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Introducing: Yac 3.0 🎉🚀

We’ve updated nearly every aspect of Yac in the last month and we are proud to finally get to announce it.

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Why the updates?

People spend over 90 hours a month in meetings, 30+ of those hours are unproductive. Some even FALL ASLEEP during them.

Meetings shouldn’t be a waste of time. They should be as fun as a party and as efficient as a space launch.

Check out how we’ve updated the apps to be more fun and more efficient below:

🌐 New Web App

Yac web app

If you have access to a browser and wifi (or Starlink) you now have access to Yac. No download necessary, no compromising on performance. Try it out and see for yourself -

🖥 New Desktop App

Yac checking for an update

Our new Desktop app has officially entered the Space Age. We completely rebuilt it to be faster and the buttons are laid out like a Tesla. When you update, make sure you have your socks tucked in or you’ll have em knocked off from the speed.

⚡️ Efficiency Boost

Speed of messages and transcriptions

We brushed our teeth in the shower, put on a week’s worth of socks, and slept on top of our bed comforter to get in the right state of mind. Efficiency means everything to us and we revamped the whole stack from the ground up - Transcriptions come in faster, messages send faster, and overall performance across all apps have kicked into lightspeed. Every. Second. Counts.

📱 New Mobile App

New Yac menu bar at the bottom and speed controls

Snapchat stole our idea and put in a navigation bar at the bottom too. It’s fine, we aren’t mad about it. But it happened and here we are and happy with it and hope you are too. We also added a “Play All” button that makes a long list of messages feel like a short crime podcast that you can speed up to 2x while making sandwiches. The best part is with the new iOS update, you’re able to multitask on your phone - listen to a Yac message, exit out of the app, and still have it play in the background. Yac me what you do while listening to Yacs

📝 Voice Memos

Yac voice memo

If you sing in the shower or talk to yourself as much as I do, we built a feature for that. Voice Memos is a cool 1 player feature we added that lets you talk to yourself and automatically gives you speech-to-text instantly. Sharing your shower thoughts and ideas to your teammates is as easy as forwarding an email or copying a link.

💯 Emoji Quick Replies

Adding emoji quick replies to a Yac

I was going to write about how you can easily respond to someone with a quick thumbs up or throw some confetti to celebrate that words don’t always show. But instead I think I’ll leave you with some emojis of how I’m feeling about this update 🎉🥳

💡 New Light Mode (Desktop)

Switching between Dark and Light mode

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. It’s lighter than dark mode and it’s awesome.

🥂 Easier Message Sharing

Sharing a message in Yac

A good cocktail party is one people can share with their friends! Messages now come in with transcripts immediately, you can copy the link to the message without waiting, and forward a message to a teammate while listening to the Yac

Let’s get this party started 🎉