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What Our Customers Say

Dennis Mortensen

CEO and Founder of

Voice messaging on Yac has made our team incredibly productive. Less time spent typing, and more time spent on actual work. It’s a fantastic addition to our communication stack!

Charlie Taylor


Using Yac is kind of like calling over to a friend while you're working, but because it's asynchronous you don't have to bother them. It makes working remote a lot easier especially when your team is scattered around the country.

Collin Borns

Voice Punch

Yac has been a great tool for my partner and myself, as I've been working remote the last few months. Aside from us running our meetings way more efficiently, we've also enjoyed the connection through the actual audio messages themselves.

Mark Webster

Adobe, Director of Product (Voice UI/UX)

The power of voice chat, but without the interruption. It's helpful as we all explore new ways of working.

Save up to 23 hours per week from meetings

The average Yac message is 26 seconds, compared to the average founder meeting which is over 30 minutes!

You speak 7x faster than you type

Voice messages let you speak with your team at the speed of light while attaching a screen share.

You read 2x faster than you listen

Read employee messages like regular text messages or speed them up to 2x

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