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Yac for Clients

Best practices for managing clients with Yac

April 6, 2021
Jordan Walker


Yac Getting Started for Client Use

Voice messaging eliminates the need to hop on countless calls with clients just to give them a 5 minute update. Instead of dialing into that Zoom link, record a quick Yac and send it off to them (even if they aren't on Yac)!

Private Channels

Create private channels with all your clients in Yac so they don’t see each other, all while still being available to you. 
  • This is a great way to send high fidelity updates to your clients without having to hop on an hour long Zoom call (for what should be 5 minutes). Having them separated out appropriately however is key, here’s how to do so

Embed a Yac Anywhere

Creating shareable Yacs and putting them anywhere on the internet is super useful for sharing information with folks who aren't on Yac yet. These links are great to embed in a Notion doc as a piece of content that lives forever, in an email, or even a Tweet for those times you get hilarious messages you want to share.

Shareable Yac links are a great way to grab a recording and have it live on forever.

Creating a shareable link is easy, watch here for how to do so:

Slack Integration

Integrate with Slack so messages get dumped into a specific channel

SO - all of this cuts down on the amount of pointless meetings where you have to update clients for what should be a short ordeal, helps maintain high quality communication throughout the day, and opens the door for you to create more context for your own ideas and thoughts.

Good things to know too: While our Zapier integration does work with Slack it also works with all your other favorite tools (Asana, Trello, Twitter, etc). Everything is searchable inside Yac (so if you need to find a message). And finally everything admin related can be managed from your dashboard at (creating private groups for example).

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