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Yac for Communities

Best practices for creating a flourishing community on Yac

April 5, 2021
Jordan Walker


Yac for Communities

Asynchronous communication done via Yac is a great way to build a community. It's the most scalable way to have inclusive, and intimate conversations with your peers. As opposed to tools like Zoom, Yac allows you to have multiple high fidelity conversations all at the same time.

Creating Topic Based Channels

Channels are a great way to organize Yacs and help your community understand where certain conversations should take place. Click here to see how it's done.
  1. Channels are what we equate to groups here at Yac. 
  2. Setting up channels with specific names helps your community members get onboarded to Yac properly and creates context for where and how conversations should take place.
  • EX: #Build-Your-Audience or #Random-Questions
  • I recommend creating an #Onboarding channel new folks can hop into and listen to prerecorded Yacs you have put in there. Here's a video for how to do it
  • Editing channels is important when it comes time for adding a new member or changing the channel name:

Embed a Yac Anywhere

Creating shareable Yacs and putting them anywhere on the internet is super useful for sharing information with folks who aren't on Yac yet. These links are great to embed in a Notion doc as a piece of content that lives forever, in an email, or even a Tweet for those times you get hilarious messages you want to share.

Shareable Yac links are a great way to grab a recording and have it live on forever.

Creating a shareable link is easy, watch here for how to do so:

Add people with your Yac Username

Having people add you through your unique Yac username is the fastest way to invite new team members and connect with friends. Your profile link is*username*
  1. Yac lets you have a public profile that people can add and then send you messages. When people add you this way, you can think of it as a “friend” instead of someone joining your team. Similar to how Discord works. 
  2. All you have to do is sign up at and make an account. From there you’ll automatically have a profile url create you can share out. It will be*username*
  3. Here’s some tweets investors made accepting pitches in the same way

Case Study - Riche & Niche Community

  1. Rich explaining how he uses Yac

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