothing side, so clearly buying habits have changed

Justin  17:41  

Because they're always in you from your shirt up on a webcam. You don't even have to wear pants. Is that the is that the take?

Charles - Klaxoon  17:47  


Justin  17:48  

That's awesome. And Jordan, you sent us a text about this about buying gift cards for our like local coffee shop?

Jordan  17:55  

Yeah, I mean, I think this is kind of goes back to like what hunter and I joked about sometimes like oh, My God tech people have such a different problem. So for in the context of this tweet tweet The one thing I would add is probably microphones I was a target yesterday, I literally saw only they had one microphone in stock. All the others are sold out. But yeah, I mean, in General Charles, I think I tend to agree with you. I think it's really important now more than ever, that I continue to support those local businesses, local people that like you know, you love and kind of believe in, like, something that we're doing is we're going to get some gift cards from one of our local coffee shops that we all three love. So it's just like a small thing that we can do.

Justin  18:32  

Hunter would typically say that's the richest thing I've heard. Right? If this is the worst problem we have in a pandemic, that I can hide a webcam. I think we're probably in Good, good, good. Good shoes, but I mean, I think it's interesting that like Facebook portals, were people buying those before. Like, I did think that Facebook portals were something that people were very concerned. Yeah, but like, now they're hard to buy. I just find that so interesting.

Jordan  18:59  

I don't know any With one

Justin  19:00  

yeah, neither do I. Maybe they're hard to buy because they stop manufacturing them.

Jordan  19:07  

That's amazing. Hunter your thoughts

Hunter  19:11  

Oh, my thoughts. Well before I go too far I also I want to point out something that I bought recently, Charles, you'll appreciate this. I I got it myself a new plant, so it's a little bit more cozy for the room. I really think it sets the room off. And today I hit the trifecta at BJs. So you want some hard things to buy. I was able to find sanitation wipes, toilet paper and napkins all on the same run. So if you want to talk about really, really hard things to buy, I think I hit the trifecta today. Well,

Jordan  19:43  

Jokes aside, I just I actually just got these blue light to these these blue light glasses. These have been hard to come by too

Hunter  19:51  

times are times are good, huh? All right,

Jordan  19:54  

man, you're about to start a side hustle. It sounds like they're Hunter.

Justin  19:57  

Yeah, alright, let's let's move on.

What do we got is our next one. Microsoft Teams posting some unbelievable numbers. Microsoft Teams breaks Daily Record with 2.7 billion meeting minutes, tops mid March high by 200%. Charles, have you guys seen any ridiculous numbers that come into your, you know, metrics? Or are you even tracking stuff like this? Because I find it interesting that like, the CEO of slack was saying, Oh, we've seen so much traffic that we started to record down to the millisecond on how many active users and I'm like, God, I wish that was a problem. I had to deal with

Charles - Klaxoon  20:37  

Yeah. So we have customers in 120 countries, and usage is up everywhere. And that's what I was saying before about the worldwide thing. Everyone is doing virtual meetings, virtual workshops. So depending on the country, the usage is plus 45678, you know, times the normal in terms of people coming in. It's 10s of thousands of teams being on boarded on a weekly basis, so no surprise on that front. You know, we actually have a an integration with Microsoft Teams. A partnership with them for over a year now. And yeah, on that front as well. We're seeing a lot of teams click soon usage together. That that, that this has brought. I think also what is super interesting with this in this number and actually know Chris O'Brien so Hi, Chris. The Ingress the usage of low hat, I think is up 1,000%. Over the last couple of weeks for them. Do you guys know what country and there's two countries that are tops in terms of doing meetings with the video on

Take a guess what you're

Justin  22:02  

Uh, I'm gonna, I'm gonna say India for video on because I always have to have my offshore team for their video off. Cuz I'm like, Dude, come on, like no one needs to see the bottom of your chin right now. So my guess is India, what do you got?

Charles - Klaxoon  22:14  

All right, anybody else with a guess?

Hunter  22:16  

A top video would have to be some buddy. It's got to be either Asian or Latin American. So I'm going to say Japan.

Jordan  22:27  

Ah, that's what I was gonna say. Can we double up?

Justin  22:30  

We got two votes for one for India. What is it? All right,

Charles - Klaxoon  22:33  

gentlemen. So number one, Norway and Holland 60% of the time they have a video on India is last way Japan is not in the top. I think they're in the 30 like 36 37% do you want to guess the US number?

Justin  22:59  

Oh man,

Hunter  23:00  

that's got to be the bottom.

Justin  23:01  

I think it's Yeah, towards the bottom. That's my guess. Yeah,

Charles - Klaxoon  23:05  

Throw out a number guys. be adventurous.

Justin  23:07  

So like a numbered rank. So like, out of out of countries,

Charles - Klaxoon  23:11  

What percentage of the time Americans turn on the

Justin  23:15  

10 percent

Jordan  23:17  

I'm going 13

Justin  23:18  

that's so specific. Okay,

Hunter  23:20  

going 22%

Justin  23:21  

It's a lot higher. All right.

Charles - Klaxoon  23:23  

Yeah. So um, India's 22% and a lot of has to do with you know, internet internet quality and stuff. Because when you're doing all this video conference stuff, that makes sense, you really need bandwidth, right? So countries like South Africa and India are going to be automatically lower. Norway Holland 60%. USA is 38% which is totally not in the terms but it's an A surprising thing because I thought initially that would it would be higher then that and that leads to in a klaxon. We do a lot of research about the future of work about money. meetings collaboration, digital transformation, and really did a deep dive into what meetings look like. So in America, we have 55 million meetings a day, I think that has probably been multiplied with, with what's happened with the full remote. And there were some reasons why people were not putting the cameras on. And there were big differences. And having done a lot of studies on this, men and women normally are pretty much the same. And on turning on the camera was actually one of the times that I found men and women did not answer the same. There was the preference. Men didn't mind having the camera on, right. But women had an issue with it, and they preferred not to do it. And I think there's some social pressure as well in what we're saying, you know, if we're reading a lot about what you should do when you go remote, you know, fix yourself up, make sure you're not wearing your pajamas and stuff like that. But I think there's maybe more social pressure on women than men on this and that's why maybe we're seeing a lot of cameras not turned on. And it may be in countries like America,

Justin  25:09  

But I think that's why it's higher and like Sweden and Norway I feel like those people have just like perfect porcelain skin and they're always they always look I don't know that's my that's my weird like Hollywood version of what I assume it's like over there. Where did you even come up with that? I don't know, man. You know, too many movies. Too many movies.

Hunter  25:31  

That's Hollywood stereotype for sure we got next.

Justin  25:34  

Okay, you sit this hunter I think I only saw Ryan talk about it on Twitter. But you have more information than me.

Hunter  25:41  

Yeah, Charles. Did you did you see this mini office thing? On Product Hunt?

Charles - Klaxoon  25:47  

No, but I want to try one with what Tell me more about this.

Hunter  25:51  

It's fairly expensive, I think for what it is. But basically they deliver an office to you there's a couple different packages. It's

Justin  25:57  

Like a mini fridge.

Hunter  25:58  

It's just a glass box

Charles - Klaxoon  25:59  

Oh, so its inside

Hunter  26:01  

outside, they delivered to your backyard. No, they delivered to your yard.

Oh, I think we lost you Charles

Justin  26:12  

Charles came back. What were you saying Charles?

Hunter  26:13  


Charles - Klaxoon  26:15  

So this is your office ends up in your backyard like a shed or something?

Justin  26:19  

Yeah, except for it's the size of mini fridge, but we just glass on all sides like it looks.

Hunter  26:25  

Well that's one of the is that

thats the $9,000 option. Well

Justin  26:33  

there's a little bit of a mini fridge to put in my backyard that I could sit crunched over it.

Hunter  26:38  

Yeah, well, they have a financing. Thanks to I believe that was charged 50 a month? Yeah. So it's like $450 a month. You can finance it through them. They had different packages, but I believe it comes fully furnished. So I thought it was interesting that of all times people like them are starting to launch and people just want to get out of their house. I think

Jordan  26:58  

so Charles, would you say that Where'd

you get furnished options?

Justin  27:05  

That's what Hunter was saying that I guess it comes first. I don't know how much you could possibly fit in this tiny little box. But I don't know, Charles, would you sit in your backyard in a small box?

Charles - Klaxoon  27:15  

You know, I think one of the things is it all depends on your setup. You know, I think many people did not think of a remote setting, remote work setting before, right. You know, it's like, oh, yeah, I do it on Fridays, or I do it once in a while. So I don't really think about it. And I think we've been forced to say, Hey, we're nine to five or nine to whatever work in somewhere. We really need a dedicated space where you know, I can get locked away. I have a space where I can do deep work and focus on things and be creative. So I think you know, a mini office in your backyard. Sounds like a great place where you can you know, get away think about projects build upon them. If you don't have that space in your house if you don't have a home office and worst case scenario you started with a couple of years maybe? I don't know.

Justin  28:03  

I don't know hundred thought you were working out of a lifeguard stand. So there's, there's always

Hunter  28:06  

a better way to do that. I gotta get some of those. I'm not using a whole lot of art on my walls. That's kind of why I was thinking about having these arches or something. But I would totally actually buy one of these $450 a month it beats most co working spaces. Although Emilio just made a cool statement today, he was saying how the Naira for $9 a month you get unlimited coffee, but obviously you get the Wi Fi and the accessibility of having like the desk at Panera every single day so but anyway, I think this is pretty cool that this is even a thing right now because I would never consider it up until maybe two weeks ago.

Justin  28:43  

Awesome. Awesome. All right. Well, I saw one thing I think Ryan said he he'd be okay with doing it because it's all natural sunlight. And I think that that's something that's interesting. You know, I've got a window right here. Thankfully, we have that open most of the time. You know, I usually turn my light off, to be honest. And I do think natural sunlight is something that us people that maybe always worked from home, kind of already optimized for that idea of like getting outside taking a little walk for a little bit, getting some natural sunlight in. And I think maybe not everybody else that is new to this has ever really experienced that. Oh, look, you turn your lights on now. But yeah, I mean, I think it's interesting this concept of like, if you've been at home and you're not used to it, yeah, maybe you do want to go sit in a refrigerator in the backyard because you at least get to kind of experience the outdoors. All right. I think we're I think we're at our last one here.

Let's see.

Okay, so this is my tweet only because we couldn't find another tweet that referenced it. That was good. But I got an email right before we went out here that Airbnb had launched online vacations. And it's just like the photo is just like an image. I think, I wonder if I have I think I can just throw the The photo up here, but it's just like a photo of like a zoom call essentially. And, you know, you think about all these industries that maybe were at risk, and I did not expect them to do that. That was definitely not what I thought that they would pull off is like zoom call vacations. Charles, did you see that? The email came in like right before we went online, so I'm not sure if he even saw it yet.

Charles - Klaxoon  30:25  

You know, I've I think one of the things that's happened is people are being super creative. And we forget that people, a lot of people have their vacations canceled and and it's already a bummer being inside all the time. But even a bigger bummer if you your vacations been canceled. So I've actually heard people you know, pretending to go abroad and they they're they're doing like meals or they're looking at movies from a certain region and things like that. So I think I think the creative aspect of people and this time is just pretty Amazing. So I'm not surprised that you can virtually travel and some of the things that are really cool is the museums and that you could visit virtually and things like that so we can get away with it even more.

Justin  31:12  

Would you go visit a goat over? I think that's a sheep probably over zoom. Is that something that you would do? No, no,

Jordan  31:30  

no, but I wouldn't but you know, what this makes me think of is a popular Animal Crossing this right now. I've seen a bunch of stuff online. Yeah, I keep going on like it. And that's really fascinated me right now. I think it kind of falls into the same thing. But no, I wouldn't go pet a virtual go.

Justin  31:46  

I think Animal Crossing is a great parallel because my wife and I have been playing that and I play it very infrequently. So I'm massively far behind. But I do it because it is kind of this weird escape to like a different world where like, I can be outside and pick fruit. Have a tree and like, do these things that I can't do in real life? I don't know, I always thought VR was going to be the thing that solved this, like the ability to visit a virtual location. I definitely didn't think I'd be going to like a farm on zoom, or I am actually interested Hunter, do you know if they're like, is this zoom? Or did they like build videoconferencing overnight?

Hunter  32:21  

I think they've built video conferencing. But I just also want to read some other other things that they put out so that you can join Tango classes, tarot card readings, forum visits, and more, all while meeting new people. So I guess this is like a group activity. So I don't know if I would ever do anything like this. But I think I agree with Charles, I think this is the coolest thing ever, that these huge companies that haven't come out and new things, you know, relatively recently, are now all of a sudden exploding with creativity. I think it's pretty awesome.

Justin  32:50  

Yeah, that's a cool comment there, Charles that don't don't look at the lunar cracy of it. Look at the ingenuity of it. It's neat to see a company that all of a sudden had to figure You're out the bottom line. And some guy was like, Dude, why don't we do like group Tango classes online and make this about experiences you can share virtually I don't know. That's That's some good insight. I I'm glad we had you on today because it's cool to hear from somebody else that's kind of an expert in the industry. You know, we gave you an upgrade to your title before we got on this call, but you're clearly

you know, very wise beyond your years. It's been good chatting with you. I don't know Charles, you have anything to sign off with? Any promo codes for clack soon or anything our audience should hear?

Charles - Klaxoon  33:35  

Yeah, I would. I would recommend anyone who's feeling challenged here going remote and finding you know, virtual meetings or workshops and collaboration in general. Difficult right now. To check out klaxon. Go to classroom Comm. Check out our free trial, and there'll be experts on the team ready to assist and guide you in this difficult time.

Justin  33:58  

Awesome. Well appreciate you joining man, I'm gonna have our audio track. Sing us out and I will talk to you on the other side man.

Jordan  34:07  

Yeah. Thanks, man. Appreciate that.

Charles - Klaxoon  34:10  


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