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Your data is safe with Yac

We anonymize user records and don't store any passwords. All accounts are secured with OTP.

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Who has access to my data?

Access to customer data is limited to authorized personnel who require it for their job and on a need-to-know basis. All personnel who access customer data do so pursuant to written agreements with data protection obligations consistent with applicable law. 

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Where does Yac store my data?

All of our services and data are hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities (S3, RDS) in the United States and Vultr dedicated servers in the United States.

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Is my data secure?

Every service hosted on Yac’s servers is served over forced HTTPS only, with HTST enabled. 

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Can I opt out of Analytics?

All apps give your team the option to opt out of any analytics. This deletes all your data from any 3rd party services and prevents future tracking.

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Is my data private? 

All data sent to or from Yac is encrypted in transit using 256 bit encryption. Our APIs and application endpoints are TLS/SSl only. We only use strong cipher suites and have features such as HSTS enabled. We also encrypt data at rest using an industry-standard AES-256 encryption algorithm by making use of AWS’s RDS encryption. 

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How do accounts work?

Every account on Yac requires OTP codes (One-Time PIN) for login and sign up. This prevents account spoofing along with removing the need for us to ever store authentication credentials on our servers. Each Yac account is a personal account capable of existing on multiple teams along with personal 1:1 relationships.

Your teams are private

Each Yac user can add unlimited 1:1 friends along with managing their own team in a robust admin panel.

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How can I manage my account?

Each team on Yac has an admin panel at where you can add and remove team members, manage your billing, integrations, and your profile.

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What happens when I remove a team member from our team?

Removing a teammate from your Yac team will remove them from any default channels they were added to as well as unfriend them from any other users on the team. Their account will remain active but they will no longer have access to your team's messages. They will still be able to use the account with their own team or 1:1 Yac friends.

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How do discussions work?

Every Yac team gets a standups, general, and random discussion. Your teammates are automatically added to these discussions and you are free to rename them as needed. Discussions do not have roles or permissions so anyone in a discussion can freely add or remove members as needed.

Everyone you talk to during your day.

Not everyone you talk to during your work day, works for your company.

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Multi-team Communication

Divide your departments into teams. You can create siloed private groups in your team admin panel. Members on one team can yac with with each other, but cannot see members on other teams.

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One-to-One Communication

Each Yac user can have one-to-one chats with their team members in private chats. Every user also gets a unique profile url they can share out for 1:1 friending on Yac.

team communication


Use discussions for topic based communication. For example, create a #design-feedback discussion and send screenshares back and forth. You can join and leave discussions as needed and you can invite other members to join discussions with shareable links. You gain access to historical messages from that discussion when you added to it.

Need to read our legal docs?

We know the legal mumbo jumbo is for folks just like you. We've added links below just for you.

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