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Yac isn't just for professional networking, it works great with your team.

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Great for clients or departments. You can see them, they won't see each other

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Easily create a team at any time. It's a simple upgrade.


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Hassle Free Meetings
Send unlimited messages without worrying about sending links, checking calendars, or time zones.
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Search the entire history of voice messages between you and your colleagues in seconds.
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Add as many co-founders, investors, and colleagues as you'd like.
Team Admin Controls
Upgrade to Yac for Teams to unlock a full team admin portal with links & invites.
Unlimited Message Retention
Keep your messages for training, searching a client's previous request, or sharing an insight.
Slack & Zapier Integrations
Add searchable voice messages with transcription to Slack and automate Yac with Zapier.