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COVID-19 How We Can Help

The global community is going through some of the hardest times the world has ever seen. COVID-19 has torn through industries such as hospitality, education, and finance with more to come. Working from home has, seemingly overnight, turned from a perk to a necessity. We've been gearing up for our March 20th launch for so long... little did we know that it would be during the biggest remote work spike in history. We hope that this tool can help you during this time of transition. We’ve thought deeply about how we can do our part to help this situation that we have all found ourselves in.

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How we can help

Our mission is to help remote companies (and those who are going remote for the first time) be more productive, efficient, and more human in their day to day during this trying time. Today, we want to focus on the last part - making remote more human - more than talking about voice-first communication. The beauty of what we’ve built is it’s ability to replicate all the nuanced details an office environment has: the jokes, banter, and random side conversations for example. Things that make people feel human and part of their team. We not only want to, but feel it’s our obligation to help humans continue to connect with one another in a way that’s familiar. We have an opportunity to help the entire globe get through this crisis through education, resources, and our time. And we plan to do so.


In the next coming weeks we will be launching our ebook on working remote, curated from industry leaders in the remote space. These folks manage teams with thousands of employees all working remotely across the globe; safe to say that have nailed it down to a science. This will be made available for free on our website for anyone to download, share, and educate others on how to be effective while working remotely. In addition, we’ll also be loading up our blog with tips and ideas on how to make the transition to remote work much easier.


We have continued to push and build Yac to be the best available tool for remote teams across the globe for the past 16 months. The world needs a tool that works for all teams and we want to help by doing our part. Immediately, we’ll be implementing the following: 

  • Educators/students will have access to Yac for free. Forever.
  • Anyone who signed up before or during the pandemic will receive Yac Pro for free for 3 months


We’re all in the same boat and adjusting as this crisis hangs above our heads. That’s why we are committing our time to webinars, blogs, and podcasts to anyone who wants more information around remote work.


It’s important to remember that not everyone has access to the same resources at home and we can all do our part to alleviate the pain.

Stay home and be safe!