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Bidets & Zoom & Things, oh my!

Zoom's real competitive adv., Things that don't matter anymore, Getting stuck on purpose, Paycheck Protection Program, Bidet and WFH correlation.


Justin  0:05  
All right, and welcome all four of you that are tuning in for Episode Three of remote voices. Yeah, if you guys are watching on the live stream, super appreciate it. Otherwise, if you're watching on the replay, which it does look like we have a good amount of people that end up watching it later. Thanks for tuning in. We try to go live around 3pm, Eastern on Fridays, kind of a time where we have a little lull in our day. And we can just hash it out among founders and bring on some guests once in a while and talk about kind of current events and remote work. So we've got some topics we're going to talk about today who I'm like, wait, we gotta we gotta back this baby up.

Hunter  0:38  
Wait, give me all the way back before you get into that. Before we get into that just I just want to point out real quick. I got a plant for you guys, right over there. It's my living room, but it made a special guest appearance. So.

Justin  0:51  
Is that a live plant or is it a fake plant?

Hunter  0:53  
Oh, no, it's it's, It's fake. All my life plans have actually died. So

Justin  0:57  
yeah, we know the alpha souls just like Lots of dead plants hanging ont he walls.

Jordan  1:04  
That's a real one. Oh,

Justin  1:06  
see Jordan can nurse a living thing? Hunter, you should work on that.

Hunter  1:11  
ooooooh. Okay.

I'll give my kids to you then.

Justin  1:14  
That's right. Jordan gets all the children. That's that's how this

Jordan  1:17  
Anyway, so let's get into we actually know first topic.

Justin  1:20  
Yes, first topic. So we're just talking about zoom. So sanity check me zooms only real competitive advantage is the video audio generally works and drops less than competitors. And two people have the app installed. There's some really good comments in this thread. And I think the one that got pointed out the most was, people don't have the app installed. But they don't have to join like that. The power of zoom is that you don't have to be a zoom member. You can just like type in your name and boom, you're in a zoom call. Yeah, floors, open hunter thoughts.

Hunter  1:52  
All right. I think the big push right now is for platforms to play well with others. I think you see a lot of slack doing that right now they're they're opening it up to Microsoft Teams for their voice for their calling stuff. And to zoom, you look at Tick tock, their sharing mechanism is super easy. Anybody that has the link can view it. And I think zoom is doing the same thing. Obviously, zoom has been doing a longer time, I just think that this trend in technology is pretty cool. And even fortnight even on the consumer side, you know, anybody that has a platform to play games on, whether it's a computer or a system, you can hop in and play with your friends on even on your phone, which is crazy. So the key is the overall trend is to do that way. Yeah, for sure. I like it.

Justin  2:36  
Yeah, I think I think that's important. Jordan thoughts.

Hunter  2:39  
Yeah, I agree. And I think what makes it really nice is that like anybody can hop in without having a zoom account. I wanted to, for example, actually my brother, he's got to do some interviews for school and he's using my zoom link right now, but he doesn't have his own zoom account or anything like that. Like he just has the link and he can just hop in and it works. So I think that's why it's like dominated right now. Just it just works and all you need is the link. Actually I did an interview with your brother yesterday. Yeah, he was telling me it's so funny. So like now that like, the schools have gone remote to, he's been forced to like kind of like distance learner, like they're forcing their students to kind of do things, you know, at home and on the go. So it's really interesting to see him like, kind of pick up on zoom and like, do these remote interviews and stuff.

Justin  3:20  
Yeah, you know, one of my tenants was texting me today actually about like, loan forgive or, like, rent forgiveness, cuz he runs a like a Taekwondo studio. And I mean, obviously, that's the most like physical thing in the entire world. So they've been shut down. So he has no income coming in. And so I was like, hey, well, I can help you do some virtual stuff. He's like, dude, I'm already trying. He's like, I got zoom set up. And I was like, Oh, dude, I can like automate your scheduling for you. I'm like, gonna get him set up on Saturday I Dynamic Links, like all the scheduling that we do now for like a Taekwondo studio. And I asked him to like, Where did you get stuck? And I'm assuming it's like, oh, well, I couldn't figure out how to run like multiple classes with the same link like, I feel It was some scheduling thing. And he's like, Oh, well, I need an external microphone, which I don't have because he has a laptop, he obviously has to stand far back away from it. So the mic probably doesn't pick him up. And he's like, it doesn't detect my webcam. And I can't figure out how to like, get it to, like, detect any hardware on my computer. And I'm like, Oh, jeez, like you're running into a completely different subset of problems that like, I can't help you. I'd have to go physically to your house to try and figure that out. And I think it's interesting, because, you know, we don't have the slide up for this today. But there was a couple tweets just talking about how zoom is an enterprise piece of software that just like suddenly became a consumer product, and it like, either wasn't ready or it's just interesting how that changes. But, you know, I've seen everybody struggle as a host to figure out soon, but I do think that if we look at this tweet, and we're talking about the competitive advantage on the recipient side, I do think that those are huge advantages, like it typically works better than most conferencing, you know, software's and For the people who are joining it the viewers It is very frictionless. However, I do think on the host side, there's there's a good amount of friction. You know, Jordan, you've logged into their dashboard. That's like retrieve recording. Yeah. Like it's it's a nightmare on the inside. Yep.

Jordan  5:16  
Yeah. 100% what's interesting, though, is that like, compared to others that I've used before, like, zoom socks, but it's like the best of the psyche fitness, if that makes sense. It's like, picking like, from the top of the trash. Like, it's just like the best thing that you have. So yeah, it's really weird that it's still not great, but it's just kind of like the the fact that now.

Justin  5:36  
So, show of hands, vote, whatever you want to do. Do you think that according to Jordan, it's the it's the shittiest of already shooting software, or it's the best I guess, the best have already shitty software, which doesn't actually make it very good. It just means it's like mediocre Li better than horrible. Is there an opportunity for someone to actually swoop in and build a better conferencing or because they're so big because of it? Do ng and the you know what they've earned in the last like three weeks just in terms of user base. Do you think it's impossible for anybody to eclipse them?

Jordan  6:10  
Well what's really interesting I'm sure you guys saw that I think I even mentioned to messenger launch their competitor to Yeah, so I'm really curious to see what that looks like in that what ends up happening there.

Justin  6:24  
Especially for the that has all the opposite of the frictionless stuff though, everyone would have to Facebook account I'm assuming they would have to be like Facebook friends. So this probably works at some level but like I don't want to be at least in high school like friends with my teacher on Facebook.

Jordan  6:40  
Well, so what what I think is a more of a concern about form will be better so like, I think like my grandma, for example, right? Her trying to set up a zoom with family and friends is just a nightmare. But if you can do that, just on Facebook and just click a button and boom, it works. You know, I see a lot of magic there but for people like us who are doing business Yeah, I don't think it'll be great. But who knows? I could be totally wrong.

Justin  7:04  
Hunter thoughts?

Hunter  7:05  
Yeah. And, and slack is already basically positioned themselves to just be working directly with zoom. I believe when they IPO to very soon afterwards, they had that in Time Square. They had billboards. I think actually, maybe you guys were with me the Time Square billboards were Louis slack zoom. So they've already positioned themselves and I see slack is, I think within the last week, their usage has gone down. But slack and Microsoft Teams, I wholeheartedly believe in the future of at least the, like the text based collaboration. And if that's going to be true, I think that zoom, or Microsoft Teams are going to be leading the charge. I just, I think that it's gonna be impossible for people like hangouts to stay around for too much longer. If these integrations are in place.

Justin  7:47  
I find it really interesting that slack integrated with Microsoft Teams like this week, I at Yeah, you know, I got off that call today. And I told you guys that that investor had said that he had talked to slack and slack knew about us and was talking about us, but they viewed us as a competitor. So they weren't really paying attention because they thought that we were kind of positioning ourselves as an alternative to slack. But I definitely view Microsoft Teams as an alternative to slack like I, I can't imagine, both internally. So I find it really interesting that they're kind of like sleeping with the devil in that scenario, it definitely seems like they've invited a competitor to definitely partner with them. And I don't understand. I don't understand the allure. Like if you've already got teams set up, and now you can integrate it with slack at some point when you just end up dropping slack all together.

Hunter  8:41  
Well, there's teams like CBS that actually use both use slack and Microsoft.

Justin  8:47  
Yeah, but that's like a skunkworks operation. Right?

Hunter  8:50  
Well, it's not though that's the thing I thought it was. But at the same time, I was talking to Twitter at one point they tried out the Facebook's Facebook's version was the Facebook team spaces. workplaces are today's workplace. So they were trying works workplace and slack at the same time and things were getting lost. So a lot of people, a lot of a lot of enterprises are trying to different workplaces right now. And it's just not working. So well. I talked

Justin  9:16  
to buffer, they did threads plus Slack, which I also found really interesting because I definitely thought that threads would have been considered an alternative to slack and not something you would pair with it. And when I talked to him about it, he seemed to say like, No, we, as a team have like an SLP, where we know like, okay, that goes in slack or this belongs in threads, and they don't duplicate content. But the team knows, like, Oh, this is something that needs to be like permanently documented and asynchronously stored. So we put it in threads. I, I would think that that would be very confusing, like where do I type this thing up? But I guess some teams have figured it out.

Hunter  9:51  
Dude, I when I went through, I talked to some people, they have every single use case and the company has a different platform that you want to talk to To a product manager, it's through iMessage. If you want to have a company broadcast, you do it through email, you want to send something with to your engineer, you do it through slack. It's like every there's like so by the time we got done, he's like, Yeah, well, we just tried to use slack most as like, you realize you're using eight different tools every single day. He's like, Well, yeah, sometimes we use Twitter dm, but that's like more for social. I'm like, this is insane. So to me, it's just like, there's so many different use cases, somebody I mean, I don't know if it's gonna be slack or zoom, but somebody is gonna have to start consolidating. Because even though

Justin  10:32  
Yeah, that's your point why integrations are the key, right? Like these things playing with each other. Because it's clear that people are using multiple, having the ability to play with each other is key. I mean, I think that's why we've stuck on slack for so long as the integrations are bomb. Just you know, you saw the other day that I threw that little trick together, we can, like, generate public URLs for our yaks. And the first thing I thought was like, I'm just going to have it dumped into a Slack channel so that way you could get notifications there and you know, now I can change Share, you know your backlinks publicly all because slack and Zapier and Bitly, and all these other things had integrations and you're right that that totally makes the difference when you're choosing tools is can they play nice together?

Jordan  11:13  
Yeah, you know, it's really interesting. When I saw Spock was doing that, I think that's stupid quote. It's like keep keep your friends close and your enemies closer. It's like they're I think they're like keeping tabs on teams and knowing the slack guys are all really smart. Like there's probably something bigger happening there that like we just don't know about. Yeah, but I think it's a good move.

Justin  11:33  
Yeah, I mean, teams just on boarded, like just a crap ton of users was like 10 million or something in the matter of weeks. And I think a lot of it was education. And I feel like slack doesn't have the education pool that teams does because of office 365. Just like being in schools, and slack doesn't have that same kind of, you know, stake in the ground. So do you feel like there's probably a good play there on the education front, it's like wow, they just literally on board. Did a complete segment of users that we don't have access to? Let's you know get access to them by providing slack and Microsoft Teams as a, you know, joint venture but alright, let's move on to the next one. So this one kind of non tech, I think, but you know, things that don't matter right now, Andrew just tweeted this out like just a little bit ago. clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry cars. So what's the new status symbol during this kind of Apocalypse moment? And I know like Hunter, you just bought some some Yeezys. And Jordan, you and I talk about this stuff all the time. And I was literally just thinking about this because I gave two pairs of shoes to this neighbor kid who's in 10th grade. And I had this funny moment where I realized that he was homeschooled, and realize that like, there's not, he doesn't have like a social arena to like, wear these shoes, and that would be impressive. And they were I gave him a pair of Yeezys, the sesame's that I had, and I was thinking like, Oh, he's a huge shoe guy, like he's a sneaker head and he collects a lot of like Air Jordans. Then I thought okay, well that makes sense because he's going to a basketball game that he plays on a public school basketball team. They're going to see a shoes there but he can't wear like casual shoes there because it's not you know a video game you'd have to be wearing his basketball shoes. And then I like pulled it back even more and I was like, wow, even kids that are in school, don't have an opportunity to like show their shoes off or like fit in or worry about the status symbol of like what clothes they're wearing. I guess just your shirt right like, chest up is the only thing that's important now I guess.

Jordan  13:33  

Hunter  13:34  
I bought I wanted those. Sorry, there's a delay boys. I bought it because there's a there's a drop in price. I wanted them since the day they came out. I really enjoy shoes. I actually counted the other day. I have over 28 pairs of shoes. I need to get rid of something donate some. But I have a ridiculous amount of pair of shoes and the only easy's that I own. My favorite pair of shoes are fake easy's and so instead of boring Yours, your sesame's, I have my own now because the price dropped because all these sneaker heads are trying to make some money. But I agree the status symbol thing is really interesting to me. I've been thinking about it too.

Jordan  14:10  
Yeah, I think there's two things here that I really want to get into one, I think, and I saw it a lot in this thread, the new status symbol is like the sexy at home setup, right? So like, they're really good camera lighting, audio quality, stuff like that. But the other side of this tweet I'm really interested in is that I think once everybody can go back outside and be social, again, I think these things are just gonna skyrocket in price and be super valuable, right? Like, everybody everybody's gonna have on like their best outfit their first day back in the office, like there's Snickers. Everybody's going to be buying new cars or new whatever. So I don't know what it looks like. But I think there's some opportunity there to capitalize on a lot of that.

Justin  14:48  
I mean, I made the same comment similarly, about a week ago. I think that online shopping will slow down. And that in person, like big box stores are going to randomly become like a thing again, You know, we talked about depth of malls and death of big box stores, I think there's gonna be such a boon and people just desiring that like in person shopping experience after just like sitting and droning on Amazon for, you know, six weeks, they're going to want to go into a Best Buy, they're going to want to go into a Walmart for for once. And I think the same thing is gonna happen with these shoes, it's gonna be like, I had no opportunity to differentiate myself for three months or, you know, whatever this is, whatever the timeline looks like, now is my opportunity. I need to step up my game so that when I come back to school, when I come back to the office when I go back out to the mall, you know, I have something but I guess I think what you said is interesting about the office backgrounds, you know, just in terms of guests having a nice setup. I mean, we just put a plant in in hunters background, Hunter, what's the new status symbol for you? Is it plants?

Hunter  15:50  
Oh my gosh, one of our investors. He's got the craziest background. I literally I want to text him and ask him to take a photo. A little bit and then send it to me so I can make it my zoom background. But I actually don't know. I'm not really into status I mean, maybe I am and I just haven't really thought about it as I wear a polo shirt. But I like it for the colors. I actually go to the store I look at the colors I say Oh, I like that color. It's always a polo every time um I don't know I'm not really into status symbols at least in my head I'm not.

Justin  16:26  
I don't want to shop with you. I feel like you just be like, well, I only buy clothes that start with "A" somehow I've ended up with a lot of Armani jeans but you know,

Jordan  16:36  
it's okay, I paid $1000 for these jeans, but I don't know what happened.

Justin  16:42  
There's an alphabetical list or a

Okay, who found this one was this hunter? Did you find this one?

Hunter  16:52  
Oh, yeah. So it's a I found on Reddit people talking about being stuck on purpose. It's a few days old now but throw was interesting. But basically, it's just like people that are getting stuck in countries on purpose, what's the best place to be stuck, rather than running, returning home that decided to be supported somewhere else? One of the top comments, there was somebody who got stuck in the UK on purpose. Another one was that Taiwan was handling the corona virus better than the United States. So they decided that they were just gonna stay in Taiwan. And so I just wanted to hear what you what you guys think about that.

Justin  17:27  
I mean, I have my friends that are stuck in India right now. And the thing in India is that they gave everyone four hours notice before they did the lockdown, so they're in Airbnb, they can't get home, their flights were canceled and they're basically running out of food. And that's crazy to me. She was actually in Thailand, right before that, ironically, and said that the, like the healthcare system because actually they wiped out on a scooter and she like broke her femur, and yeah, not great. So she was in The hospital for a long time and she said the medical system in Thailand was amazing. And I guess I have a very ethnocentric view sometimes. And I'm like USA, you know, amazing healthcare system. And it's clear that like other countries have definitely got some stuff, right. And I was surprised to hear from her that Thailand had such an amazing healthcare system for her. So I can see Thailand being well, I don't know that the UK has like a much better health care situation than we do. I don't know. I would not want to be stuck anywhere besides my home, but I think that's mostly because that's a comfort thing. Like I feel comfortable in my bed. I wouldn't want to be in I don't know, a hotel or an Airbnb or something. I don't know. Jordan, what do you think?

Jordan  18:42  
I mean, I think it's largely subjective to who you know, and kind of your situation abroad. So actually, Hunter and I were alive last night and one of our friends that is currently stuck in Mexico, but I know he doesn't really have any family or friends in Mexico. He got stuck there for work and I know he's hated it right like he does it. Doesn't know anybody there so I think if you go abroad with like a plan II know somebody, I think that's great. But if you are trying to intentionally get stuck, or just get stuck and you don't know anybody, you know, I think it's just subjective on who you know there and kind of your setup.

Justin  19:15  
I mean, it's something I just a visa might actually expire. So

Hunter  19:19  
yeah, in the UK, the guy who was from the UK, he specifically said that his visa was like yet extended or something. And he didn't have a place to live in the United States. So it actually just was like, sort of convenient for him to just get stuck on purpose in the UK. So now he like a permanently but he's now he's temporarily living there instead of coming home, which is, and he says it's safer there right now, like the the cases are declining versus United States where they're increasing. So

It was just interesting, interesting. All right, next, we got

Justin  19:50  
Oh, all right, Jordan, you can just go ahead and kick this one off, because I feel like you have the most experience with it.

Jordan  19:55  
Yeah, so I'll read it for everybody who's just listening to the paycheck protection program for small Businesses a giant fireball clusterfuck so far. So that's cool Chase and Wells Fargo haven't made the application available. And Bank of America is declining applicants who don't have a credit card or have never taken a loan up with them. So as you guys know, I've been handling this mostly for us. And it's just insane to see how this has been kind of unpacked and unfolded, especially for businesses who really need it. You know, I know we've talked about a lot of people who are like, man, I don't know how I'm gonna survive over the next couple months. I don't know what we're gonna do. And a lot of these people have, you know, use some of the larger banks and the larger banks aren't really helping out here. Like Chase and Wells Fargo basically just said, Yep, we're not accepting people at this time. And people are like, so like, Can I get alone? Or like, what's kind of the status like what's going on? And they're just like, kind of in the dark. So yeah, I mean, even for me, me dealing with it for us. It's been crazy. Yeah, I don't know. What do you what do you guys think so basically, the issue here is a lot of startups use these bigger banks and these bigger banks. Banks are participating as needed. And everybody's kind of pissed about it.

Justin  21:04  
I mean it, it's always blown my mind the quality of banking software and government software. It's always bad. Like, it's terrible. I mean, we've been going through like just every tax portal, Jordan, you know, because we had to schedule it. We had to register all the stuff for new developer in California, a new designer in Mississippi, like tax portals are just like the worst thing ever made. So you already have like one of the worst industry standards for software. And then you combine that with what arguably is another horrible industry standard banking software. I remember when I was at PNC Bank for Jay Mitch back in the day for my consulting company. And every night at 3am. They would zero out your account, so it shows zero balance. So you know, I'm working late at night with our offshore team then and I would go like see how much money we had and I would log in it would just say zero dollars, and I would freak out and I'd contact them like oh my god, like Where'd my money go? Oh, we do maintenance it at 3am We just zero out the balance, you know, to have some downtime and like, cash it like store something locally. So it shows like the latest amount not zero, like, Good heavens, that's the most like jerking thing in the entire world to see zero balance in your business bank account. So yeah, I mean, this was like set up for disaster from the beginning, because you're combining horrible execution and horrible software on the government side with an already terrible, outdated system on the bank side. I think the thing that's most interesting to me, though, is more on the political side. But if this is supposed to be available for all, but the way they're delivering it is a bank. And the bank has the ability to deny or just say we're not participating, then it's not really available to everyone. So it's really weird why they would go to a private company who has the right to just not participate. If at a government level, they're supposed to be offering it to everybody.

Jordan  22:53  
Yeah, I don't understand it either. It's just so backwards.

Justin  23:18  
Are we back?

Hunter  23:21  
Yep, I can hear you.

Justin  23:24  
Looks like periscope is actually having problems.

Jordan  23:29  

Unknown Speaker  23:30  
Jordan, are you back yet? Yeah. I don't know why Periscope. Looks like it went down. So well we'll see what happens. We're recording locally. So we'll be able to put this up on YouTube later. But Jordan, what were you saying?

Unknown Speaker  23:44  
Yeah, to me it just so backwards that the businesses who need this the most it's the hardest for them to get this? Yeah. And it's just amazing and even people were tweeting about it last night the night before people could apply. It was still like up in the air still like, who can apply how you can apply So on and so forth. I don't know, I just see this as really backwards.

Justin  24:06  
Hunter opportunity. What do you think?

Hunter  24:10  
doesn't surprise me. I mean, government and financial institutions are notorious for being slow and incumbent. And so asking them to do anything within a six month time frame is almost impossible. I just imagined the DMV trying to get a webpage out within a week and yeah, yeah, that's good. I'm imagining is happening right now. So yep, that's all I think about it. All right. Oh, I got to present this one. So excited coming off my screen. So I did a little research right before this. And I was just very curious what the difference and comparing a bad day. So working from home and what do you know, look at that over the last 12 months. It's a perfect correlation. What do you Think.

Justin  25:01  
I mean, I ordered a bidet.

Hunter  25:04  
No, you did not!

Justin  25:06  
I did, I did!

Jordan  25:07  
You didn't know this?

Hunter  25:09  
Oh it's with you?! You're using it right now...

Justin  25:12  
It's right here, would you look at that!

Jordan  25:20  
Justin has his pants down has been sitting there.

Unknown Speaker  25:22  
I mean, you get a status symbol pants are not a status symbol anymore. That's Yeah, I mean, I want to hear from you guys because when I took you guys to India last year you got to experience the days for the first time. I'd already done it three four times. So I was a pro at blowing water up my hole I'm wondering what your guys thoughts are.

Jordan  25:44  
I have no

Unknown Speaker  25:46  
I mean, not surprised, especially considering like the shortage of toilet paper. I feel like this makes so much sense.

Justin  25:52  
It's a life hack man. If you don't if you don't have to worry about toilet paper, then you just get to chill during the toilet paper apocalypse.

Hunter  26:02  
That's it.

Jordan  26:03  
I mean, whatever...

Justin  26:05  
that's the quote.

Jordan  26:08  
Alright, and we're done.

Justin  26:10  
All right, Hunter will dive into this. What? Why do you Why were you even curious?

Hunter  26:17  
Uh, because I saw a lot because you talked about status symbols. I saw a lot of people talking about how they were buying bidets for the first time. And I tell you, I don't know what I'm searching for online, but I've been getting spammed with Facebook ads for days. And so I was just curious what, what the correlation was between people staying at home and the toilet paper shortage. And it really that was really it. So I'm just curious to see how this is gonna pan out because if the days so suddenly become a cultural phenomenon, then I'm, I'm on board.

Justin  26:47  
You're you're buying stock in? I don't know.

Unknown Speaker  26:50  
Wait, you're always in a company. You're only on board if it become a phenomenon. Like only if they like get the hell out like Yeezys have, listen, listen to me. Okay?

Hunter  27:00  
Isn't the last time I saw a bad day we were the Taj Mahal and it was spraying everywhere. So I'm hoping that we can

build our national parks so true.

Jordan  27:09  
I think I have a video of it on my phone.

Unknown Speaker  27:12  
I think what's interesting to me is we talked about this before technologies and businesses that will live or die by the end of the corona virus epidemic. And I think it would be so cool if the United States started to normalize the days because it's a more economically friendly, you have a lot less paper waste going around. It's amazing on your bum feels great. And in general is just like totally a, like a continental thing, right? Like you just don't see it here in North America. It's just not common, even though it's incredibly common overseas, Europe, Asia, tons of markets have been is it's just not here in the US. And I don't think in Canada either. So I'm gonna say North America as a whole, but it'll be so interesting if this just market explodes simply Because of a shortage caused by like stupid panic buying, which as far as I understand from the actual internet conspiracy theories of this all the panic buying actually started as like a joke on Reddit like someone started posting about it as like a funny thing and then people started to take it seriously. And then everyone started panic buying like there wasn't actually a shortage or any type of like fear around toilet paper. Someone caused it by making a joke online. So I'll be happy if a joke on Reddit led to the days being normalized in the US.

Hunter  28:31  
I hope I hope the days become normalized. I hope when you think about remote work, you think about the days maybe we should get some stickers made just for it.

Jordan  28:38  
I was what I was gonna say that's what we should send out our next flag is instead of doing an enterprise pro giveaway, we're just doing a branded a day giveaway.

Hunter  28:47  
Ooh, branded bidet

Justin  28:48  
on our logo. Just Just place each cheek on a yak logo. And that'll be the branded swag.

Jordan  28:57  
What I can't wait for this. Like I said when they're culturally irrelevant and people find like a supreme branded bidet.

Justin  29:04  
Oh, yes. Like a gold plated

Jordan  29:05  
One with a nike swoosh on it.

Justin  29:08  
Yeah, just do it. Just poo it right on the right on the bidet.

Unknown Speaker  29:14  
This was not the right slide in the live stream on like, why did I miss the last one? It's just like, man. Yeah, this is the last slide. And now we just like we just signed off on our remote Voices Podcast by just talking about poop and bidets for five minutes.

Hunter  29:30  
We'll talk about our guests next week. Speak.

Great transition

Justin  29:34  
Well, I'm gonna Okay, then I'm gonna I'm gonna take that slide off then. So who are we talking to you next week?

Hunter  29:39  
We're talking to Charles from klaxoon they are a meeting software company. So basically, anytime that you need to have a meeting and you need to have actually, I think you guys actually talk right?

Unknown Speaker  29:49  
We did. We talked to him to see yes, it was like brainstorming and like mind mapping and meeting software. One of the cool things I loved about their software was the problem with a meeting in general is that Typically it's driven by like one or two people. And the rest of the people are just silent and sit there doing nothing. And their software like encourages voting and involvement and like everybody to be involved all at once. So it'll be really cool to talk to him for sure.

Unknown Speaker  30:14  
Yeah, Charles is also a super brilliant guy in general. I don't know if you guys saw that blog he put out the other day, but there's some really good content in there too, as far as like remote and working from home depot. So yeah, I mean, super, super insightful guy, for sure.

Justin  30:28  
Cool. All right. Well, Hunter, I think you set that up. So I'm excited to talk to him next week. And until then, we are going to sign off

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