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Release History


  1. New unread messages no longer play without a player
  2. Checkmark icons for read messages were backwards
  3. Public links weren't showing on the main inbox view
  4. Auto updates now restart the app on Big Sur


  1. Links weren't being copied to your clipboard automatically
  2. Certain headsets that recorded in 48khz weren't being downsampled properly
  3. Group messages couldn't be marked as read


  1. Completely new design and tab navigation
  2. Runs natively on Mac and Windows as well as Web
  3. Emoji quick replies
  4. Webcam only recording
  5. Completely revamped shareable links
  1. Screenshare uploading is massively more reliable now
  2. Screensharing quality is improved
  3. Audio devices are handled better now
  4. Quality of recordings when using AirPods