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Top 8 Slack Voice message tools

Analyzing Slack voice message options

Teams around the world are building products to make voice messaging in Slack a simple, seamless experience. Despite the lack of feature support from Slack, there are a handful of products that have hacked together useful Slack voice integrations.

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Today, we explore some of the tools workers are using to talk to their team members through Slack, and analyze their pros and cons.

Slack Voice message chart Yac 2020
Slack voice message landscape Yac 2020


Yac is a standalone voice messaging app built to improve the way teams communicate. Teams can share messages within the Yac app, or send them to Slack. 

Yac also offers transcriptions within the Yac app, enabling teams to share updates faster than ever. To learn more about Yac, click here.

Recording flow (8 steps)

Open Yac > Click teammate's message > Tap "share" > Tap "copy link" > Open slack > Select channel > Paste link > Hit enter

Yac asynchronous voice messaging
Yac voice messaging inbox


Link to recording in browser

Yac voice messaging share link
Yac share link




Loom is a voice and video messaging platform used by over 90,000 enterprises around the world. It’s the most well known product on our list, and a crowd favorite in the tech community.  

Screenshares, annotations, video, and voice only messages are all possible through Loom. Every Loom message is shared as a link that can be copied and pasted into any communication platform, including group texts, Slack channels, and emails.

Recording Flow (8 steps)

Open Loom > Click start recording > Wait for countdown and click stop > Click "copy link" > Open slack > Select channel > Paste link > Hit enter

Loom video and voice recording
Loom video and voice recording interface


Desktop: Link to player in browser + video preview with variable speed controls and player in message with emoji reactions

Mobile: Link to player in browser

Loom Slack Voice message desktop
Loom share link inside of Slack desktop
Loom Slack Voice message mobile
Loom share link inside of Slack mobile


  • Desktop experience
  • Variable control speeds and emoji reaction in native Slack app
  • File was named something searchable (such as the date and the method of recording)


  • Mobile experience is just a link to a loom video which took me outside of Slack
  • Unable to record just audio (needed video too)
  • The countdown timer to start recording




Recordify is an audio-only app for sharing voice messages in Slack. Unlike the other apps on this list, Recordify is a standalone mobile app. 

Recordify doesn’t offer video messaging or screen sharing, but it does offer a faster recording experience than all the applications listed above.

Recording flow (3 steps)

Open Recordify app > Select slack channel > Hold to record (Let go to send)

Recordify voice messaging Slack channels
Recordify voice messaging on mobile


MPEG4 file in slack labeled "Recordify voice message"

Recordify Slack voice messaging
Recordify voice message inside of Slack desktop


  • The least amount of steps to get a recording out (3)
  • Great design
  • Easy to use
  • It’s a standalone app


  • MPEG 4 file dropped in Slack with no speed controls or searchable title
  • Audio recording is the only option




VocalBird is a Chrome extension that lets anyone record audio messages on the go. The audio recordings are shared as links, but the audio files don’t include transcription.

VocalBird doesn’t currently offer video or screen share messaging either.

Recording Flow (8 steps)

Click chrome extension > Click start recording > Click stop recording > Click copy link > Open Slack > Select Slack channel > Paste link > Click enter button

Vocal bird voice messaging chrome extension
Vocal Bird voice messaging on mobile


Link to recording in browser with playback controls and a link back to the page recording happened on, can set to expire

VocalBird record and share voice messages from browser
VocalBird voice message link inside of Slack desktop


  • When you click the link there’s another link of where I was when I recorded which is nice for sharing documents
  • You can set messages to expire
  • This is the only tool that offers a Chrome extension


  • The open graph image/text purposefully taking away from the Slack experience (felt like breaking the 4th wall)
  • Constantly moving in and out of Slack




Standuply is a product for running asynchronous standup meetings in Slack. Their product is advertised as a “digital scrum master”, allowing teams to share updates on Slack via text, audio, or video messages.

Standuply automates the process of running team meetings by collecting survey feedback from team members in the form of audio, video, or text messages. Instead of spending 30 minutes on a call, Standuply helps team members stay up to date from within their Slack app.

Recording Flow (9 steps)

Open Slack app > Select channel > Type "/voice" > Click enter > Click private link to recorder > Click record in browser > Click to stop recording > Click to send > Close browser

Standuply voice message recording
Standuply voice messaging
Standuply video messaging
Standuply video messaging


Link to recording (unsupported by mobile & Safari)

Standuply voice message in Slack desktop
Standuply voice message inside of Slack desktop


  • Easy screenshare message option


  • Recording required putting in a slack command to a web panel
  • Closing browser after each recording
  • Not supported by mobile or Safari
standuply doesn'y support mobile devices
Standuply doesn't support mobile devices
Standuply browser issues
Standuply browser support issues (mobile)


Free up to 3 respondents

Talk-Talk Me

Talk-Talk is a voice messaging tool built for Slack. Over 5,000 teams already share their voice messages on Slack using Talk-Talk. 

While Talk-Talk is designed to work directly from your Slack app, it doesn’t allow for video messaging, transcriptions, or screenshares within messages.

Recording flow (9 steps)

Open Slack app > Select channel > Type "/vm" > Click enter > Click "record message" > Click to record > Click to stop > Click to send > Close browser

Talk-Talk Me voice messaging for Slack
Talk-Talk Me voice messaging app for Slack


mp3 file in Slack labeled "Voice message"

Talk-Talk Me voice message in Slack
Talk-Talk Me voice message in Slack desktop


  • A short ‘/vm’ command is all that’s necessary to create a recording


  • It’s annoying to need to close the browser after each message


$5/month per company


Recordfy is a Slack tool for sharing audio messages with team members. While Recordfy doesn’t allow for video messaging on Slack, it does allow users to share audio transcriptions as text files within Slack.

Over 2,000 Slack teams are using Recordfy.

Recording Flow (10 steps)

Open Slack app > Select channel > Type "/record" > Click enter > Click private link to recorder > Click record in browser > Click "Finish” to stop recording > Click to add text-to-speech > Click to "Send to Slack" > Close browser

Recordfy voice messaging for slack
Recordfy voice messaging for Slack mobile and desktop side by side


Waveform audio in slack labeled "Recordfy Audio" with a transcription in thread + transcription thread message sent to channel (3 messages in channel total - 2 in main channel (1 audio file, 1 text based message + 1 text based message in thread under the audio file)

Recordfy Slack voice messaging app
Recordfy voice message in Slack (desktop and mobile)


  • This was the only app other than Yac to offer transcription
  • Clever to put the transcription in thread under the audio file and also sent to channel


  • The number of steps it took to get an audio message out (10)


Audio: $1/user/month

Transcription: $0.10/minute


Sloice is a standalone app for recording and sharing audio messages. Sloice is only built for Android devices, and doesn’t offer video or transcription options.

Recording flow (5 steps)

Open Sloice app > Select channel tab > Select the channel > Tap record > Tap send


MPEG 4 file in Slack labeled as random number "15887995617383"

Sloice voice messaging for slack
Sloice voice message inside of Slack


  • Search did not work
  • Pulled in all people and all channels (even deleted ones)
  • Non searchable file name
  • Android only



Did I miss any? I love trying new tools!
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