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Company Size:
Small business (1-1500 employees)
Founder & CEO:
Bek Abdullayev

Everything Carriers and Shippers need to move cars faster and easier on one auto transport platform. The Superdispatch folks have 32 people in their Yac team. To date, the company has riased $2M+ in funding.

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The Problem

Communication is crucial for any startup, but it gets difficult in a fully distributed team across multiple time zones. This challenge is what Bek Abdullayev had to deal with as the founder and CEO of SuperDispatch, a company that helps the auto transport industry run smoothly. Internally, the 30+ person global team was dealing with a lot of admin time wasted booking (and having) internal calls. To speed up collaboration and make life easier for employees around the world, Bek turned to Yac for async brainstorming. 

The Solution

“I noticed Yac was a good way to get communication going - in an asynchronous way - when you can’t be available at the same time,” said Bek.

Over time, he tried to use Yac more consciously, specifically to communicate with his overseas development team. He would send yacs to his project manager and CTO, both of whom lived in different countries, instead of relying on emails or phone calls booked at odd times. 

Before Yac
  • After getting an idea, Bek would need to find time to write an email or book a phone call
  • Managing overseas and distributed teams meant lengthy emails or booking calls at all hours of the day and night
  • For team members within his time zone, Bek would still have to break his workflow to send new ideas or respond to a question.
After Yac
  • Whenever he has an idea, he can quickly record a voice message and send it to anyone his team
  • Team members can easily send Bek notes - and he can respond - at times that work for each individual, regardless of time zone
  • The team has two-way communication for ideas and brainstorming where no one has to break their deep work to write an email or take a call