Release History

v0.2.3 (Beta)

  1. Broadcast is now live on desktop
  2. Webcam preview in screenshares
  1. New video player cuts overall size down on binary and improves performance of entire app
  1. New users can now use this build to sign in for the first time
  1. Full screen video player
  1. Video messages can't be played from a notification click
  2. Bluetooth headsets can cause issues with recordings


  1. New branding!
  1. Unread messages refresh in list


  1. Auto updates didn't restart to install when restart was clicked


  1. Messages now all play via the menu bar list and pop out players by default
  1. Auto update restart button not working
  1. Mini players in the Yac icon


  1. Search was case locked and didn't search full names
  2. Video player was missing speed controls
  3. Video player had time displayed in seconds
  1. Windows 10 users may experience small visual glitch while expanding the Yac icon on the right side of their monitor


  1. Image attachments sent from mobile are now displayed during playback.
  2. Video player can now be resized and moved.
  3. Downloaded content now follows the same naming convention as Yac on mobile.
  1. Error while sending large screenshares on slow network connections.
  2. Video player now has the correct aspect ratio.
  3. Control+Q / Alt+F4 unintentionally quitting Yac.
  4. Unread message badge now displays correct amount.
  5. Fixed bug that unintentionally marked all messages as 'read'.
  1. Windows 10 users may experience small visual glitch while expanding the Yac icon on the right side of their monitor


  1. Team search is no longer case-sensitive
  2. New messages no longer load in as a Y image with a blank name
  3. Random checkmarks in the friendlist no longer show
  1. Image attachments sent from mobile won't show, only audio can be played (fixed in next release)


  1. New API and backend to support new mobile app
  1. Sent messages showing as unread for the user that sent them
  1. Search is currently case sensitive. Will be fixed in next update


  1. Messages are now marked read if you close the icon out before finishing the message


  1. Clicking the entire list item now plays the message
  1. Messages are now marked as read when listened from the list view
  1. Videos now auto play if recorded back to back
  2. Fixed an issue where recording canceled if you replied to a message before it was finished playing
  3. Fixed an issue where skip would skip the current message and any further unread messages from that user