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Yac for Team Communication

Best practices for team communication on Yac

April 7, 2021
Jordan Walker


Yac for Internal Team Communication

Asynchronous communication done via Yac is a great way to reduce the number of meetings your team has internally. It's the most scalable way to have inclusive, efficient, and intimate conversations with your peers. As opposed to tools like Zoom, Yac allows you to have more time back in your day to work on the things that matter and multiple high fidelity conversations all at the same time.

Record & Send Async Voice Messages and Screenshares

Reduce the amount of one hour meetings you have with your team by sending a one minute voice message instead.

Replacing entire meetings with quick voice updates has never been easier. Here is how to send a message and it used it a real world scenario

Setting up Team Channels

Channels are designed to help you and your team have organized conversations in their specified space and stay on task.
  1. Channels are what we equate to groups here at Yac. Creating topic based channels are easy and here's how:
  2. Setting up channels with specific names helps you and your team know where certain conversations should take place.

Embed Shareable Yacs for Documentation

Documentation and How-To's are important for any internal team. Create a shareable link out of any Yac to paste in a document, email, or text.
  1. Sharable links are great for evergreen content inside of information repositories, how-to videos, or any other sort of training material. 
  2. Here’s how to make one:

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