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Company Size:
Small business (1-1500 employees)
Founder & CEO:

Olla is a revolutionary eCommerce platform built for cannabis retailers. The Olla folks have 9 people on their Yac team.

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The Problem

Founded in 2018, Olla has been working with legal cannabis retailers on white-labeled ecommerce software for years. The fully distributed company grew alongside the wave of cannabis legalizations throughout the United States, but the team soon realized they were falling into the same trap as other companies: too many meetings. 

The Solution

In early 2020, co-founder and CEO Nico Nezhat decided the company needed a change in how they operated - moving from a focus on sync meetings to asynchronous communication as a default. Since that decision, Nico implemented Yac for ad hoc communications, but particularly for helping the team turn standups asynchronous. 

Before Yac
  • Sync up live three times per week for standups
  • Team leaders fill out team progress reports on Thursdays, but explain them live on Fridays
After Yac
  • Send voice notes which are automatically uploaded to the company’s standup broadcast Slack channel (via Zapier integration)
  • Team leaders send async voice notes through Yac to give their weekly updates