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Segment your company with private teams

Keep clients, departments, or locations separated. Upgrade to Yac Pro today to unlock private teams

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Prevent clients from seeing each other

You may have just scored a sweet deal with a big client. Time to lock them down so your other clients don't get jealous!


Clients see you but not each other

Clients can provide lightning fast feedback without worrying about sending to the wrong "Doug"


Turn departments or teams into squads

Put all of your designers, developers, or marketers on a separate team so they don't have to see the rest of the company in their friend's list.

Hybrid Orgs

Section off by floors, locations, or departments

The entire San Fransico office probably doesn't need to talk to Copenhagen daily. Best to give the two cities their own private team.

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Hassle Free Meetings
Send unlimited messages without worrying about sending links, checking calendars, or time zones.
Searchable Audio Transcription
Search the entire history of voice messages between you and your colleagues in seconds.
Unlimited Connections
Add as many co-founders, investors, and colleagues as you'd like.
Team Admin Controls
Upgrade to Yac for Teams to unlock a full team admin portal with links & invites.
Unlimited Message Retention
Keep your messages for training, searching a client's previous request, or sharing an insight.
Slack & Zapier Integrations
Add searchable voice messages with transcription to Slack and automate Yac with Zapier.

Screenshare on the go

Respond to screen share messages with a video or photo of your own without pulling out a laptop.