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Yac's Voice For A Day Remote Challenge

Here are the rules:

  1. 🗣Voice Only - Voice messages, talk-to-text, calls, and video conferencing only
  2. 📵No text messages (Yes even Slack)


  1. 😎Communicating with clients
  2. 🔗Sharing Links
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The challenge is that team can only communicate through voice. No texting or messaging for 12 whole hours in the middle of the work week.


The amount of remote workers has increased by 115% since 2005 and is a huge opportunity for teams around the world. We’ve decided to give ourselves a fun challenge to test our hypothesis that remote workers would feel more connected to their peers if voice was used more frequently.


May 15, 5:15am - 5:15pm


Anyone who works remotely or with remote teams

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We’ll be updating in the next blog!